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Swedish designed clothes in feminine vintage style from Emmy Design

Emmy Design is a Swedish women-owned brand that designs and produces feminine clothing in the most beautiful retro and vintage style, inspired by time and fashion from 1940er, 1950er and 1960s! Emmy is particularly known for their focus on fit and their high quality of materials, where they predominantly use natural materials for optimal comfort.
Emmy Design was founded in 2010 by Swedish designer Emmy Nilsson. Emmy graduated from Copenhagen Fashion and Design School in 2008, and after two years as a freelancer, she started the brand because on the one hand she was tired of the job insecurity as a freelancer, and because on the other hand she had a great desire to create something for herself that combined her interest in history and vintage clothing with her abilities as a designer. Emmy started the company on her own and in 2015, her sister, Lisa, became a partner in the company. Lisa has a master’s degree in business administration, so it fell to Emmy very naturally to ask her if she would be part of the company. Lisa said yes, and since then the two sisters from Smessurementsand have further developed Emmy Design together, so that the brand is now sold in over 50 European retro and vintage stores! It is true power-sisterhood!

A small vintage brand with strong values

Emmy Design always aims to produce clothing for their customers that lasts season after season, both because they want their customers to have the best and because sustainability and concern for the environment form a large part of their corporate values. Therefore, they only make two collections a year (spring / summer and autumn / winter), and their clothes are always produced in limited quantities, which helps maintain the brand's quality standards! Emmy's knitwear is produced in a small factory in Morocco, and their other clothes are made in a small factory in Lithuania. Emmy Design has a good collaboration with both production sites, and when you stand with the clothes in your hands, it is easy to both feel and see that it has been created in competent hands under good conditions.
Furthermore, it also means a lot to the two sisters that women of all sizes and body types can buy their clothes and feel amazingly comfortable, so even though it is a very small business, they design clothes of all sizes, too. plus size, and they are constantly evolving on their size range so that in the future they can offer even more types of customers their amazing clothes.

Mondo Kaos love Emmy Design

Mondo Kaos have run Emmy Design since 2011 and we love their timeless designs and exceptional quality that will fit perfectly into your wardrobe, whether you're specifically going for a retro/vintage inspired look or you just want to add some vintage romance to your wardrobe! We have clothes from Emmy Design all year round, and our selection includes dance-friendly ones swing pants and feminine A-line skirts, and of course their amazing knit in the form of various blouses and - not least - their signature cardigans!
High waisted pants and skirts in classic vintage style from Emmy Design
We have a small selection of Emmy's fantastic swing pants and A-line skirts, which are all perfect both summer and winter because they are predominantly made of high quality linen and viscose, two natural materials that allow the skin to breathe, which also makes the pants particularly suitable as dance pants for Lindy Hop and swing dancing!
All of our Emmy pants are cut high at the waist and designed to define the waist and highlight the hips and buttocks - some of their models even have extra high waists that really put the focus on the waist! In addition, they have wide trouser legs, which help to give a nice silhouette and which clothes most people!
The skirts from Emmy are also with a high waist and then they are cut in a simple A-line design, which makes them suitable for many different looks and occasions, because they can easily be dressed up or down with a t-shirt or a classic shirt blouse, and they also have belt straps so you can further define the waist with one of your favorite belts!

Emmy Design's Signature Cardigans

Our absolute bestselling items from Emmy Design are their signature knits: the Ice Skater Cardigan & the Peggy Sue cardigan. Both are in 100% wool and in very high quality.

The Ice Skater cardigan from Emmy Design

We fell in love with its feminine, classic design and amazing quality from the start, and today it is one of our most popular styles among all the clothes in the store because it fits everything perfectly. It is especially good for your waist-cut retro and vintage dresses, because the design is specifically made to create the iconic hourglass silhouette with its full shoulders, V-shaped neckline, horizontal cable knit and the short waist. It is simply an amazing cardigan and we think it is an absolute must-have in your wardrobe!

Peggy Sue cardigan from Emmy Design

The Ice Skater Cardigan's little sister is called Peggy Sue and this is a regular part of the spring - summer collection from Emmy Design. The difference from the Ice Skater cardigan is that Peggy Sue is in a thinner knit with a hole pattern. It has the same fantastic cut with full shoulders, V-shaped neckline, horizontal cable knit and the short cut that cuts exactly at the waist so it fits perfectly with your high-waisted trousers, skirts or dresses.

See all our clothes from Emmy Design in our store in Copenhagen

You can look at ours here webshop and see what we offer of clothes from Emmy Design, but if you have the opportunity to look past our store in Copenhagen, then we would recommend you to do so, so you can see our full range of their fantastic, classic vintage clothes. In the shop We look forward to greeting you, and help you find the perfect one outfit from Emmy Design for you.
Of course, we also offer a good selection of other retro and vintage-inspired clothes both in the store and here on the webshop. 

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With Mondo Kaos our first priority is always happy customers. If you have any questions, whatsoever, about our range of knitwear or other clothes from Emmy Design or other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. As we are usually busy taking care of the customers who visit us in the store, it would be an advantage to write your question to shop@mondokaos.dk where we endeavor to respond within one working day.