Guide to your body type: The O-Figure

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 Body type guide: Clothes & dresses for the O figure at Mondo Kaos

The O-figure has shoulders and hips with roughly the same dimensions, but if there is a little extra on the figure, it immediately settles on the abdomen and around the waist. The O-Figure most often tries to hide in clothes that hide pretty much everything, instead of focusing on its advantages. 

You most likely have slender legs and arms that everyone envies you. Therefore, it is about focusing on these. This is best done by wearing skirts and dresses.

And then you need to attract attention to your face with eg colorful earrings.

Tops for the O-Figure

You need to go for tops that attract attention to the upper part of your upper body. You can do this by e.g. to use deep round cuts where you move the attention away from your stomach. Avoid tops with details around the belly.

Even if you want to hide your belly, keep in mind that you are going to look smaller if you highlight instead of hiding. You need to be careful not to dress in loose tops and dresses as they make you look bigger than you are.

Pants and jeans for the O-Figure

Trousers with wide legs perfect for the O-Figure as they create balance. Avoid pants with too much "stuffing" around the belly.

Skirts for the O-Figure

Go for "smooth" skirts such as A-line that do not give extra fullness around the hips and abdomen. Avoid folds.

Dresses for the O-Figure

Go for dresses with shape. Drop loose dresses that make you look bigger.

Go for dresses with sleeves, as well as cut dresses that cut below the bust, so you mark your upper body. The empire section cut below the bosom is nice for the O-Figure.

The O-figure usually has nice slender legs, so it's about showing these off.

Feel free to wear colorful jewelry.

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