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Mondo Kaos and Charlie Stone

Here Mondo Kaos we carry only a few shoe brands. The brands we have must be able to do something very special, they must be super comfortable, they must be elegant and of course they must match our beautiful clothes in vintage and retro style. The shoes must round off a feminine outfit, they must also be comfortable and you must feel just as comfortable in our shoes as you do when you find a great outfit among the rest of our large selection of clothes in vintage and retro style.
In flat shoes, one can quickly come to feel less 'nicely' dressed; but not with Charlie Stone shoes. Here, quality and style are combined in the most exquisite way.
Charlie Stone are shoes that combine modern comfort with your unique vintage look! The shoes are known for their high comfort, and not least the beautiful flat shoes, whose feminine design is inspired by the vintage style and mature, among others. a. i 1940s og 1950s.
I Mondo Kaos we love Charlie Stone, because of the high quality in both design and comfort, and we offer a wide selection especially of their flat shoes with wedge heels and sandals. Our selection includes pumps and sandals, we also have, as something new, a few selected Charlie Stone shoes with heels.
If you are looking for the perfect low or flat vintage style shoes, then stop by and try Charlie Stone.

Retro and vintage inspired shoes and sandals from Charlie Stone

Charlie Stone is a shoe brand set in the world by Samantha Capello. Samantha and Charlie Stone Shoes are based in Sydney, Australia. Charlie Stone emerged when Samantha was missing shoes that would fit her vintage wardrobe. The shoes should be comfortable and preferably flat or with a low heel, but which were still elegant. The type of shoe you can stand and walk in all day without sore feet, but which also looks good with eg beautiful vintage dresses.
When Samantha Capello could not find what she was looking for, she decided to take action herself and started the brand Charlie Stone.
The idea for the name came to her when she misunderstood her husband's Italian pronunciation of the word Charleston.
In addition, Charlie Stone is a brand that is constantly trying to improve in terms of the green footprint that clothing and shoe production leaves behind in the world. It is no secret that the clothing and footwear industry is one of the big culprits when it comes to CO2 emissions during production and not least the clothes that end up being thrown out again. Here it is clear that the high quality makes Charlie Stone a shoe that you have for many years, and the brand provides instructions on how you yourself, by maintaining your shoe, can ensure that you have it extra long. In addition, the brand uses 100% compostable plastic bags and only a minimum of tissue paper inside the box and shoe.

Charlie Stone shoes - Elegance and high comfort in vintage style shoes

The secret behind Charlie Stone's beautiful 'flat' shoes is that they are not really flat at all, they hide on a small hidden wedge heel, which raises your heel and foot slightly, to obtain support for the sway, ankle and knee. In addition, the shoes have "cushion" soles in memory foam, so the shoes are comfortable to step on and walk all day.
The shoes are in quality leather, but the latest shot at the trunk is vegan shoes. So now the beautiful Charlie Stone shoe is also available in a vegan version.
Those who are familiar with Charlie Stone shoes will also know about the easy 'quick-release' buckle, which gives the beautiful classic buckle shoes, without all the hassle of opening and closing these.

Retro and Vintage shoes from Charlie Stone

Our selection of Charlie Stone shoes offers several different styles. In our summer collection, we often have flat sandals with beautiful details in vintage inspired style that fit perfectly with, for example, your swing dresses and vintage shorts, and in our winter collection we always have beautiful retro shoes for yours cocktail dresses with authentic details.
We carry the classic T-strap shoe both in the flat version and with heel. The flat version has beautiful hollow details, which make it ideal for summer and warmer transition season, or for festive use.
The heel version is closed at the front and makes it perfect as a shoe most of the year when you are on the go but still need both a beautiful and comfortable shoe.
From Charlie Stone we also carry shoes with an ankle strap, these are open at the sides and have beautiful braided or hollow details at the front in a really vintage style. The details on the shoes have been taken care of and they are classically elegant and will fit into any vintage lover's wardrobe.
All Charlie Stone's shoes are perfect for all your retro and vintage outfits, and they look just as good whether it is to look nice in everyday life, for example with a swing or pencil skirt or they are to be used for a party!

See all our Charlie Stone styles in our store in Copenhagen.

We always have a good selection of shoes and sandals from Charlie Stone in different colors and styles in stock, both here on our webshop and in the store in Birkegade, Copenhagen N. Here on the webshop you can browse and see what we have in stock by Charlie Stone right now, but if you have the opportunity to look past our store in Copenhagen, we will recommend this to you, so you can see our full selection and also try on the shoes!
In the shop are we all passionate about clothing and dress lovers, and will do everything we can to help you find them perfect Charlie Stone shoes for you and your unique vintage look.

Questions about our vintage inspired shoes and sandals from Charlie Stone?

With Mondo Kaos we love to help and to talk about clothes and shoes. These two things we are pretty much always allowed to reconcile when we advise clients as well as potential clients, and that's super cool!
If you have a question of any kind about our shoes from Charlie Stone or other brands, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can of course at any time write your question to where we strive to answer as quickly as possible and usually within a weekday.