Long Sleeve Tops & Shirts

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30 items

Long-sleeved shirts, blouse and tops in vintage style. 

In this category you will find blouses and tops with long sleeves in different cuts. 

A long-sleeved shirt can be great in the colder months of the year, or for example for formal occasions, or as a feminine retro touch at work. It could also be you just do not feel so much like showing arms. After all, we are all different, and some prefer to highlight other advantages. Therefore, we have a category where you can search just for long-sleeved shirts for your needs.

With blouses and shirts with long sleeves, we mean everything that covers the upper arms comfortably, it is our experience that this is what women most often ask for when they want long sleeves. The sleeves can be from elbow length to sleeves that go all the way down to the wrist. 

When you search in the category long-sleeved blouses and shirts, you will be sure to find a top that reaches down over the upper arms or longer.

Long-sleeved vintage style tops all year round

Long-sleeved shirts and blouses in retro style can be worn all year round. We have both long-sleeved sweaters and blouses that are suitable for the colder months of the year. These long-sleeved tops will typically be in thicker and warmer qualities. But we also have the light long-sleeved shirts in classic vintage style, they are in viscose and feel airy, and can therefore easily be used even when the weather is warmer.  

We have a large exchange of items in the store, and we take a few of each style in at a time. Thus, of course, we have a larger selection of the bright and light, long-sleeved shirt blouses in spring and summer, and several of the slightly warmer blouses for autumn and winter. This may mean that you have to be a little quick when you have fallen in love with a particularly long-sleeved blouse or shirt in vintage style, but conversely, it also means that if you did not find exactly what you were looking for today, you can check in on a regular basis. , to see if a new long-sleeved shirt or blouse in just your style should have appeared.

Long-sleeved blouses in various vintage designs

No matter what type of long-sleeved shirt or blouse you are after, you should probably find one that suits your taste. 

The long-sleeved tops can have puff sleeves, they can end with cuffs or roll-ups, small details, or just simply, depending on which vintage style the shirt or blouse is inspired by.

We have blouses with long sleeves that are waisted and sit close to the body with a bit of stretch, and we have the slightly more draped long-sleeved shirts which are super suitable down in a pair of high-waisted trousers or pencil skirts. 

Our long-sleeved shirts and blouses also come with all sorts of cutouts and details. For example, we have long-sleeved shirts and blouses with a V-neck, high-necked, round-necked or boat neckline. We also have the long-sleeved shirts with pussy bow or so-called tie bow blouses, or with lapel collars or Peter Pan collars. 

Vintage style tops with long sleeves in many colors and sizes

All our long-sleeved blouses and shirts are made in very high quality in beautiful materials, and we have a good selection of sizes; our many shirts and blouses are also available in plus size! In addition, we have long-sleeved tops suitable for both those with smaller or larger breasts, and we are always ready to advise on this.

Of course, we always wear our tops with long sleeves in some classic neutral colors as well as different colors and patterns appropriate for the season.

Styling your long-sleeved blouses and shirts in vintage style

The options are many when it comes to styling your vintage shirts and blouses with long sleeves. We have something for every woman and body type. If, for example, you want to focus on décolleté and face, you can advantageously choose a beautiful neckline that highlights just that. If you are after more or less fullness at the shoulders, you can advantageously look at whether the long-sleeved shirt has extra pouf at the shoulders or is cut straight with a focus on other details. 

If you generally want to have attention at the top, you can choose a beautiful long-sleeved vintage style blouse in a strong color or pattern, and if you, on the other hand, would rather draw the attention downwards, you can choose something calmer and more neutral.

You can put together your outfits so that they become unique and suit just you: if you want a complete feminine vintage style, then go out with a beautiful long-sleeved 1940s shirt together with high-waisted swing trousers or skirts. Or you can create a 1950s sweater-girl look with a long-sleeved sweater and a pair of high-waisted jeans. 

You can also create a more modern look by mixing and matching your classic long-sleeved vintage shirts and blouses with a modern wardrobe.

No matter what look you are looking for, we are ready to help you find exactly the retro and vintage look you are looking for.