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Retro & vintage inspired shorts 

In our summer collection, we also always have beautiful shorts in vintage style.

Vintage shorts are super comfortable and flattering. They have a high waist and focus on the hourglass silhouette, just like the rest of our vintage range. In addition, they have wide legs and a comfortable length which is flattering for all women.

The shorts are from our wonderful retro brands, mainly our bestseller from The House of Foxy, which goes a long way in authenticity when it comes to their vintage cut patterns and designs, so all shorts have the real vintage look that our customers love.

Shorts The House of Foxy

The House of Foxy has the most beautiful vintage designs. They always work to get as close to the original vintage patterns as possible at all, while of course they still need to be practical for modern women.

For the shorts, this means that the length and fit are perfect, and that they contain a bit of stretch, without giving a buy on the vintage look. We always carry them in standard colors, as well as new colors from The House of Foxy.

The vintage style shorts from The House of Foxy have beautiful pleats that make them look like a short skirt! The pleats give width around the thighs, so they get a beautiful and feminine fit, they are also closed in vintage style with a button and zipper on the side. And one of the things we really appreciate about these shorts is that they are long enough not to feel really short!

The story of shorts

Only in the 1930s, when outdoor activities and movement came into focus, shorts came into the picture as sports wear, and both women and men were seen wearing shorts for sports, holidays and at the beach. Sports activities had then come to stay, and therefore the shorts for women were so too. Up through the 30s and 40s, you saw shorts for women in the form of tennis shorts, swimming shorts or other leisure activities.

Outside of sports and swimwear, up until the 1950s, only shorts were seen on pinup models.

Only in the 1950s did shorts for women become really modern and a normal thing. Shorts came in several lengths. The short shorts type, and Bermuda shorts, which went to just above the knee.

The famous 'vintage shorts' today, is precisely the one with the slightly wide legs, which ends approximately in the middle of the thigh and which could almost resemble a skirt, even though in the 1950s there were many different types of shorts.

How do I style my vintage shorts

You can style your vintage shorts in a myriad of ways, with many different tops, sko og accessoiries, so you can create really many different looks.

The light vintage styles shirt blouses in viscose or cotton gives an elegant look that you can style for a real vintage look with eg cat-eye sunglasses and scarf.

You can also style your shorts with a cute pussy bow shirt with short sleeves, as our bestseller 'Estelle'. Or you can create a real one 1950s rockbilly look with a t-shirt with 50s print.

The beautiful vintage style shorts are also equally beautiful whether you wear them with you nice sandals / heels or flat ballerinas.

Vintage style shorts all year round.

In fact, you can also easily wear the beautiful shorts tights during the cooler months of the year. Since the shorts are a bit on display as a skirt, it looks really good, also with boots on, and maybe a turtleneck sweater. So if you are as crazy about your vintage shorts as we are, you can use them all year round.

Vintage clothing, retro clothing or repro clothing?

As most of our customers already know, our clothes are not "true vintage". This means that it is not secondhand clothing made in the middle of the last century, but reproduced (repro) clothing which is inspired, with great love for the details, by vintage clothing, prints and cut patterns. However, we have found that the vast majority of our customers do not know the term "repro", but use both retro and vintage to describe the clothes we sell, despite the fact that they are newly produced clothes. That's why we do exactly the same here Mondo Kaos. All our clothes are always newly produced, not second-hand, and are primarily inspired by the wonderful, feminine fashion from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

See our retro & vintage shorts in our store in Copenhagen

We love clothes, and that's why we want to do everything we can to help you find just the right vintage and retro clothes and accessories in a feminine retro style for you.

Do you have further questions about our shorts?

With Mondo Kaos our first priority is always happy customers. If you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range, or for styling your shorts to achieve the right look, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can always write your question to where we strive to answer within a weekday.