Return & Exchange

Exchange & Return

You must be happy and satisfied with your purchase from Mondo Kaos. If this is not the case, we offer a 14-day right of withdrawal from the day you receive the item or it is delivered to the parcel shop.

If an item is not in the cupboard, return it simply by following these steps:

1. Print & fill out our cancellation form (DOWNLOAD HERE!), so that we clearly know what you want (payment return, exchange, etc.). In case you do not have the opportunity to print, you can fill in the information on a note. 

If an item does not fit and you want a different size, we would recommend that you place a new order on this one. When you place the order, just note that it is an exchange in the comments field, and then we credit you for the shipping, so that we send the new item free of charge to you.

2. Pack the goods neatly and send them back to: 

Mondo Kaos

Frederiksborggade 31

1360 Copenhagen K.


Pssst… You are of course also welcome to come by the store and drop off the goods.

When we receive your return item, we refund the money to the account that was used when the order was placed. Expect it to take 24 hours from the time we credit you until you see the money back in your account. In the event of an exchange, we offset and pay any difference.

We will credit you the payment as soon as we receive the item back so that the payment is quickly back in your account.

* Items purchased in the physical store can be exchanged for another item or a voucher within 14 days. 

Important when returning:

As a customer, you are responsible for the return. We are a small shop, and therefore do not have the opportunity to pay for the return, and hope for your understanding of this.

The returned goods are your responsibility as a customer until we have received them in the store. We encourage you to use either GLS or PostNord with tracking in connection with return. 

Note that the returned item must be sent directly to the store! We do not have the resources to pick up packages in various parcel shops, and thus they are returned to the sender, and we do not have time to receive them within the 14-day return deadline. 

We recommend that you do NOT use DAO as we have unfortunately experienced that DAO places packages in front of the store outside opening hours, making them available to anyone who comes by. And that they deliver them to parcel shops instead of where we have the opportunity to pick them up. Therefore, they may end up being returned to you. 

Uncollected parcels from parcel shops: It is your responsibility to collect the parcel delivered to the chosen parcel shop within the 7 calendar days it is there before it is sent back to us. If it is not picked up and it is returned to us, DKK 39 is deducted for the return for shipments in DK with GLS and DKK 89 for shipments sent to other countries with UPS, before the payment for the order is credited. If we have to send it again, we will unfortunately have to take payment for new shipping.

Important when returning from countries outside the EU:


If you return an item from a country outside the EU (Norway, USA, Greenland, etc.), we can not cover the costs that may be charged for customs and handling fees when handling customs clearance. If we are charged these fees, it will be deducted from your refund. Therefore, we encourage you to make it clear that it is a return, by getting a declaration label on the package that shows that it is a return item. If this is not done, we will receive it as an item we have bought in Norway and we will receive an invoice for customs and a handling fee which runs up to a minimum of DKK 140.

Therefore, make sure that:

Attach the printed invoice for your purchase with a note that it is a return

2. Have a declaration label affixed to the package indicating that it is a returned item.


You naturally have a 2-year right to complain about your goods from Mondo Kaos.

Any errors or omissions in your delivery must be invoked within a reasonable time after these are discovered. It is your duty to indicate and on request show what the defect or omission consists of. In addition, you must be able to present a receipt / invoice.

If an item is broken, we exchange it for a similar, new item.

If we assess that the error / damage is due to the clothes being bought too small, the complaint does not apply. This could be the case, for example, if seams or zippers are broken due to incorrect size selection.

We do not guarantee buttons, embroidery, fringes, sequins or any other form of decoration.