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Nordic ShoePeople - Danish designed shoes in high quality

Nordic ShoePeople is a Danish shoe brand that creates beautiful, feminine footwear, in a fresh and colorful 50er & 60er look! All their sko are handmade and have a very soft insole, which makes it a pleasure to both walk and dance in them! Among the brand's styles, we find classic patent leather shoes, mary jane pumps and secretary ankle boots, all in a beautiful, retro inspired design and really high quality!
I Mondo Kaos we love Nordic ShoePeople's high quality, feminine styles and clear block colors, and whether your wardrobe says Beat Chick, Mod Girl, Wartime Pinup or a young Yvonne from Olsenbanden, Nordic ShoePeople has the perfect retro shoes for you!
Behind Nordic ShoePeople we find the Danish couple, Mette and Henrik. The couple felt that there was a lack of feminine shoes that were also comfortable to walk in, and so they simply started designing. All designs are drawn in Copenhagen and all shoes are handmade in a small Spanish shoe factory. Mondo Kaos has lead Nordic Shoe People since 2016, and we are very happy with our collaboration with Mette and Henrik. We are always looking forward to them releasing new collections so we can see their new styles and decide which ones we think fit our clothes!

Retro and vintage shoes and boots from Nordic ShoePeople

We have a solid, small selection of Nordic ShoePeople shoes and boots, both in the store and here on the webshop, and we are sure you can find a pair of beautiful classic shoes among our models! Our selection of Nordic Shoe People footwear offers several different styles of shoes and boots, and both summer and winter we get new styles that suit both the season and our beautiful retro dresses og clothing!
All footwear from Nordic ShoePeople has an extra padded, soft insole that makes them absolutely fantastic to wear and walk in. Mette and Henrik value comfort very much, and it is clear to feel when you put on their beautiful shoes!

Frida shoes from Nordic ShoePeople

We always have the beautiful Frida model at home, in different varieties and colors. The original Frida is a beautiful shoe with a feminine T-strap and a wide, chunky heel in classic 50er60s style. It is the perfect shoe for boats jeans og dresses, and it is especially nice for a shorter one skirt from Green fashion - a look that gives long legs à la the 60s iconic Mod Girl fashion and automatically brings to mind fashion icons like Brigitte Bardot and Twiggy!
Frida is also made as a classic lace-up shoe in black suede, which has the same fantastic 60s heel. The shoe cuts just below the ankles and highlights them very beautifully, and then the design is so timeless that you can easily use the lace-up shoes for many different outfits and looks. Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used.

The Asta boot from Nordic ShoePeople

The Asta boot is also an all time favorite from Nordic ShoePeople. It is an absolutely stunning versatile boot that you can use to complete all your retro and vintage looks, whatever style you prefer! It is elegantly booted with a round toe and thin laces, and they are made of the softest black leather that fits perfectly on the foot! It is the perfect everyday boot because the comfort is really high, and like all other footwear from Nordic ShoePeople you can walk, stand and dance in the classic boots all night! They are also perfect for winter, where the soft leather keeps your feet warm and the boot is firmly attached to the foot! The ankle boots are the perfect addition to your vintage wardrobe and complete all types of dresses and clothes from the fine 30s dresses and wartime pinup outfits to the practical 50s trouser suits!
See all our Nordic ShoePeople styles in our store in Copenhagen.
We always have a good selection of shoes and boots from Nordic Shoe People in different colors and styles in stock, both here on our webshop and in the store in Copenhagen N. Here on the webshop you can browse and see what we have in stock of Nordic Shoe People right now, but if you have the opportunity to look past our store in Copenhagen, we will recommend this to you, so you can see our full selection and also try on the shoes! In the shop, our skilled employees will help you find the perfect shoes from Nordic Shoepeople.

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