Vintage & Retro Dresses and other clothing in Copenhagen ❤️

Mondo Kaos is a high-end retro boutique in Copenhagen, where you will find beautiful clothes and accessories, inspired by fashion from 40s, 50s og 60s - three decades that are especially known for focusing on the female silhouette.

I Mondo Kaos we carry well-known quality brands from home and abroad, including Emmy Design, House of Foxy, Lola Ramona, Miss L Fire og Stop Staring, and we have Denmark's best selection of high-end dresses in the retro style. In addition to flattering dresses, our range includes also blouses, pants, cardigans, outerwear og sko, so you can easily carry the elegant, timeless retro style to everyday life, whether you cultivate the style at your fingertips or just want to add a touch of your look Mondo Kaos.

When we select items for the store, our focus is always on quality, fit and the feminine expression, and therefore we take i.a. at trade fairs several times a year because we find it exciting to go in search of new brands and styles that fit into Mondo Kaosthe universe's retro style, and because we like to label the products in our own hands, to ensure that we offer our customers the best products within the retro universe.

We believe that the best customer experience is based on competent, present and personal customer service, with you in focus. It is this mindset our staff go to work with every day when they enter the store in Copenhagen, and also what keeps us focused on continuing our mission: to offer quality clothing that highlights the female figure, regardless of body type and current fashion trends.

bag Mondo Kaos stands Ditte Charite Lindemose. Ditte originally has a health education, but in 2006 she took the plunge and opened Mondo Kaos with a partner. Shortly afterwards, Ditte became the sole owner of the company, and with a true "we can do it!" attitude she has developed Mondo Kaos ever since.

In 2017, Ditte took the plunge and moved from Copenhagen and today lives in Pasadena, California, from where she still runs the overall part of the company. 

The store in Copenhagen is managed on a daily basis by Stine with help from Kirstine, Line and Cecilie, and no matter which of us you meet, you can be sure to get comfortable and competent help and guidance, so you can find the perfect outfit for your particular figure , and feel beautiful and feminine as you are.

- We look forward to seeing you!


Team Mondo Ladies ❤