Guide to Your Body Type: The H-Figure

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Body type guide: Clothes & dresses for the H figure at Mondo Kaos

Your hips and shoulders are in beautiful balance, but you do not have a defined waist, and therefore the trick is to find methods to create the illusion of hips and waist.

This is done by creating extra fullness on the hips and upper body, as well as marking the waist.

Swing skirts are also good, and just like with the swing dress, you can advantageously wear a petticoat underneath, to give extra volume to the hips.

Tops for the H-Figure

Shaped tops with puff sleeves give the illusion of wider shoulders and thus a smaller waist. 

Asymmetrical cut such as. the neckline, breaks the straight lines of your figure, just as a boat neckline gives shapes to your upper body. 

Do not skimp on decorations such as collars, 'pussybows' and prints. Dine overdele must like to have many details around the bosom, so that this will appear larger, and thus give shapes.

Avoid for everything in the world blouses that go straight up and down, and thus do not mark the waist. As well as shirts & jackets without incisions.

Pants and jeans for the H-Figure

You need to go after giving volume to your hips. That is why trousers with wide legs are perfect for you.

Skirts for the H-Figure

A-line skirts as well as swing skirts with pleats are perfect for you as they add volume to your hips. There may be pockets on the skirts as they give extra fullness. And then you can advantageously use a petticoat under your skirt to create extra fullness around the hips, and thus the waist appears less.

Dresses for the H-Figure

Shorter dresses and skirts are always a good choice for the H-figure as they emphasize your beautiful legs. 

A swing dress, preferably with Puf sleeves, is also really good for the H-Figure. As with the swing skirt, you can advantageously use a petticoat underneath, to give extra fullness around the hips, thus creating the illusion of a narrower waist. 

And then a wrap-around dress is your very best friend as it does good for your body shape in many ways. The tie gives the illusion of a waist, and at the same time it breaks the straight lines of your body by creating lines that go diagonally on the body.

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