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RETRO style T-Shirts

With Mondo Kaos we are very keen that the selection should be as broad as possible within the retro and vintage style. You should feel at home in our store or webshop, no matter what retro style you like, whether it's the cool high-waisted jeans and mini skirt, or swing dress and pencil skirt, we will be sure to have something for you.

That's why we always have the beautiful retro style T-shirts, perfect for a more casual rockabilly look, or simply just a super cool addition to your wardrobe regardless of style. 

Our Rockabilly style t-shirts are always made to fit snugly, so you get a beautiful silhouette, especially if you style it in classic retro style with high-waisted jeans or skirts.

A printed retro t-shirt for a rockabilly look is a must-have for you who love beautiful 50s print.

Why choose a retro style T-shirt?

I Mondo Kaos we have many beautiful shirts and blouses in vintage style. When you buy a retro style t-shirt in Mondo Kaos, it is often because you want a more casual or a slightly cool everyday look. A 1950s style T-shirt is also perfect for a summer outfit, with the short sleeves and comfortable cotton. If you are the type of person who likes to make something out of your appearance, but has days when it all needs to be a little more fun, then our retro print T-shirt is the perfect top.

How do I style my vintage style t-shirt with retro print?

You can style your delicious T-shirt with retro print just the way you want. Go completely in the rockabilly style, and match your T-shirt in retro print with a 1950s swing skirt. Our retro prints T-shirts also look super good for your 50s-inspired high-waisted jeans, where it still gives an authentic 50s vibe. However, you can also use a t-shirt with print along with the fine pencil skirts, and high heels, to give your vintage look a little edge.

Put your hair up and put on your reddest lipstick and complete the vintage look with a cool pinup print T-shirt in retro style.

The history of the t-shirt

The well-known T-shaped T-shirt was created as underwear back in the 1800s. During the depression of the 1930s, the T-shirt was often standard clothing for work on the farm or ranch in the United States.

After World War II, the T-shirt was worn by Navy men as underwear and it slowly became common to see veterans wearing T-shirts as casual clothing. 

After Marlon Brando wore a T-shirt in 'A Streetcar Named Desire', they became even more popular in the 1950s, and became downright fashionable. 

Printed T-shirts were first seen in use in 1942 when an Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt appeared on the cover of Life magazine. In the 1960s, printed T-shirts gained popularity with all types of illustrations as well as for advertisements, protests and souvenirs.

Mondo Kaos own printed retro print T-shirt

We first and foremost have our own T-shirt which is a sure hit among our customers.

The t-shirt is made as an illustration in 50s style, with a beautiful print of a lady in front of our store in Copenhagen. The t-shirt is a confession to the pinup and rockabilly style of the wearer. 

Mischief Made T-shirt in 50s style

In addition, we carry the brand Mischief Made from LA. Their prints are illustrations inspired by the 1950s. Mischief Made draws inspiration from the 1950s pinup, tattoo, Halloween and novelty world, and the beautiful rockabilly prints can be found on her beautiful and fun T-shirts.

A printed retro print T-shirt is a feel-good top you can always wear.