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Love Ur Look is an English brand that, based on good fit and sustainable, ethically produced materials, makes the most beautiful clothes in beautiful retro and vintage style! From Love Ur Look, we see extremely feminine and flattering designs, where all cuts and details are placed strategically, to best highlight the feminine shapes and curves and thus create a real retro look!
Love Ur Look's clothes are produced in India, and because Ronke herself travels so much in India, she helps to ensure that the clothes are produced in a proper setting where the workers have proper conditions! All the clothes are ethically produced, some even with 'recyclables' that would otherwise have been discarded, which the owner Ronke himself travels to India and finds. 
I Mondo Kaos we are particularly fond of Love Ur Look's beautiful dresses, which are always in beautiful, colorful prints, often inspired by the Mexicana culture of the 50s, with frills, collars, big skirts and bright colors!