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What are 70s style clothes?

We all have a picture of trumpet pants and maybe long hovering hippie dresses, but that's only partially true. The 1970s were a pear mash of styles, and in fact, the style of much of the clothing we refer to as 70s clothing starts as early as the mid-1960s. Hippies hear e.g. at home in the 60s, just as the trumpet pants also start here.

The 1970s-style clothes will probably never become the main part of the clothes we wear Mondo Kaos, but now that the 1970s are actually 50 years old, we think it's time to bring back some of the best 70s dresses, 70s skirts, 70s pants and pantsuits, and 70s tops in our assortment. At least intermittently. 

1970s clothes at Mondo Kaos

1970s pants and trouser suits

1970s trousers are in many ways the easiest area to recognise. The sway at the end of the trouser leg starts as early as the 60s, but the seventies don't let go of the sway. Over time, it changes to, for example, baggy trousers, and the waist becomes ultra-high. The 1970s is also the decade of the pantsuit, and since we love pantsuits, you're sure to find 1970s pantsuits often in Mondo Kaos.

With Mondo Kaos we always prefer the high feminine waist, so this is the 70s style you will be able to find with us.

1970s Maxi dresses and A-line dresses

The classic 70s dress is a midi or maxi dress. The mini skirt from the 1960s was already passé, and was no longer worn by the smart, fashion-conscious women of the 1970s. 

In addition to the maxi dress, the two most iconic silhouettes from the time became the A-line dress, preferably in a shirt dress style. It suited the modern 70s woman well, who a bit like the woman in the 1940s needed a good dress to be able to work in and at the same time look feminine. The 1970s stole from many historical trends, and the 1940s A-line silhouette was one of them. Another dress that comes again (from the 1930s) is the wrap-around dress. It came on the scene in 1974, when Diane von Furstenberg made her version in soft jersey.

We always have wrap dresses Mondo Kaos, both in the classic 40s style such as that from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury and in a more 70s inspired model from The House of Foxy, inspired by Ossie Clark. We occasionally carry maxi dresses if they fit Mondo Kaos' other committees.

1970s Skirts

Like the dresses, the skirts should be A-line and somewhere between midi and maxi length. Denim skirts in midi length will be the perfect piece of clothing for your 70s look, for example with a floral shirt or a vintage style T-shirt.

1970s Tops, Shirts and T-Shirts

T-shirts are a must have in any wardrobe, but our T-shirts mostly have the tailored look. Our T-shirts in 70s style, are distinguished by a wonderful touch of 70s festival chic, and the font is of course recognizably 70s-like. Our T-shirts in 70s style are just as good on a hot day in a casual everyday look, as for a more festive cool look, if you mix the different vintage styles, for example, and wear T-shirts with a tight pencil skirt .

An authentic 70s shirt will typically have the long collar flippers, which is something we do not wear, but they are also characterized by, for example, the 1930s bishops sleeves came back. There was also a great fondness for the Western style, so one can advantageously find a western style shirt to compliment the 1970s look.

1970s clothing and print

When talking 70s, one should also talk about material and patterns. Many associate time with synthetic fabrics, especially polyester, which had gained ground, but of course there were many different types of clothing available. 

We especially associate velvet and cotton velor with the 70s. Cotton T-shirts in 70s style just to go to the festival in, or denim. The patterns are especially flowers, a nostalgic look that was cultivated a lot. Also geometric figures, which were originally inspired by the 30s Art Deco were big in the 70s, of course in the typical burnt 70s colors.

The color palette of the 1970s was brown, orange and warm yellow colors. It was Beige and pastels, but always with a hint of the warm tones. It is worth thinking about if you are going for an authentic 70s look.

1970s style clothing at Mondo Kaos

If you are looking for 70s clothes at Mondo Kaos, you can always keep an eye on our selection, which changes frequently. Our collection of 1970s clothes is not the largest and we only take home a few of each, so even if some clothes in 70s style should be sold out, new ones can easily appear before long. Ask our skilled and competent employees for help when you are looking for beautiful clothes in vintage 1970s style.