Guide to your body type: The X-Figure (Hourglass Figure)

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Body type guide: Clothes & dresses for the X figure at Mondo Kaos

You are by nature given the gift of having female forms, where the waist is narrower than the bosom and hips, and you thus have the coveted hourglass figure.

However, not everyone gets the best out of this beautiful figure, and dresses in loose clothing instead of focusing on the waist. If you do this, you may appear square, and that is not what we want.

With this figure, it's just about showing off your beautiful waist, and thus emphasizing your feminine shapes! 

Tops for the Hourglass Figure

You can use pretty much any type of top as long as they are cut and marked at the waist. You can advantageously use both deep and wide neck cuts.
If you have a larger bosom, then feel free to use a good bra that really supports and raises your bosom. It helps to highlight your waist further.

For all intents and purposes, you should avoid tops that just go straight up and down. They hide your waist and make you look square and masculine.

Trousers and jeans for the Hourglass Figure

Go for high-waisted trousers that go all the way up over your hips and sit tight. Both jeans & pants with straight legs are really good for the hourglass, but also tight jeans, capri and cigarette pants, are great for the hourglass Figure.

Avoid pants and jeans with a low waist.

Skirts for the Hourglass Figure

The hourglass is really nice in a pencil skirt, because your waist, hips and chest give the body shapes that can be displayed.

Skirts in a-line cut are also really good for you if you put them together with a tight top.

Dresses for Hourglass Figure

The hourglass figure can pretty much wear all types of dresses as long as they are cut at the waist.

Both tailored pencil dress, as well as dresses with a tight top and width in the skirt, are perfect for emphasizing your beautiful shapes.

All the dresses we offer at Mondo Kaos are great for the X-Figure.

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