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Miss L Fire: Amber, gold lux

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The beautiful Amber shoe in gold metallic with beautiful vintage details from Miss L Fire.

Elegant vintage shoes in classic 1940s style, in festive gold leather.
The details of this best-selling model from Miss L Fire have really been taken care of.
On the foot, small pleats have been created which are assembled into a small diamond-shaped cut on the shoe.
The 8cm high heel is made with a discreet sway in authentic vintage style, and makes it a comfortable heel height without getting too low.

The shoe has a heel cap and closes with a comfortable adjustable ankle strap. 
The soft suede and memory foam insole make the shoes great to wear, whether you are going to work or a party and whether you need to sit or stand for a long time!
Every woman should then have a pair of gold shoes in her wardrobe!
  • Beautiful vintage gold shoes, perfect for festive occasions
  • A shoe to complete your vintage outfit, whether you wear them for pants, skirts or dresses!
  • Wear the shoes for beautiful cocktail dresses, for a classic vintage silhouette.
  • Heel height 8 cm.

    Material: 100% leather. Sole: 100% leather.



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