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Fits & quality.

Mondo Kaos is located in the heart of the beautiful Elmegade district in Copenhagen N. We specialize in clothes in retro and vintage style from carefully selected brands from around the world. We love the flattering style which creates beautiful and well-fitting designs for all women inspired by fashion from especially 1940s og 1950s. We offer quality clothing that highlights the female figure, regardless of body type and current fashion trends.

Mondo Kaos is a small shop but with a large selection of clothes in the beautiful retro style. As soon as you enter the store, an experience of the special awaits you. We have designed the store so that you step into a feminine and cozy retro universe, perfect as a background and as inspiration for your shopping trip.

We carry both well-known and lesser-known quality brands from home and abroad, and we are always looking for new exclusive brands that we can present to our customers. Common to our brands is that they are passionate about designing clothes in vintage style, and that they do it with great love for the details. All brands are also relatively small and deliver to order, ie. that they do not overproduce.

Among the many wonderful brands, you can e.g. find classics like Emmy Design, The House of Foxy, Miss L Four og The Seamstress of Bloomsbury and the smaller 'niche' brands that you only find with us such as German Green fashion and Californian Mischief Made

Our focus is always on quality and the female fit, with room for shapes as well as focus on the flattering hourglass figure. Several times a year, we go to trade fairs because we find it exciting to go in search of new brands and styles that fit into the retro style of the Mondo Kaos universe. And of course because we like to label the products in our own hands, to ensure that we offer our customers the best products within the retro universe.

In the store you meet Stine store manager and general manager. You can read more about Stine here . In addition, you can meet Carina, Jeanette, Cassandra & Lærke. Regardless of who serves you, you can be sure of excellent service as everyone strives to give you the best experience and service with the personal contact in focus. We want to provide a competent and present customer service so you get exactly the guidance you need.

These are the same girls who are responsible for sending your goods from the webshop, and they make a virtue out of you having to feel the same service and joy as if you had been in the store personally.

The customer in focus

At Mondo Kaos, we always strive to provide the city's best service and be present from start to finish of the shopping experience.

We believe that the best customer experience is based on competent and personal customer service, with you in focus.

Some customers find that they need more guidance and inspiration than others, and we try to meet you where you are, whether you want to be allowed to look around on your own or have our help for inspiration.

Although we can not provide exactly the same experience to our online customers, we try to help i.a. via email correspondence, where we will try to answer all the questions you should have.

The staff at Mondo Kaos go to work every day with the mindset of providing the optimal customer experience, and that's what keeps us focused on continuing our mission: to offer quality clothing that highlights the female figure, regardless of body type and current fashion trends.

If you need to be taken special care of, you may be looking for a special look, or you know in advance that you need extra guidance. Then we recommend that you book in for a time with 'Personal shopping'. Here you are sure to get 50min with our skilled staff all to yourself. You can book personal shopping here .

We look forward to seeing you in Mondo Kaos!


Monday - Friday at 10:00 - 18:00.

Saturday at 10:00 - 16:00.

Mondo Chaos

Birkegade 1
2200 Copenhagen N.