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50s Dresses & Clothes

We love the 50s mature, as it was in this decade that the focus began on the female forms. In 1947, Christian Dior focused on the hourglass figure with his “New Look” collection, and up through the 50s, fashion was characterized by the hourglass silhouette that pays homage to the female forms. Precisely this tribute we love Dior for!
In the early 50s, it was primarily dresses that characterized the fashion scene. The three most popular 50s dress models were the swing dress, the shirt dress and the tailored pencil dress. The 50s dress focused on the classic hourglass silhouette with bust, marked high waist and full hip and buttocks. The most important thing for the 50s dress was that the waist was marked and the bust, hips and buttocks looked fuller. And then the 50s dress always went below the knee.

50s dress

In the classic wardrobe, both the 50s swing dress, the 50s shirt dress and the narrow figure-hugging 50s dress were a must-have. The 50s swing dress is characterized by having a full round cut skirt, most often worn with a petticoat underneath, to give extra fullness to the bottom, as well as to make the waist look even smaller. 
For both the swing dress, the shirt dress and the tailored pencil dress, the waist is always marked, and the lower part always goes below the knee. The 50s dress can be long-sleeved, short-sleeved or sleeveless. Often the swing dress as well as the shirt dress from the 50s have pockets so that at the same time being feminine it is also practical. 
In the early 50's, the vast majority of women wore dresses, even when they were at work, when caring for children or doing other household chores. Therefore, it was most important that the dress was both practical and to move in. Therefore, the shirt dress was the most popular for the homemaker. 
The dress was hand-drawn by having a swing or a-line skirt, as well as having a button closure from the v-neckline down to the waist, or all the way down through the dress. And then the 50s shirt dress always has pockets. The dress was most often made of cotton, and came in lots of nice colors and prints. Was the woman out in the labor market e.g. working in the office, she would wear a swing or pencil dress at work.

We have 50s dresses & clothes in large sizes

We love 50s clothes because it is first and foremost feminine as there is a focus on the female forms. You thus do not have to be eel slim to wear it, as much of the clothes that today's fashion dictates but 50s dresses and clothes are super nice in plus size. 
The cuts in 50s dresses and other 50s clothes are designed so that you are very welcome to have breasts, belly and hips, but you can also easily wear it in the most beautiful way if you are slim. This is also why we have many of our 50s dresses in large sizes from size small to minimum size x-large, most in 2x-large, and many even in up to 3x-large, 4x-large, and 5x-large.

Are you looking for the full 50s look?

If you do not just want a dress in the 50s style, but you want to complete the 50s look, we have pretty much everything you need. We have chiffon scarves for either hair or to tie around the neck for a beautiful pinup / grease look. We have tights with seams at the back, to give your look a little extra elegance. 
We have 50s cardigans that are cut exactly at the waist so they can be worn over your 50s dresses in the colder times, without ruining the beautiful 50s silhouette. We have the most beautiful swing wool coats that have enough fullness to use in addition to your 50s swing dresses in various beautiful colors that will brighten up the winter. 
We have 50s skirts and tops if you want a feminine suit look for office use. Even if you want your hair to be styled in a feminine 1950s hairstyle, we have books through which you can learn how to make the finest 50s hairstyles. And then of course we have petticoats to create extra fullness under your 50s swing dresses.

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