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60s dresses & clothes.

We love 60s mature, with its playful look.

60s style icons.

60s fashion was extremely “stylish” from the early 60s to the end. 
In the early 60s, it was style icons like Jackie O with perfect bespoke pencil dresses and two-piece sets as we saw them in the late 50s. Dresses and skirts in the early 60s still went to wonder or just above the knee, and the women adorned themselves with white pearls or perhaps a small "pill box hat". Jackie O did an incredible amount of her looks, and women around the world copied her stunning style.
After the assassination of Jackie O's husband, US President John F. Kennedy, Jackie O was no longer so much in the spotlight, and new style icons were looked for.
One of the new style icons from the early 60s was the beautiful Brigitte Bardot. She was the opposite of Jackie O ', where Jackie O's style was very classic and mature, so Brigitte Bardot was challenging, colorful and partly (in the eyes of the times) a bit silly.
The English designer Mary Quant  also became popular during this time with her “miniskirt” which was extremely short and her collections were in fun playful prints and colors. Like other designers from that time, it was "fashion is fun" that was the theme for the 60s, and with that, the big round collars and bows, fun prints and colors and the miniskirt took its entrance.
In the mid 60's it was the supermodel Twiggy who with her short "pixie-cut" made the younger women cut their hair short. It was at this time the young wild look that was popular and the counter dress with print inspired by "modern art" and "pop art" in strong colors.

60s dress.

The dress with a tailored top and swing skirt at the bottom from the late 50s mature, continued a bit into the 60s, however with a short skirt. The colors were stronger and the prints were wilder, but with a more decent neckline. Most often, tops and dresses had a decent boat neckline with or without a round collar or with a small high “turtleneck” collar.
However, it did not take long before the dress was on its way out in favor of the less figure-hugging mini dress. How short a skirt / dress was in the 60s did not have much to do with how beautiful legs the person wearing it had, but was more an expression of self-confidence. The short dresses were not intended to attract the men's sexual interest, but to attract the men's attention so that the women could then decide whether the interest was mutual.
In general, 60s fashion clothes had a more youthful look, and here the “baby doll” dress was a clear example of this. The large bows, large round collars, pastels and polka dots were all details that made women look like little girls. The more young and innocent, the better.

60s colors and prints.

Colors and prints were first inspired by "pop art" and "modern art movement" also called "Mod". Black and white dice, stripes and polka dots were popular prints inside "Towards the culture". Against dresses with white contrasts on the collar and cuffs.
Later, the psychedelic prints in strong colors were introduced. There was nothing that was "too much" in this time. 

60s clothes in Mondo Kaos

We have 60s dresses & 60s clothes from the best brands.
We are proud to offer you 60s inspired clothing from some of the best and most authentic 60s brands in Europe.

60s clothes from Grünten Mode.

Grünten Mode is a small, exclusive German retro brand that has a great passion for fashion from the 60s. From Grünten Mode, we have the most beautiful classic 60s A-line mini skirts, in both individual materials for everyday life, as well as velor that can be styled for a more festive 60s look.
Grünten Mode is inspired by 60s beat culture, youth rebellion, gogo dancers and Mod girls, and whether you are inspired by Brigitte Bardot or Twiggy, you are sure that a Grünten Mode skirt completes your retro look!
At Mondo Kaos, we are proud to call ourselves the exclusive distributor of Grünten Mode in Denmark!

60s clothes from Marmalade.

Marmalade is a fair trade brand that makes 60s clothes inspired by the late, wild 60s.
In Mondo Kaos we have a close collaboration with designer Magdalena who is behind the brand, and every season we collaborate to design a pair of dresses exclusively for Mondo Kaos customers. Our most popular dresses from Marmalade are the classic "Mod dresses" and we have made some completely exclusive 60s cocktail dresses in mica in different colors.

Want to complete your 60s look?

If you not only want to find a dress in 60s style, but want to complete your 60s look with a pair of 60s shoes, we can also do it in Mondo Kaos.
We have nice 60's "Mary Jane" shoes in black and white lacquer with wide block heel  from Lola Ramona. Or are classic 60s shoes with t-straps, 60s lace-up shoes or 60s lace-up boots from Nordic Shoepeople.

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