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Mini skirts at Mondo Kaos in vintage style

We have the beautiful mini skirts in true 1960s style from Grünten Mode.

We always want to offer our customers a large selection of skirts, all of which are inspired by fashion 40s, 50s og 60s. This means that they are all made with a focus on a classic and timeless design, which always looks good and does not 'go out of fashion'.  At the same time, our skirts are of course adapted to our modern needs, so they are comfortable to wear and easy to move, and not least to cycle in.

When you buy one of our beautiful vintage style mini skirts, you get full focus on quality and - not least - on your beautiful legs!

1960s mini skirt

I 60s the A-shaped skirt had crept higher and higher, especially among the young people of the metropolises. In 1964, British designer Mary Quant launched 'the mini skirt' in her London store, cementing the new fashion as one of the 60s most famous; a skirt for approx. in the middle of the thigh, and at least 10 cm below the buttocks. The idea with the mini skirt was i.a. freedom: freedom to show legs, freedom to run after the bus, freedom to be a woman who ruled over her body.

While the original 1960s mini skirt got shorter and shorter, our beautiful mini skirt is 50 cm long. Short enough to be a real mini skirt, and long enough to be comfortable in everyday life.

Why choose a mini skirt

Our mini skirt has a beautiful and flattering A-shape and is therefore well suited for everyday as well as for a sexier outfit. The skirt sits up to the waist and has a really good length and can be styled for many different occasions.

The mini skirt is perfect if you want to focus on beautiful legs and you can appropriately style with nice heels or boots. Should it be extra delicious, you can choose beautiful socks from either Swedish Stockings or What Katie Did.

Mini skirts in true 60s style

The skirts are made at Grünten Mode in Germany as a designer and make the beautiful mini skirts in their studio. Grünten Mode focuses exclusively on clothes from the 1960s, so they know what they are talking about, and their mini skirts are top of the 60s pop, both in terms of authenticity and quality.

Mini skirt in many colors and sizes

We always carry a fixed selection of mini skirts Green Mode. We always have classic colors such as black, red and we carry them in the sizes small, medium, large, x-large and 2XL. We have the beautiful skirts in beautiful velor and in garbardine. The quality is top notch and the fabric is strong so the skirt retains the beautiful and flattering shape.

How do I style my mini skirt?

You can style your beautiful 60s style mini skirt right from the original vintage style to a more modern wardrobe.

Style your mini skirt for work and everyday with one boat neck jersey top. as retro print T-shirt or Estelle the shirt with the beautiful pussybow, if you want to run the beat style fully. You can also style with one of the beautiful embroidery tops in real summer style, and focus on the boho style of the late 60's.

If, on the other hand, you want to mix the styles, you can style with one classic vintage shirt. For cooler days gives shirts with long sleeves a beautiful vintage look, and should it be a little more festive then style with accessories. Stick to a basic color with solid-colored accessories in a contrasting color for an elegant and festive vintage look.

The mini skirt can be worn in the summer with bare legs or sexy fishnet stockings, and in the colder months of the year you can use thicker tights and delicious boots for a delicious vintage 60s look.

See the mini skirts in our store in Copenhagen

On our website you will find a lot of nice pictures and descriptions of all of our skirts. However, we are aware that it is always something different to see our clothes in real life than in a picture.

If you would like to see and try our beautiful vintage and retro skirts in real life, you are very welcome to visit our physical store in Nørrebro - more precisely Birkegade 1.

In this shop you will be able to meet passionate vintage clothing lovers who are extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and would like to help you find just your perfect skirt.