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Mondo Kaos Retro and Vintage bestsellers

Our retro and vintage clothing is all inspired by the vintage style and the time from 1940s, 1950s og 1960s. Our brands are the retro style brands that we feel have the right quality and that go carefully into production and material selection.

Our range consists of both news that we only get once, as well as our classics. We take our vintage bestsellers home again and again, because they have proven that they have both the style and the quality, and that these are clothes you can always wear.

Our bestsellers come to each season in classic colors / combinations as well as in new and exciting colors and prints, so you can always get, for example, your favorite vintage style dress in new interesting prints.

Our vintage clothes are always made in high quality and in fantastic materials, and we always have a good selection of sizes, plus-size too!

Retro and Vintage bestsellers for all seasons

For the most part, we have with Mondo Kaos retro and vintage clothing appropriate for the season. Ie. for spring and summer, we focus on vintage style summer dresses, and short-sleeved blouses in light materials. We lead, of course retro swimwear and it is also during this period that we have the lighter waisted jackets and sandals.

Bestseller vintage bikini and swimsuits from Esther Williams

In the summer, our super bestsellers are the wonderful ones vintage swimsuits and bikinis from Esther Williams Swimwear. The fantastic vintage swimwear collection is super flattering, but light support effect and wrinkles in the right places.

In addition, they are beautiful bikinis and swimsuits always comes in beautiful vintage inspired prints, such as flowers, dots and cherries.

If you are interested in the beautiful vintage swimwear, you need to be fast. It is a true vintage bestseller that sells fast.

Bestseller blouses and tops with short sleeves

Among our bestsellers blouses and tops is the amazing one Estelle tie bow shirt from Heart of Haute. Heart of Haute is with Estelle succeeding in making the perfect pussy bow shirt, which is wonderful for both a more festive look with pencil or swing skirt, or for a day at the office with jeans or the beautiful swing pants. As the best comes Estelle shirt always in new exciting colors and patterns.

Among the other bestsellers shirts with short sleeves should be mentioned the Judy shirt from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. It is a wonderful classic vintage style shirt that can be used for everything, and always looks elegant.

off shoulder 50s top is a real summer favorite, a bestseller that looks especially good with vintage style jeans or one 50s style swing skirt.

Peasant style top with embroidery from The House of Foxy is a 'new' bestseller. We got it for the first time last summer and it flew out of the store. Fortunately, The House of Foxy now made it in even more variants. The perfect vintage boho top, and a true vintage bestseller.

Bestseller blouses and tops with long sleeves

If you are more into the long-sleeved blouses and shirts, among other things, it is beautiful Very Cherry top with boat cut a hit. There are also the beautiful long-sleeved shirt blouses from boats The House of Foxy og The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. They are all so popular that we get them home in the classic colors plus a little season new.

Bestseller vintage style dresses.

Of course, we always have a large selection of vintage style dresses, and while we always have both swing dresses, pencil dresses, a-line dresses, sloppy dresses og shirt dresses in many different designs, we also have within these categories our absolute bestsellers. Let's just name a few of them:

From The House of Foxy have we Ava dress, which is our absolute bestseller, we swear by it, and so do our customers. Many people have it in several different designs, and we always have it at home. Ava dress is a bestseller due to its versatility. It can be worn all year round and for all occasions, and then it falls beautifully and shows off the figure without being tight in the wrong places. It's the dress you can always wear, that's why it's also one Mondo Kaos best-seller.

We have the beautiful one shirt dress from Heart of Haute which is a vintage 50s style swing dress, with long sleeves and buttons down the front.  The dress gives a fantastic feminine silhouette, and always comes in beautiful colors.

Bestseller skirts

As with the dresses, we would not be a real vintage shop if we did not always have boats pencil skirts and swing skirts in the range. We have that too, but some models are the favorites when you have to choose which skirt to take home with you

The first bestseller among the skirts is the flattering and feminine one swing skirt in true 50s style. WE always have it in classic colors, and also often take it home in seasonal colors.

In addition, we love the classic bestseller pencil skirt from The House of Foxy. It is just a little longer in it, which gives it its beautiful vintage silhouette, also it sits just as it should.

For the beautiful legs, we also have the super beautiful 60s inspired mini skirt from Grünten Mode. Perfect all year round, with or without socks, and with sandals or boots. Style this bestseller just the way you want.

Whirlaway skirts must also be mentioned with its beautiful a-line and fine button details, it is just right for everything, and is so easy to choose, even the mornings where nothing just feels right. Style it with all types of tops, from the Judy and peasant top, to the t-shirt or otherwise the long-sleeved Eva shirt.

Our bestselling accessories

do not forget accessoiries when styling your look. Among our bestsellers are the house's own Rock it Rosie. These are earrings and bracelets both with and without glitter in many beautiful colors. Perfect for styling!

Bestseller pants

Do not deceive yourself for a look at the amazing ones high-waisted swing pants. We always have them at home as they are popular all year round. They are elegant and super feminine, and then they fit all the nice tops.

You can also see the delicious ones vintage style jeans with high waist from Lady K Loves here on the page. With a cool look, the high waist and space for the shapes, they are also among our bestsellers. Perfect for everyday retro, and a cool t-shirt look or together with a beautiful tie blouse.

Best selling shorts

Our shorts are both high-waisted and with wide, slightly protruding legs. In fact, they are 'short', namely phorts that almost look like a skirt. This makes them both comfortable and super flattering and therefore also a real bestseller. In fact, they can also be worn in the cooler months of the year with socks underneath and with boots on.

Bestseller socks

We are first and foremost one dress shop, and dresses belong in Denmark most of the year stockings. That's why we're especially excited about our new brand Swedish Stockings, which is a sustainable brand that delivers the best inside tights and tights. Fortunately, you think so too, so they have quickly achieved pure bestseller status.

Bestseller petticoat

Although our beautiful swing dresses can easily be worn without, there is nothing like one swing dress with nice swing. Buy a petticoat for yours swing dress and see for yourself why.

Bestseller trench coat

Every spring and autumn we get the beautiful classics retro trench coats home in the store. They are just ideal for the Danish weather, with rain and wind. But unlike modern trench coats, then our room has a fuller skirt underneath and they are waisted, that makes them a bestseller with us. Do not miss our bestselling trench coat if you are looking for one red trench coat, navy blue trench coat or classic black trench coat you will find it with us. 

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In the shop are we all passionate clothing and dress lovers, and will do everything we can to help you find the perfect vintage and retro clothing and accessories in feminine retro style for you.

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