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Clothes with rebellious charm from Rumble59 in authentic 1950s style

The German repro brand Rumble59 was established in 2007, and is already a well-known name on the German rockabilly scene. They specialize in making clothes, especially denim, in an authentic rockabilly style and brand themselves as the brand for greasers, bikers, bad girls and rockabellas, but we now think there are many ways to wear the delicious denim designs. 

Based on the Rockabilly style, most of their collection revolves around denim. These are jeans, jackets, skirts, dresses and pantsuits. All their denim styles are made in the classic jeans quality and designed with inspiration from 50's Rock'n'roll and pinups, but with modern comfort in mind. 

High-waisted denim skirts in vintage pinup style 

If you are into the more cool rockabilly style, a sexy denim skirt is a perfect choice for your wardrobe.

From Rumble59 we have cowboy skirts in the flattering A-line shape. An A-line denim skirt is perfect as an alternative to jeans, and just right for a vintage everyday look.

If you're more into tight-fitting denim skirts and a more pinup-like look, Rumble59 also has fantastic pencil skirts with the characteristic studded buttons down the front. The skirt can be styled in countless ways, with high heels and sexy fishnet stockings, or with a T-shirt or boatneck and flats.

A skirt gives you ample opportunity to wear some of all the beautiful vintage-inspired blouses, shirts and T-shirts, and with a denim skirt you can create a cool rockabilly look with a retro print t-shirt, among other things. See, for example, our store's selection of T-shirts from Mischief Made.

Rumble59 greaser style denim pantsuits

A denim trouser suit in vintage 50's style, just needs to fit just right, be suitably cool and then it has to be adapted to the female curves.

The pantsuits from Rumble59 have the completely genuine 50's biker vibe, and are made in strong denim quality. They are perfect for a 50s look with biker boots, just as they look good with heels and a red lipstick.

1950s style denim dresses from Rumble59

It is clear that Rumble59 has also designed beautiful denim dresses for vintage-loving women, with a flair for bikes and the rockabilly style. Are you into pencil dresses or an A-line dress, or maybe a jumpsuit-style dress with suspenders? Rumble59 has the perfect look for your vintage or retro wardrobe. As always with denim, it is perfect in the everyday wardrobe, but the dresses from Rumble59 are certainly also suitable for more festive use, styled with, for example, the right accessories and nice heels.

The dresses are a denim quality with a little bit of stretch, and of course they have the right cowboy rivets and jeans buttons, for a real retro denim look.

Blouses in 50's look from Rumble59

Underline your Rockabilly style with the right tops. Rumble59 has expanded the range and now also stands for making tops in the perfect Rockabilly style. The blouses have a boatneck top and sit right up to the body, so together with the high-waisted jeans and denim skirts, they emphasize the female figure and give the right 50s look. 

Jeans or denim?

The answer is both. The word jeans originally comes from Genoa, (pronounced Djenova) where merchants traded the heavy, specially woven cotton fabric they called denim. Denim became the word for the fabric, which was the place where the fabric was manufactured, namely from Nîmes, or 'de Nîmes'.

See denim from Rumble59 in our store in Copenhagen

Stop by the store if you want to see more retro and vintage style clothes in denim. We are always ready with advice and guidance. Take a look first at our webshop to see what we have, as we only take home a few of each, but on the other hand, we have a large replacement. Whether you are looking for something very special or want to be inspired, we are in the store to help you find the perfect vintage style denim outfit. And it is certain that we always have denim in vintage style! See, for example, jeans from Lady K Love or Freddies and Pinewood, and see even more denim from Queen Kerosin. 

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