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Palava - Vintage design and unique prints.

We love Palava - Palava for us, stands for vintage style with a wonderful touch of British ingenuity. The clothes are based on classically inspired cuts from 1940s, 1950s & 1960s design, while the print is completely unique to Palava, and is designed by the owner himself; Bryony.

Palava - family owned vintage design

Palava started as a small family business in Yorkshire, based on designer Bryony's beautiful imaginative patterns and prints.
Today, the company is based in London, but of course still has the familiar and intimate feel that is the starting point for Palava. Together with the wonderful cut patterns which are all inspired by vintage designs, Palava's characteristics are the beautiful characteristic and imaginative prints. Bryony finds inspiration for the patterns through, for example, the vintage novelty prints of the 50s, and she is inspired by circus, music and dance, but also by flora and fauna in the form of beautiful animal and magazine prints.

Palava and sustainability

Palava places great emphasis on sustainability, and has taken a number of precautions to produce as environmentally friendly as possible while having a strong focus on employee welfare. All dresses, skirts and trouser suits are sewn in a small factory on the outskirts of London, and all their knitwear is made in Turkey. The organic cotton that Palava uses in their beautiful vintage knitwear is both grown and spun here, so it makes good sense that it is the experts here who also make the beautiful sweaters and cardigans in the highest quality. Last but not least, Palava packs their clothes in biodegradable bags, rather than plastic; a small step towards a plastic free future.
In addition, Palava only produces small batches at a time, this is of course to avoid waste and overproduction, and that way you can be sure that the clothes you buy from Palava are not only high quality but also unique.

Palava at Mondo Kaos

With Mondo Kaos we love Palava's beautiful patterns and feminine vintage cuts. We love the unique novelty print, which you certainly don't see anywhere else. There is something for every style, both feminine animal and floral prints and the more variegated patterns for those who want more pop of colour. Their knitwear is always eagerly awaited and triggers great excitement in both us and our customers, who cannot get enough of the wonderful quality and the fantastic colors and embroideries.

Palava Dresses with novelty print in feminine vintage style

The dresses from Palava come in many different cuts and patterns.
Palava is especially known for their beautiful A-line and shirt dresses which due to their beautiful novelty print, make these comfortable everyday dresses something very special. These are dresses that fit perfectly, are in the most beautiful quality fabrics, and the print allows you to use these dresses in everyday life as well as for special occasions where the colors and personal expression can be turned up. Palava dresses do not go out of fashion thanks to their classic cuts and beautiful and unique patterns and prints.
The Palava dresses have many fine vintage details and beautiful cuts, we also guarantee that your Palava dress will make you smile every time you put it on.

Palava jumpsuits - beautiful retro trouser suits 

WE carry the beautiful jumpsuits from Palava, and they are loved by us as well as by all our customers. They are perfect for summer use, and can be worn instead of a dress as they are airy with wide culotte legs and short sleeves.
A Palava trouser suit is a super good alternative to their beautiful dresses, and they are also found in the beautiful unique prints and patterns that we know from Palava.

Palava knit- novelty knit from Palava.

We love the whimsical and beautiful knitwear from Palava. Of course, like our customers, we can not get enough of the beautiful colors, patterns and animals that adorn Palava's knitwear and cardigans. The knit is so versatile and can be worn with anything, whether it's a pair of jeans or a real retro outfit.
It is of course the beautiful embroideries that make Palava's cardigans so unique. Palava manages time and time again to create fine and beautiful embroideries with great love for their motifs.
Palava's sweaters in beautiful patterns are also a big hit in the store, and with their glorious color combinations, they can light up any vintage outfit.
The quality is top notch, which you can feel the moment you touch the sweaters, and their cotton is not only certified organic, it is also spun and finished in Turkey, the country where the cotton has grown. That way, it is the specialists who take care of the beautiful cotton cardigans all the way from the field to the finished cardigan.

Vintage clothing, retro clothing or repro clothing?

As most of our customers already know, our clothes are not "true vintage". This means that it is not secondhand clothing made in the middle of the last century, but reproduced (repro) clothing which is inspired, with great love for the details, by vintage clothing, prints and cut patterns. However, we have found that the vast majority of our customers do not know the term "repro", but use both retro and vintage to describe the clothes we sell, despite the fact that they are newly produced clothes. That's why we do exactly the same here Mondo Kaos. All our clothes are always newly produced, not second-hand, and are primarily inspired by the wonderful, feminine fashion from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

See everything from Palava in our store in Copenhagen

Our employees in the store are all passionate clothing lovers and they will do everything they can to help you find the perfect vintage and retro clothing and accessories in feminine retro style for you and they will be helpful in finding it clothes from Palava that you are interested in and that suit you exactly.

Do you have further questions about our clothes from Palava?

With Mondo Kaos our first priority is always happy customers. If you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can always write your question to shop@mondokaos.dk where we strive to answer within a weekday.