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Swing dresses off Mondo Kaos

I Mondo Kaos We love a good swing dress, and this is one of them dresses we always have many of them in our range. There must be swing dresses in several colors and patterns, and in sizes from small, medium and large to Plus size. The swing dress is the epitome of a feminine dress, a style both we and our customers are in Mondo kaos love 

The classic vintage style swing dress 

The one we probably know as the most classic swing dress, is 1950s the dress, which sits completely into the waist but has a hem at the top so that it stands out slightly below the waist and gives the perfect hourglass shape. We know it especially from 1950s where it also kept its entrance on the fashion scene thanks to Dior's New Look, where he took this form and turned it into a fashion statement that paid homage to the female figure. 

With Mondo Kaos you can find swing dresses with long sleeves, short sleeves or completely sleeveless. The skirt can be a full circular cut circle dress or it can have the classic pleats at the waist. The swing dress gives the wearer great freedom of movement while providing a flattering fit around the waist.

Swing dresses by season

The short-sleeved swing dress and the sleeveless swing dress, is one of the most popular summer dresses here in Mondo Kaos. The mix of the feminine look, the pleasant airiness and lots of fabric to highlight beautiful vintage style patterns or flowers that make them ideal summer dresses. With a cardigan however, these can be easily worn in the colder months with.

We like to wear swing dresses all year round, and therefore we also have lots of reinterpretations and long-sleeved swing dresses with warm fabrics and slightly longer lengths, perfect for the cold months of the year. 

Since we only take a few home of each dress, and have a large replacement in the range, this means that our selection of swing dresses also changes with the season. In the summer you will find mostly the light, short-sleeved models, perhaps in bright colors and floral prints, and in the autumn and winter the warmer models and swing dresses with long sleeves. It also means that you can advantageously look past the store / webshop often as we get new items regularly, and your favorite swing dress may well show up if you might not find it just the first time.

Swing dresses for everyday, party and as a wedding dress

Whether you are looking for a fresh summer dress, one vintage dress for a nice party or just an everyday dress for work, you will be able to find such a swing dress with us in Mondo Kaos.

In the summer, an informal, playful swing dress is perfect for everyday life, and can easily be styled for a party with beautiful accessories. The swing dress is actually so festive in itself that gorgeous earrings and a fine necklace along with beautiful shoes, quickly transform your swing dress into a party dress.

If you are looking for a swing dress for a special festive occasion, we have many beautiful models, and here you can look for swing dresses with beautiful details and beautiful cutouts. For example, it can be a swing dress with a sweetheart neckline, or with a nice wrap detail on the front.

A vintage swing dress in white is also the favorite choice of many when it comes to wedding dresses. You will find all our wedding dresses under the category 'bridal'. If you want a different wedding dress, for example for the town hall, the swing dresses are a good place to start.

Swing dresses in the best quality.

Our retro swing dresses are in a wonderful quality and the finest materials, which means that they are good at keeping both color and shape. We only carry brands that we can vouch for 100%, and these are brands that both care about the details in the design and in completing the dresses so that they can live up to the requirements that we set for a beautiful swing dress.

Our brands also go a long way in an authentic vintage look, and many use the original vintage cut patterns adapted to our modern times.

See the swing dresses in our store in Copenhagen

On our website you will find a lot of nice pictures and descriptions of all of our swing dresses. However, we are aware that it is always something different to see a dress in real life than in a picture.

If you would like to see and try our beautiful vintage and retro swing dresses in real life, you are very welcome to visit our physical store in Nørrebro - more precisely Birkegade 1.

In this shop you will be able to meet passionate dress lovers who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and would like to help you find just the perfect swing dress.