Rebel Love: Lamarr Twist dress in black with turban (ONLINE EXCLUSIVE)

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Elegant 40s-style maxi dress in black with twist and accompanying turban from Rebel Love.

Looking for the perfect maxi dress in glamorous 1940s style?

The beautiful Lamarr twist dress is understatedly glamorous. The dress is full-length and has long sleeves, but with fantastic twist details that show skin where you don't expect it.

The dress has long sleeves and a deep V neckline. The upper part is only attached to the lower part by a twist of the fabric in the front, so that the waist is visible all the way around. There is also a tie detail on the front of the skirt, which gives an elegant line.

The dress also comes with a turban, so you can get the complete late 30s early 1940s style. This black dress might not look like much on the hanger, but you will when you try on this super comfortable yet understated dress.

  • Wear it to parties and festive occasions
  • Add beautiful accessories such as a simili brooch in the turban
  • Wear it with elegant black shoes

Material: Cotton with lots of stretch (8-10cm stretch) Length approx 100cm

Size guide:

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  • Waist S: 68,5cm M: 73,5cm L: 81,2cm XL: 90cm 2XL: 92cm
  • Bust: S: 88cm M: 94cm L: 101cm XL: 109cm 2XL: 118cm
  • Hips: S: 96.5cm M: 101cm L: 109cm XL: 117cm 2XL: 124.5cm

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