Guide to your body type: The V-Figure

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 Body type guide: Clothes & dresses for the V figure at Mondo Kaos

For those of us who have V-Figures, our shoulders are wider than our hips. Balance your V-shaped silhouette by highlighting your lower body instead of your upper body. 

V-Figures often have a more 'athletic' build with narrow hips, which is why 'softening' the shoulders is important so that they do not take all the focus. 

Tops for the V-Figure

You need to go for sets and dresses that make your shoulders look narrower. You can e.g. go for v-neck tops that break the line between your broad shoulders, thus making you look narrower beyond the shoulders. Feel free to go for tops with empire cuts and peplum that flow over your hips and thus make them appear wider.

Pants and jeans for the V-Figure

You need to go after giving volume to your hips. That is why trousers with wide legs are perfect for you.

Skirts for the H-Figure

A-line skirts as well as swing skirts with pleats are perfect for you as they add volume to your hips. There may be pockets on the skirts as they give extra fullness. 

Dresses for the H-Figure

Also in terms of dresses, you can go for models that give volume around your hips. There are skirts in a-line cut as well as swing skirts with volume.

Body type Quiz and guide

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