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High-waisted Trousers and Jeans in vintage & retro style

With Mondo Kaos Of course, we also carry a wide selection of beautiful vintage-inspired trousers and high-waisted jeans.
Vintage trousers are perfect for your vintage wardrobe, and give you plenty of opportunity to wear some of all the beautiful vintage inspired blouses and shirts, they also sit as they should, with a high waist and focus on the hourglass silhouette, just like the rest of our vintage assortment.
Our high-waisted trousers and jeans are all from our wonderful retro brands, which go a long way in authenticity when it comes to their vintage cut patterns and designs, so all our vintage trousers and jeans have the real vintage look that our customers love.
We always carry a selection of beautiful wide palazzo pants and sailor pants in vintage style. In addition, we always have classic vintage jeans with a high waist in several feminine models and all in authentic and flattering vintage style.

Vintage inspired trousers with wide legs from The House of Foxy

The House of Foxy has made it their flagship to make the most wonderful designs, as close to the original vintage patterns as possible, while of course still having to be practical for modern women. Of course, this also applies to their pants.
From The House of Foxy, we therefore always carry different models of vintage trousers, such as the Swing trousers and the Sailor trousers. We always have these in several colors.

Swing pants in vintage style from House of Foxy

The swing pants are characterized by their beautiful wide legs, inspired by pants and real cut patterns from the late 1930s and 1940s. The trousers are of course high-waisted and fit at the waist so that there is full focus on the feminine figure. The trousers close with 4 buttons at the side and are in a wonderful viscose stretch blend.

Sailor trousers in vintage style from The House of Foxy

We know the Sailor pants from many of the Hollywood stars of the 1940s. Think Marlene Dietrich, for example, who made this style her own! Vintage sailor pants have wide legs just like the swing pants, but they have two rows of buttons down the front. They are of course high-waisted and the buttons at the front give even more focus on the narrow waist and endlessly long legs that this silhouette creates. Play with the style and, for example, go all-in on the sailor look by sticking to navy, white and red, or wear them with a beautiful tie blouse.
Our jeans brands: Lady K Loves and Freddies of Pinewood.

Vintage Jeans from Freddies of Pinewood

The fire Freddies of Pinewood has a penchant for jeans from the 1940s and 1950s. Two vintage collectors with a passion for jeans joined forces both privately and professionally, and founded in 1999 Freddies of Pinewood.
WE carry the models Jeanies and Soo Z q
Jeanies is a real 50s model in 100% cotton, ie without stretch, in return with the most beautiful fit, softness and durability. This model is high-waisted with slim legs, large front pockets and perfect for snooping. They close at the side in true vintage fashion.
Soo Z q is the more slack-like model in 50s style with a zipper on the side and slim legs. Again, the fabric is 100% soft cotton, thus giving the desired true vintage feel. These jeans are perfect for shirts such as those from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury.

Grease Monkey - Retro denim pantsuit ala Rosie the Riveter

We also carry the fantastic retro trouser suit Grease Monkey, which is from an authentic vintage cut pattern from 1943, and has all the details you associate with a trouser suit from that time, while it seems timeless due to the beautiful feminine fit. This suit is for you who want a real vintage Rosie the Riveter look, or are looking for a vintage jumpsuit that is out of the ordinary.

1950s inspired jeans from Lady K Loves

Lady K Loves make their jeans in the durable denim, but add a bit of stretch for a comfortable modern fit, thus uniting the best of both worlds! The brand is based on 1950s and rock 'n' roll jeans and in addition, Lady K Loves works towards being a sustainable and socially responsible brand. At their Indian factories, only women work. They use sustainable dyes and locally produced cotton. They also work in the local community to ensure that they have a healthy staff and take care of the environment. The jeans fabric is imported to England, where men and women complete the jeans.
We carry the models Classic, Polly and Le Wild.

Lady K Loves "Classic" - tight jeans with a high waist

Lady K Loves classic. It has a high waist and slender legs, and usually fits in size ratio hip and waist, based on measurements from their customers from Lady K Love's Facebook page.

Lady K Loves "Le Wild" - Jeans with wide legs and high waist

Le Wilde is a real 50s western denim. It has a high waist with slightly wide straight legs, it also closes in the best vintage manner on the side. Le Wild is a classic boot cut, which has room for boots inside, and is really the perfect vintage jeans. It has a bit of stretch for modern comfort.

Lady K Loves "Polly" - Tight jeans for the lower woman

The polly model is designed for either the more petit woman where it will sit high-waisted, or the "normal" figure who wants a slightly lower waist. This pair of jeans fits more, and is ideal for dressing up at the bottom for the perfect pin-up 50s look.
Our jeans are perfectly styled with, for example, ours Mondo Kaos T-shirt or our bow ties, e.g. Estelle. You can also venture into the genuine 50's greaser look by tying the shirt on the stomach, for example our shirts from Very Cherry are suitable for this.
By using the original jeans in wear-resistant quality, you can be sure to have your jeans for many years to come. That one pair of jeans that just fits perfectly and that you will never be able to be without. The look is also, of course, different. In the style of the models from the 40s, 50s and 60s, your look will be characterized by vintage authenticity and rebellious charm that you can not achieve with modern jeans.
In addition, we of course bring in new vintage trousers when our brands show us something we just know you will love.

Vintage clothing, retro clothing or repro clothing?

As most of our customers already know, our clothes are not "true vintage". This means that it is not secondhand clothing made in the middle of the last century, but reproduced (repro) clothing which is inspired, with great love for the details, by vintage clothing, prints and cut patterns. However, we have found that the vast majority of our customers do not know the term "repro", but use both retro and vintage to describe the clothes we sell, despite the fact that they are newly produced clothes. That's why we do exactly the same here Mondo Kaos. All our clothes are always newly produced, not second-hand, and are primarily inspired by the wonderful, feminine fashion from 1940-, 1950-, and 1960s.

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