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Retro and vintage inspired shoes and boots from Miss L Fire

Miss L Fire is a British shoe brand that combines modern comfort with the classic vintage look! The brand is known for its fantastic comfort, fit and high quality, and not least the feminine designs and silhouettes that take inspiration from past fashion trends, such as two-tone Hollywood pumps with diamond cut from 1940s and beach sandals à la Brigitte Bardot from the late 1950s!
I Mondo Kaos we love Miss L Fire, because of the high quality in both design and comfort, and we offer a strong selection of their footwear in classic 40er, 50er og 60s style. Our range includes pumps, sandals with and without heel and beautiful secretary lace-up boots, so whether you prefer your vintage shoes with or without heel, peep toe or T-bar strap, or you are into the diva or pinup look, you can get covered your Miss L Fire needs with us!
The woman behind Miss L Fire is named Lynsey, and she founded the brand in 2005. Lynsey has a past as a designer and buyer at the well-known shoe brand Clarks, and therefore it was no stranger to her to start her own shoe brand, based on her own predilection for retro and vintage shoe fashion! Since its inception in 2005, the brand has manifested itself in the international shoe market for its unique and fun designs, and several of them have been featured in the fashion magazines Elle, Vogue and Women's War Daily, among others.
Mondo Kaos has been running Miss L Fire since 2013 and we have a very close working relationship with Lynsey. We often get exclusive designs made that you can only find in us Mondo Kaos, which we are very proud of! Among other things, we have made the very popular model Amber in several different colors over time, and we look forward to surprising you with several exclusive styles in collaboration with Miss L Fire!

Retro and Vintage shoes from Miss L Fire

Our selection of Miss L Fire shoes offers several different styles. In our summer collection we often have flat sandals with beautiful details in 50s style and high heels with peep toe à la Marilyn Monroe, and in our winter collection we always have beautiful retro shoes for your cocktail dresses with authentic details. We have two fixed styles in our range, Amber and Hepworth.
Amber is one of Miss L Fire's absolute bestselling models, because it fits perfectly on the foot and the heel is neither too high nor too low! It is a very beautiful shoe with open sides, ankle strap and a nice window cut on the forefoot that gives a very charming look. Amber is perfect for all your retro and vintage outfits that are formal enough for everyday and beautiful enough for parties!
Hepworth is also one of Miss L Fire's very popular models. It has the same good heel height as Amber and the nice T-strap makes it fit really well on the foot, and therefore they are really good to use as dancing shoes! Hepworth is an elegant shoe with a round toe and open sides, a flattering T-strap and a beautiful window cut on the forefoot.

Retro and Vintage boots from Miss L Fire

Our selection of Miss L Fire boots consists of their popular model Frida, which has gradually become Miss L Fire's signature boot, and the timeless design and fantastic fit explains why. Frida is a very beautiful boot with Louis heel and full lace closure, and then it is without a zipper, which gives the boot a very authentic vintage look! Because it is such a classic boot, it can be used for all your retro and vintage outfits, incl. your wartime pinup look, your classic 50s look and your legend 60er Mod Girl look!

See all our Miss L Fire styles in our store in Copenhagen.

We always have a good selection of shoes and boots from Miss L Fire in different colors and styles in stock, both here on our webshop and in the store in Copenhagen N. Here on the webshop you can browse and see what we have in stock by Miss L Four right now, but if you have the opportunity to drop by our store in Copenhagen, we would recommend this so you can see our full selection and also try the shoes on! 

Questions about our shoes and boots from Miss L Fire?

With Mondo Kaos we love to help and to talk about clothes and shoes. These two things we are pretty much always allowed to reconcile when we advise clients as well as potential clients, and that's super cool!
If you have a question of any kind about our shoes from Miss L Fire or other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can meet us every weekday on 60 95 11 36 in the period 10: 00-18: 00 - however, on busy days it can be difficult for us to answer the phone, as we are usually busy taking care of the customers in the store . Therefore, it will be an advantage to write your question to shop@mondokaos.dk where we strive to answer within a weekday.