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Pencil skirts at Mondo Kaos in vintage style

Choose a pencil skirt in vintage and retro style.

With Mondo Kaos we always have a large selection of pencil skirts, all of which are inspired by the fashion from 1950s og 1960s. This means that they have a touch of vintage glamor over them, and that you immediately sense the feminine elegance of the pencil skirts, but at the same time they are of course attuned to our modern needs, so they are comfortable to wear and easy to move in. This way you get the right vintage pencil look, without having to compromise on comfort.

The classic vintage style pencil skirt

While the pencil skirt was already used in the end 1940s it was in 1954 with Dior's H-line collection that the pencil skirt really came into vogue. The silhouette was tight but still with full focus on a beautiful feminine silhouette. The pencil skirt went below the knees and was initially not easy to move in as the fabric did not have stretch, therefore it also had the name wiggle skirt due to the time one necessarily had in this skirt.

While our beautiful skirts are designed according to vintage models, they all have slits and are made of fabric with light stretch so they are easy to move in while giving the beautiful vintage silhouette.

Why choose a pencil skirt

No matter when you need to use your pencil skirt, we have a varied selection to ensure that you can find a pencil skirt to your liking.

Pencil skirts traditionally apply as the more 'sexy' skirts as they really embrace the hips and buttocks. Although the skirt fits snugly, it can easily be used both in everyday life as well as for festive occasions, depending on your wishes and styling.

Pencil skirt in many colors and sizes

We always carry a fixed selection of some of our pencil skirts from e.g. The House of Foxy og Daisy Dapper. We have been leading these for a long time simply because they have time and again proved to be a great choice. We always have these are classic colors such as black, red and navy, in addition to seasonal colors, so you can always upgrade with a new vintage style pencil skirt.

From The House of Foxy we have the beautiful, slightly longer pencil skirt, which gives a super classic vintage look, which certainly can not be confused with a modern variant. It's also from The House of Foxy that we have a pencil skirt variant with a waterfall effect, which in addition to being super feminine and elegant also has the advantage that it caches the area around the belly, so it is a good choice if you belong to those who do not like too much focus here.

From Daisy Dapper we have a beautiful pencil skirt which is a little shorter than the model from The House of Foxy, this model is especially good for the slightly shorter women, or those who prefer to show more legs.

In addition, we of course get other pencil skirts home from other brands, depending on the season and collections.

Of course, we always have vintage style pencil skirts in many colors to choose from.

In addition, we carry pencil skirts in many sizes from XS to plus size.

Pencil skirt in the best quality

Our pencil skirts in vintage style are designed with special attention to the vintage look and with beautiful details that act as the finishing touch. 

In addition, the quality is top notch. The skirts are always produced from the finest materials, which means that they are good at keeping both color and shape, which is extra important with the pencil shape.

Our brands also go a long way in an authentic vintage look, and many use the original vintage cut patterns adapted to our modern times.

Last but not least, you feel wonderfully free and comfortable when wearing one of our retro pencil skirts, they are simply made with a very high level of comfort in mind.

How do I style my pencil skirt?

You can style your vintage style pencil skirt from everyday simple to party and colors.

For example, if you want to use your skirt for work and in everyday life, you can style simply with one retro print T-shirt or jersey top. You can also style with one of the beautiful 1950s style off-shoulder tops, or the beautiful embroidery tops in real summer style, to add a little fullness in contrast to the simple bottom.

For cooler days are shirts with long sleeves also a beautiful vintage look, and should it be a little more festive, for cocktail hour or a festive event, you can style your vintage style pencil skirt up with beautiful shoes and vintage accessories. Stick to a basic color with solid-colored accessories in a contrasting color for an elegant and festive vintage look.

See our pencil skirts in our store in Copenhagen

On our website you will find a lot of nice pictures and descriptions of all of our skirts. However, we are aware that it is always something different to see our clothes in real life than in a picture.

If you would like to see and try our beautiful vintage and retro pencil skirts in real life, you are very welcome to visit our physical store in Nørrebro - more precisely Birkegade 1.

In this shop you will be able to meet passionate vintage clothing lovers who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and would like to help you find just your perfect pencil skirt.