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If you are looking for a bolero in vintage style, you can find it here at Mondo Kaos. At Mondo Kaos, we specialize in fashion from the 40s, 50s and 60s, and we always focus on clothes that highlight the female forms. In addition, we are quite fond of dresses, and always have a very large selection of different dresses suitable for the season. Just for your vintage style dress, it can be an advantage with the bolero's short and cropped style.

What is a bolero?

The bolero is originally a Spanish dance in ¾ rhythm, and the bolero jacket originally comes from Spain. The bolero can be described as a short jacket without a collar, the back of which is longer than the front. This makes it excellent for the high-waisted and close-fitting styles we have in Mondo Kaos.

What types of boleroes do we have?

Depending on the season and collections, we have a different range of boleros. The boleros can be shorter or longer, it may be that we have boleros that have buttons and can be closed like a jacket, or boleros that can be tied like a tie blouse. It can also be the classic bolero without buttons which is round at the front. However, all our boleros are cropped, and are therefore the perfect companion to your Mondo Kaos outfit.

How do I style my vintage style bolero?

Your vintage style bolero is perfect as an accessory for your short-sleeved dress, or a dress with straps. It can extend the season of your summer dress in vintage style, or it can be the festive look for a special occasion. If you need to wear a short-sleeved swing dress for an evening or outdoor event, a bolero can be easy to wear for a cooler evening without changing the beautiful hourglass silhouette.

You can also use your bolero for a set of trousers or skirts in retro style, here you can coordinate the color so that the bottom and bolero have the same color to create a uniform look.

Different types of boleros in vintage style

At Mondo Kaos, we carry a few of each item, which means that we often receive news. It also means that even though you may not find the bolero you are looking for right now, we can easily get it in at a later date. You can advantageously sign up for our newsletter, so you are among the first to see our news.

So our news comes in all the time and they are appropriate for the season. So in the summer you might find a lighter bolero in vintage style, and in bright colors, while in the fall and winter you might find a retro bolero in a warmer quality and colors suitable for your winter vintage wardrobe.

The bolero 'sweet sweater' from Heart of Haute

We always carry boleros in different colors from the American brand Heart of Haute. Heart of Haute specializes in the beautiful retro fashion, and we have many bestsellers from them, e.g. Estelle shirt or Monte Carlo swing dress. Just for their short-sleeved or sleeveless swing dresses, the fantastic 'sweet sweater' boleros fit perfectly.

It is a nice soft bolero cardigan from Heart of Haute in a cotton stretch with a tie bow and in classic neutral shades as well as the clear, strong colors. The bolero is designed with a V neckline and 3/4 sleeves. The edge surrounding the neckline is repeated in the ribbon which is tied at the front. The top is of course 'cropped', ie it ends at the waist, so it fits perfectly with your vintage wardrobe. The bolero is in the softest cotton stretch which does not curl so it is possible to pack it well so that it does not take up much space in the women's bag.

See our selection of boleros in our store in Copenhagen

You can look here on our webshop and see our vintage style boleros, but if you have the opportunity to look past our store in Copenhagen, we would recommend you to do so so you can see our full range. In the shop, Stine, Carina, Cassandra, Lærke and Jeanette all work as passionate clothing lovers, and they will do everything they can to help you find the perfect outfit and just the bolero that suits you.

Do you have any questions regarding our range?

At Mondo Kaos, our first priority is always happy customers. If you have any questions, anything, about our range of boleros or other clothing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can meet us every weekday on 60 95 11 36 in the period 10: 00-18: 00 - however, on busy days it can be difficult for us to answer the phone, as we are usually busy taking care of the customers who visit us in the store. Therefore, it will be an advantage to write your question to where we strive to answer within a weekday.