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The beautiful vintage and retro dresses and skirts include tights and socks. In Mondo Kaos, we therefore always have a large selection of socks suitable for the beautiful vintage style dresses. We have socks with seams on the back, tights and tights in all kinds of thicknesses and denier, in different colors and we even carry fishnet stockings, leopard socks and support tights. There are socks and tights for all seasons and occasions.

In addition to a large selection of tights, we carry the classic socks for hip holders, which are of course perfect for your elegant vintage look. We carry socks from the two excellent brands Swedish Stockings and What Katie Did.

Tights from Swedish Stockings

In Mondo Kaos, with all the beautiful dresses, we can not do without beautiful and durable socks. With their innovative techniques, Swedish Stockings is helping to create new sustainable ways of producing tights, where both quality and appearance are top notch.

Swedish Stockings is a brand that specializes in producing socks, tights and tights from surplus production and plastic.

In order not to further burden the world with more plastic, Swedish Stocking has found various methods where they make tights from material that would otherwise be wasted. Swedish Stockings thus uses fabric residues from eg sportswear production, surplus residues that are usually wasted. In addition, in their new 'innovation tights', Swedish Stockings uses PET bottles to make their environmentally friendly tights. All socks from Swedish Stockings are made from either recycled fibers or natural fibers and are made in Italy. When dyeing the tights, the water is cleaned from the dyeing and reused. The colors are 100% vegan.

Socks from What Katie Did

What Katie Did is a British lingerie brand that since 1999 creates lingerie as well as nylon stockings with stitching in a classic, elegant vintage style, and they are one of the world's leading manufacturers of stitched stockings and tights in authentic vintage style. They use original vintage socks and lingerie as a starting point for their designs. We have been running What Katie Did since 2012 and they are simply must-haves here at Mondo Kaos. What Katie Did is especially known for their socks and tights with seams on the back, which are dotted in it if you want a complete vintage look.

Socks from What Katie Did is the perfect choice for both an authentic vintage look or if you want to add to your modern outfit a touch of past elegance and discreet sex appeal!

What Katie Did is a slow fashion brand that goes up in the quality of their products and the quality of the manpower that produces them. Their clothes are produced in a small factory in India and they work closely with and relate to both owners and seamstresses.

We carry both tights with seams from What Katie Did as well as the classic socks for tights. In addition, we naturally carry the elegant and sexy hip holders suitable for the beautiful stockings. Socks and tights from WKD are made by knitting the nylon fabric flat and gathering it in a seam on the back of the sock, which gives the socks the nice vintage look.

In Mondo Kaos we have i.a. WKD socks with blue, green, pink and red stitching, in addition to the classics in black and champagne / nude. Socks with nails give your look an elegant vintage look, and it looks especially nice to wear a pair of socks with colored nails for a bag or other accessories in the same color!

Be aware that the socks from What Katie Did are not 'stay-ups' and that they are intended to be worn with a bra!

Socks for everyday

Lia, Lovisa, Olivia and Stina are the perfect choice for good durable tights for everyday use. The socks off Swedish Stockings is super comfortable and durable.

Support tights

Irma and Nora are Swedish Stocking's support tight. These support tights are in 30 denier and 50 denier ie. semi-sheer, and they support wonderfully from head to toe. If you want them less supportive, you must buy them a size larger, but otherwise all tights from Swedish Stockings fit your actual size. So if you are usually medium, just buy medium and not extra large. These are quality socks all the way and the size fits!

Leopard and net tights and stockings in colors

Are you looking for classic or unique fishnet stockings or sexy leopard stockings, we have them from Swedish Stockings. In addition, we have all the beautiful colored socks from What Katie Did. So there is ample opportunity to add a real retro flair to your look.

Vintage style socks with seams

Be inventive when you style and think your socks into the look. A dress from Mondo Kaos can easily be styled from day to night with the right pair of tights. Start with plain black for everyday use, and switch to the seductive socks with nails or in a beautiful color if you are going out for dinner or in the city.

A black pencil dress gets a glamorous touch with colored socks with seams in vintage style, and the color can match, for example, your bag, earrings or hair flower.

Or in the summer you might just have legs all day, in the evening you can wear beautiful fishnet stockings for a pair of high heels.

Of course, you can also style with the cool leopard patterned socks. If your look is solid color, a pair of leopard stockings and some animal-print accessories can just add the finishing touch to a cool evening look.

Socks and tights in the webshop and in the shop

We generally have exactly the same vintage items in the physical store as online on the webshop. But of course it can be great with the guidance of our super knowledgeable staff. If you want to see and feel our socks in person, we can highly recommend that you make your way past Mondo Kaos in Nørrebro. Here our staff is ready to guide you.

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In the shop, Stine, Carina, Cassandra, Lærke and Jeanette all work as passionate clothing lovers, and they will do everything they can to help you find the perfect vintage and retro clothing and accessories in feminine retro style for you.

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