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American clothing brand in feminine retro style from Unique Vintage

Unique Vintage is an American clothing brand that creates feminine clothing inspired by classic cuts and fashion from the 1920s to the 1960s. The brand was founded as a second hand online store back in 2000 by vintage lover Kate, and since then she has developed the business to include various major retro brands in the pinup and rockabilly style, and she has also created her own label 'Unique Vintage private label', which is the brand we carry Mondo Kaos.

A size-inclusive retro brand

Unique Vintage is known for their fantastic fit and their inclusive size guide, which goes from sizes XS – 6XL (34-52), and they are also known for their collaboration with e.g. Mattel, where they have recreated several iconic Barbie dresses and outfits over time. One of the more famous was the 'Letterman' sweater, which Mondo Kaos were even lucky enough to be allowed to have it made in an exclusive edition with the letter M a few years ago!
Unique Vintage's beautiful designs have also appeared in several major TV shows, including American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, and their dresses have been worn on the red carpet by stars such as Ariel Winter (known from Modern among others Family) and Zooey Deschanel (known from the New Girl series, among others)!

Mondo Kaos' selection of Unique Vintage

We have carried Unique Vintage in Mondo Kaos since the year 2015, when we fell in love with their elegant cuts and designs! We carry styles from theirs 1950er og 1960er collection and we have a good, small selection of their dresses, several of their beautiful retro skirts and their classic ruffle top in Americana style!
We have Unique Vintage in our range all year round, and depending on the season, our selection includes on highwaisted pants and swing skirts with suspenders that give a chic French 60s vibe! Mondo Kaos love Unique Vintage because all their clothes are made in great materials with good stretch that gives a great fit and because their cuts suit all body types and sizes!

The Delores swing dress from Unique Vintage - one Mondo Kaos Bestsellers

One dress we always have in the range from Unique Vintage is the Delores dress, is one of our absolute bestsellers. It is a classic swing dress in 50s style with a classic waist cut, flattering details and a wonderful skirt with lots of swing in and room for a petticoat! In addition, it is made of a nice stretch material that feels comfortable against the skin and allows it to breathe, and then it is available in size XS to size 6XL! It is one of our best selling plus size dresses because it fits great on all sizes and body types, and highlights the best of just your figure!
We have the Delores dress in several different colors, and we are always looking forward to getting it home in a new color!

Other feminine retro clothing from Unique Vintage

Our range of Unique Vintage also offers their absolutely amazing 60s dresses, and we have both an A-line model and a pencil model, both of which exude classic Mad Men office dress! Their 60s dresses are tailor-made and have high necklines that give the dresses a formal, chic look, and depending on how you style them, you can use them for both everyday and party! In addition, our range of Unique Vintage also offers their classic high-waisted skirts and trousers in a classic retro style. They are made in nice, simple cuts that make them very useful, even if you do not want a decidedly retro look, but just lack a pair of classic, high-waisted trousers in your wardrobe that always fits perfectly!
In addition, our range of Unique Vintage offers their classic ruffle top in Americana style. A romantic top that can sit both on the shoulder and on the upper arm, thereby giving two different looks. The Americana top is classic 50s style and fits perfectly with a swing skirt for the city trip or a sarong skirt on the beach in the summer!

See all our clothes from Unique Vintage in our store in Copenhagen

You can look here on our webshop and see what we offer of clothes from Unique Vintage, but if you have the opportunity to look past our store in Copenhagen, then we would recommend you to do so, so you can see our full range of their amazing, classic retro clothes. In the store, we are all passionate about clothes and dresses, and will do everything we can to help you find the perfect outfit from Unique Vintage.
Of course, we also offer a good selection of other retro and vintage-inspired clothes both in the store and here on the webshop. 

Do you have any questions regarding our dresses and other clothing from Unique Vintage?

With Mondo Kaos our first priority is always happy customers. So if you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range of dresses and clothes from Unique Vintage or other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. As we are usually busy taking care of the customers who visit us in the store, it would be an advantage to write your question to shop@mondokaos.dk where we endeavor to respond within one working day.