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Checkered dresses in vintage style

We in Mondo Kaos have focus on vintage inspired dresses. We have divided the dresses into categories so you can more easily find just your dream dress in vintage style.

In this category you have searched for a checkered dress, so here you will find dresses in many different shapes and designs, all of which, however, have in common that the dress fabric is checkered, so you get a checkered dress.

We have Aline dress: A shape denotes the shape of the skirt, or lower part, of the dress from the waist down. Aline the dresses by Mondo Kaos of course sits at the waist like all our clothes, which focus on a female figure. All Aline dresses in checkered is here on the page.

Swing the dress is characterized by the large skirt, either in orbits or in full sun. All swing dresses dice are found in this category.

Pencil dress, or the tailored dress is a wonderful vintage wardrobe basic, and especially one pencil dress dice can be styled and used for everyday and party.

What are dice and what kind of dice are there?

We all know what a checkered dress is, or do we? There are many different types of checkered, so a checkered dress can be many things.

Dice can be completely different and they have different names. It does not make it easier that many of the dice are named differently in different languages ​​and that we have partly taken over English names and expressions for certain dice. For example, the large group of squares that were formerly called Scottish squares are now more often called tartan or even plaid. Tartan is precisely the name of the overall group of the many Scottish 'clan' tern.

We have many wonderful ones in particular vintage style dresses in scotch / tartan in autumn and winter. So if you are looking for a checkered dress in scotch, you can appropriately look for in this category.

Are you looking for a gingham checkered dress? Or maybe you have heard the term pepita tern? Or kitchen counter? If you see the kitchen counter in front of you, you probably at least know what it's about. So one vintage style dress in pepita tern you will find here.

The Pepita Terns are named after a famous Spanish dancer from the 1800s. The beautiful checkers flourished in the form of gingham swing dresses in the 1950s, where they were often seen in pastel colors.

Rooster feather is also called Dogtooth

A checkered dress in rooster feather tern is a classic woven checker. This is an extremely popular pattern that never goes completely out of fashion. It is usually black and white, but can have many monochrome shades. Unlike gingham or tartan, these are often only in two colors. The most classic is black and white.

Vintage style dress in checkered for everyday and party.

With Mondo Kaos you will find beautiful checkers dresses in vintage pathl for all events and for everyday and party in many different colors and designs.

Many of our dresses are based on vintage original patterns, and the feminine elegance and silhouette of the time.

When you choose a checkered dress, you have a dress that both has a pattern and yet is classic. In a way, a checkered dress is the perfect pattern if you are generally not into patterns, and a great way to vary your vintage wardrobe.

A checkered dress in exquisite quality

All the dresses are from our carefully selected vintage style brands, who all make clothes in high quality materials as well as with love for the authentic vintage style. We have made sure to put together a varied selection in order to ensure that you can find a checkered dress that fits you and your needs perfectly.

A checkered dress is a must in every vintage lover's wardrobe as it can be styled from everyday to party in an instant.

How do I style a checkered dress?

A checkered dress is easy to style; stick to one of the colors in the dice of the dress for your accessories and you are sure of a classic and stylish vintage look. Black and white checkers can be styled with any color, strong colors or pastels are great for checkers, or neutral beige and navy cardigans og jackets gives a super classic look.

You can also style checkered with checkered, it gives a little more life to your checkered dress. Maybe you have a checkered scarf or checkered shoes, even if they have different colors, the checkers will compliment each other.

Unique and exclusive checkered dresses in vintage style

We only order a few homes of each model, so you get a unique dress in vintage style. This means both that you do not have to wait too long if you find exactly your dream dress, but it also means that you can look into the store or the webshop often as we are constantly getting new items. So even if we do not have your favorite dress right now, it can easily come at another time.

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See all our checkered dresses in our store in Copenhagen

On our website you will find a lot of nice pictures and descriptions of all of our checkered dresses. However, we are aware that it is always something different to see a dress in real life than in a picture.

If you would like to see and try our beautiful dresses in real life, you are very welcome to visit our physical store in Nørrebro - more precisely Birkegade 1.