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Dresses with pockets in vintage style

Our huge selection of retro and vintage style dresses can seem overwhelming, which is why we have in Mondo Kaos made it extra easy for you by dividing our vintage inspired dresses into subcategories. You can thus quickly and easily find just the dress shape you are looking for, regardless of whether it is swing dresses, pencil dresses, shirt dresses, Aline dresses or dresses with pockets.

On this page you will find dresses in many different designs inspired by different eras, all of which have in common that they are dresses with pockets.

We know that you love pockets, and that it can be a must for you that your vintage style dress is provided with pockets, therefore we have gathered them under this one category, so you can easily find just the dress that suits you.

Under the category 'dresses with pockets' you can find most dress shapes, however, all dresses have a bit of width in the skirt. You can find Aline dresses with pocketr, swing dresses with pockets og shirt dresses with pockets.

Aline dresses is an excellent dress for almost all body types as it fits at the waist and goes out slowly in an A-shape of varying length.
The swing dress is best known as a more festive dress, but is also excellent for everyday dress especially in the summer, and many of our swing dresses have pockets that make them especially suitable for everyday use.

The shirt dress actually have quite often pockets and they often add a special design element to the dress.

Vintage style dresses with pockets

With Mondo Kaos you will find a large selection of vintage-style dresses with pockets in many different colors and in various prints and designs. We also have both the more festive dresses with hidden pockets, and dresses with a more everyday look with sewn-on pockets.

The fine vintage dresses with hidden pockets and a more elegant look can easily be used both for everyday and party depending on how you choose to style them. With a cardigan and flat ballerinas, become yours swing dress with pocketr quickly a nice everyday dress, which in turn can be turned into a party with a pair of heels and beautiful accessories.

The shirt dress can have a more everyday look, as it originally just belongs as a smart hybrid dress that can be both beautiful and feminine and at the same time easy to wear in everyday life. Here it is super practical with large pockets, why our shirt dresses almost always have pockets.

Vintage inspired dresses with sewn-on pockets or hidden pockets

We have dresses in vintage style with both sewn-on pockets and pockets that are hidden in the side seam of the dress. Both can be really handy.

The sewn-on pockets serve several purposes and are often highlighted in the design, where they give the dress an extra 'feature'. The sewn-on pockets can have many different shapes and designs, and help to give the dress its unique vintage look.

It goes without saying that the hidden dress pockets are not immediately visible from the outside, they are hidden in the side seams of the dress. It can give the dress cleaner lines, and a simpler style.

The type of dress with pockets you prefer is completely individual and may also differ from dress to dress.

See our vintage style dresses after original patterns.

Many of our dresses are based on original patterns from the late 1930s, 40s, 50s og 60s and has the all-time feminine elegance and flow.

All the dresses are from our carefully selected vintage style brands, which all make clothes in high quality materials as well as with love for the authentic vintage style. We have made sure to put together a varied selection in order to ensure that you can find a dress with pockets that fit you and your needs perfectly.

Exclusive dresses with pockets in vintage style

We only order a few homes of each model, so you get a unique dress in vintage style. This means that you do not have to wait too long if you find your dream of a vintage style dress, but it also means that you can look into the store or the webshop often as we constantly get new items. So even though we should not have your favorite vintage inspired dress with pockets right now, it can easily come at another time.

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With a dress off Mondo Kaos you can be sure that the design of each and every one of our dresses has been really cared for, which has nice little nuances and details and gives you your unique look.

In addition, the dresses are always produced from the finest materials, which means that they are good at keeping both color and shape.

These are dresses that are made with the old cuts and designs in mind, but always adapted to the time we live in now.

With us you will find the following subtypes within retro and vintage style dresses: aline dresses, pencil dresses, cocktail dresses, wedding dresses, swing dresses, sloppy dresses, shirt dresses, dresses with pockets and long-sleeved dressr.

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On our website you will find a lot of nice pictures and descriptions of all of our dresses. However, we are aware that it is always something different to see a dress in real life than in a picture.

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