Retro style Jersey Tops

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Retro style jersey tops

I Mondo Kaos We have many different blouses and tops in vintage and retro style. Of course, we have a large selection in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts and shirt blouses in vintage style, but we also have the super versatile jersey top in retro style.

Among our most popular retro style jersey tops is the boat-neck top, the classic blouse with a boat neckline. But we always have a small selection of different designs in the comfortable vintage style jersey top.

Retro style jersey top in Mondo Kaos

The retro style jersey top is beautiful and everyday suitable, as it is made of a material with stretch. This means that your retro style jersey top is easy to hold, sits beautifully up to the body and can be used for pretty much anything. 

The beautiful retro jersey tops are comfortable and beautiful blouses all year round, and they can be worn with most bottoms in your wardrobe. 

We always carry the beautiful jersey tops in vintage style in several colors and / or patterns. And depending on the season, the colors will change to suit your particular vintage wardrobe in the colors of the season.

How to style your jersey top

A retro style jersey blouse can be styled in every conceivable way.

The classic boat-neck top was, for example, Marilyn Monroe's all-time favorite, which she often wore with slacks or jeans. You can make her the art after, and wear a classic 50s look with boat-neck jersey top and jeans, or see among the other pants where we also in some seasons wear 50s style slacks or cigarette pants, if you are into this look .

Or wear the retro style jersey top with a mini skirt from Grünten Mode, a beret and a pair of boots in a look inspired by the early 1960s and the beat look.

Since the beautiful retro jersey top sits up to the body and snuggles around your figure, it is also beautiful together with, for example, a vintage style pencil skirt. If you style it further with heels and a small scarf, you get a really beautiful vintage look, which can be quickly styled from day to night and a drink with the girlfriends.

We also carry the beautiful tie blouse jersey tops. These beautiful jersey tops in retro style are super beautiful as tops over eg a retro style dress. 

The shop is full of beautiful tops in vintage style

We always have a large selection of vintage style clothing, but we only take a few home at a time of each model, so if you fall in love with something here and now, do not expect it to be there the next time you look. This means that you sometimes have to be quick in the store or on the keys, but it also means that if you do not find the retro style jersey top you dreamed of now, you can return often, because we always get new items for . 

Help styling your retro style jersey top

We are always happy to help you with advice and guidance on how to style your retro style jersey top. Come down to the store there, we are always happy to help with all the questions you could have for styling. Otherwise, you can always follow on facebook or Instagram where we both show the new items but also always have pictures of the clothes styled, so you can be inspired and look at the clothes.