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Lola Ramona - High quality Pinup & Rockabilly shoes and bags

Lola Ramona is a Danish retro shoe brand that makes retro shoes and bags in beautiful pinup and rockabilly style, with fun, colorful designs and details such as bows and stripes - and of course the characteristic signature polka dots! The brand was founded in 2006 by the designer Gitte, who believed that there was a lack of feminine shoes with character on the Danish market, so she decided to do something about it. She teamed up with designer, Christina Halquist, and until 2019, the two made up the brand's creative design team, creating a myriad of amazing, unique designs of shoes, boots and bags. Since 2019, Gitte has been head designer at Lola Ramona. Since Lola Ramona's start in 2006, their shoes have become known worldwide for their colorful designs, and have become a regular part of especially in the pinup and rockabilly culture.
Mondo Kaos was also founded in 2006 and we have been running Lola Ramona since day one. Lola Ramona is therefore one of the brands we have carried for the longest time Mondo Kaos, and we still love their different retro shoes and bags that can spice up any outfit!
We have a small selection of Lola Ramona shoes and bags, both in the store and here on the webshop, which we believe fit perfectly into your wardrobe, whether you go for a specific retro look or just want to give your modern style a hint of retro! We get two collections from Lola Ramona a year, and we are always looking forward to having the wonderful new styles in the store!

Pinup and rockabilly shoes from Lola Ramona

We have shoes from Lola Ramona all year round, and depending on the season, our selection of their beautiful footwear offers different types of high-heeled shoes, including classic patent leather shoes in 60er style and cute 50er shoes with low heel. At Lola Ramona, fit and comfort are very important, which is why their shoes are designed so that you can dance in them all night - or shop in them all day - without getting sore feet. In addition, all their shoes are made with good, wide heels, so you always feel stable and secure when you walk.
In addition to great fit and comfort, humor is also an important factor in Lola Ramona's designs, and it's hard not to pull on the smiley face when you see a pair of high-heeled shoes with rainbow-colored polka dots or white patent leather shoes with Mary Jane straps coming walking past!
Their beautiful shoes just as good for the simple 40er style and it rocked 50er look, as for your classic 60er outfit. You can wear their design with the classic shirt dress or turn on the dress for a nice everyday look. Or with a finer cocktail dress where you can even create even more focus on your feet and shoes by wearing them with a nylon stockings or tights with seams on the back from What Katie Did !

Pinup & Rockabilly style handbags from Lola Ramona

Lola Ramona also makes beautiful bags in retro style that fit perfectly with all your retro and vintage outfits, and which can also be used to give a modern high street wardrobe a fun retro touch! The bags are always well decorated, so there are small and large compartments for all your different things, like the red lipstick and powder for the nose. Whether you are looking for a neat little clutch or an elegant handbag in croc or leopard, Lola Ramona has the perfect retro bag for you and your wardrobe!

See all our styles from Lola Ramona in our store in Copenhagen.

We always have a good selection of shoes and bags from Lola Ramona in different colors and styles in stock, both here on our webshop and in the store in Copenhagen N. Here on the webshop you can browse and see what we have in stock by Lola Ramona just now, but if you have the opportunity to look past our store in Copenhagen, we will recommend this to you, so you can see our full selection and also try on the shoes! The store employs Stine, Kirstine, Line and Cecilie, who are all passionate retro lovers and they will do everything they can to help you find the perfect Lola Ramona shoes.

Questions about our shoes and boots from Lola Ramona?

With Mondo Kaos we love to help and to talk about clothes and shoes. We are almost always allowed to combine these two things when we advise clients and potential clients, and it's super cool! If you have a question of one kind or another about our shoes from Lola Ramona or other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us all weekdays on 60 95 11 36 between 10:00 and 18:00 - however, on busy days it may be difficult for us to answer the phone, as we are usually busy taking care of customers in the store . Therefore, it would be advantageous to write your question to, where we endeavor to respond within one working day.