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The Pretty Dress Company - English designed dresses in timeless cuts

The Pretty Dress Company is a British brand founded in 2008 by designer Johanna Fitzgerald. The brand makes feminine dresses in classic, timeless designs inspired by 1950s elegance, its flattering cuts, drapes and details, as well as the iconic hourglass silhouette, and their designs always highlight the female figure in a very tasteful way. We have all the dresses from The Pretty Dress Company in plus size.

Sophisticated cocktail dresses in very high quality

All dresses from The Pretty Dress Company is made in very high quality, both in terms of design, and construction, as well as materials. Their designs are always elegant, all the dresses are fully lined for optimal fit and the materials are specially selected by the design team, to ensure and maintain the high quality that the brand is known for.
Whether you need an elegant cocktail dress, a classic swing dress or maybe one wedding dress with a retro touch, you can find it in our range of The Pretty Dress Company!

Pencil dresses in elegant retro and vintage style from The Pretty Dress Company

Mondo Kaos' range of The Pretty Dress Company offers stunning pencil dresses in a variety of timeless designs, colors and prints, all of which fit fantastically and accentuate the shapes in the most charming way. The elegant pencil dresses can be used for several different occasions, both everyday, work and parties, because they are classic and timeless in design and emphasize the shapes without being challenging.
One of our absolute bestsellers is the 'Hourglass' dress, which is a fantastic waist-cut model with a V-neckline, small, oblique sleeves (cap sleeves), faux wrap detail and an elegant pencil skirt that highlights the hips in the most beautiful way. The dress's design and its strategic cut and details create the iconic hourglass silhouette, and suit all body types. The hourglass dress is the perfect one cocktail dress for the modern woman who wants to add a touch of the classic elegance of the past to her wardrobe!

Swing dresses in classic retro and vintage style from The Pretty Dress Company

The Pretty Dress Company are especially known for their swing dresses with voluminous swing skirts that have an absolutely fantastic fall and make them particularly suitable to dance in - it is at least our experience that it is very difficult not to dance and turn around , once you get to try on one of their amazing swing dresses!
Our most popular models are Hepburn, Hourglass swing and Myla, three fantastic dresses that highlight the figure in their own way.
Hepburn is inspired by style icon Audrey Hepburn and the late 50s / early 60s elegant designs, with its wide waist and round neckline. The wide waist piece defines the waist and helps to frame the bust in a very flattering way. The round neckline is very formal and makes the dress suitable for several different occasions for everyday and work and for festive occasions, where you want to highlight the figure and bust in an elegant way, without showing cavalier gait!

Hourglass swing dress from The Pretty Dress Company

The Hourglass swing dress is inspired by Dior's iconic New Look collections from 1947, and has the same fantastic upper as the pencil model, with its small, sloping sleeves, V-neckline and faux wrap detail on the side, which together with the full swing skirt is helps to create an absolutely fantastic hourglass silhouette - a look that is absolutely suitable for various dance parties, and especially with a petticoat under that gives even more fullness and creates additional silhouette, in true Dior style!

Myla dress from The Pretty Dress Company

The Myla dress is a fantastic swing dress in a classic, timeless design that suits all body types! It has elbow-long sleeves, charming V-neckline and a nice, firm waistband that defines the waist in the most beautiful way and creates a very inviting silhouette! The Myla dress is especially suitable for women with a larger bosom because it has strategic insights in the upper that shape and define the upper body very gracefully! The dress's elegant design makes it suitable as a day-to-evening dress, and it can easily be dressed both up and down, for example with a petticoat below, depending on what occasion you are going to use the dress for!

Trouser suit from The Pretty Dress Company

After a long time in demand, The Pretty Dress Company has created the Hourglass design as a trouser suit that has the same stunning lines and details as the top of Hourglass dresses. The legs are slightly wide, which creates an absolutely fantastic silhouette, and the cut of the suit reminds us of a two-colored trouser suit, which Marilyn Monroe modeled, back in 50s.

Accessories for your dress from The Pretty Dress Company.

If you are looking for a brand new outfit, we have pretty much everything to complete this, e.g. shoes, nylon stockings with seams, earrings, petticoats etc.

See all our dresses from The Pretty Dress Company in our store in Copenhagen

You can look here on our webshop and see what we offer of dresses from The Pretty Dress Company, but if you have the opportunity to look past our store in Copenhagen, then we would recommend you to do so, so you can see our full assortment of their beautiful, timeless dresses. In the shop are we all passionate clothing and dress lovers, and will do everything we can to help you find it completely perfect dress from The Pretty Dress Company for you.
Of course, we also offer a good selection of other retro and vintage-inspired clothes both in the store and here on the webshop.

Do you have any questions regarding our dresses from The Pretty Dress Company?

With Mondo Kaos our first priority is always happy customers. So if you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range of dresses from The Pretty Dress Company or other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. As we are usually busy taking care of the customers who visit us in the store, it would be an advantage to write your question to where we endeavor to respond within one working day.