Vintage summer essentials

Top 5 must have vintage summer favorites

The ordinary Danish summer is not as long as we might like. Maybe you end up with a little too much quickly summer clothes which is still not quite right on the hot, beautiful summer days.

We have compiled a small list of summer "essentials" that we think cover all areas of the perfect summer wardrobe. The clothes you can appropriately pack away completely when autumn strikes, and which you in turn look forward to taking out again. It is clothing that signals summer and sunshine and is timeless in its expression, so it can be worn year after year.

1. A bright summer dress

Many people feel that what with white is a little difficult, and is not it a little wedding-like? But on a hot summer day, it's just the only thing right. It feels cool and cool, moreover, it is perfect with the whites dresses against a slight summer glow

There are many different shades, and you can go from white, to off-white and cream, or all the way over in light beige and linen colored to find the shade that suits you best.

We have e.g. Milan dress in ivory, Darling detective in a beautiful linen color, or embroidery anglaise dress which Lærke is wearing here in the picture. (see all three below)

You can style white with colored sko, or wear a nice straw hat to get a romantic vintage look.

A straw hat may not be exactly an "essential", but if you can find one that suits you, it will be beautiful for your summer wardrobe, and a great alternative to sunglasses.

Speaking of sunglasses, you can appropriately go for cat-eye sunglasses that will emphasize your vintage outfit. We carry sunglasses in the store, but not at the webshop.

2. Hawaii and tropical print

All that screams summer - and only summer!

Full garbage on large, preferably exotic, floral print, fun and trouble. Whether you choose one dress. as skirt or swimsuit, it's always good to have a real tropical print in yours summer wardrobe; the print is perfect both for the beach, for summer parties and on a mega hot summer day, it seems fun and refreshing.

The tropical print was the big craze in the 1950s, when Hawaii became 'modern', so in addition to being a great summer theme, it is also the perfect style for your vintage summer wardrobe.

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Product not found. Have you uploaded products to your store?

3. Shorts

If you really exist shorts or not, it's actually just as much there will be heat wave days where a few shorts just is the only thing right, even if it's just to walk around at home. 

Let's say it again: our shorts with the wide legs are really very flattering, and you quickly turn to how comfortable they are.

Wear them with a light, loose top such as. a peasant top from The House of Foxy. And if you just crush your shorts just as much as we do, you can also wear them with high-heeled sandals when you go out, and like to just make your shorts look a little smarter.

We have our staple shorts from The House of Foxy in many different colors. And as something new, we have shorts from Unique Vintage in a similar style but in light denim.

4. Stripes

White, blue, red and black! Maritime stripes signal sea, beach and light breezes, and are just wonderful for summer.

We have the beautiful ones patches from Unique Vintage which you can wear both with shorts on the hot days or with cool retro jeans on the slightly cooler summer days, where you will still look fresh and summery.

We also have the ultimate summer dress with bluish-white stripes and embroidery anglaise!

You can also create your own maritime vintage look by mixing white and navy, perhaps with a red hair band, a hair flower or red sandals to.

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5. A white T-shirt

Now we are at patches- when it's hot it still needs a few pieces- then we must mention T-shirts. It is clear that at Mondo Kaos, we don't have the box-shaped white ones, but rather feminine curvy ones T-Shirts with retro prints perfect for your vintage summer look.

Our Mischief Made T-shirts have been a huge hit, so there aren't many left, but you can still get it! Of course, we also have the sweet one Mondo Kaos T-shirt with retro print, which has a bit of an 'if you know, you know' effect.

A T-shirt fits everything and therefore it is a must in the summer wardrobe. It is easy to have over swimsuit, and it fits both skirts, shorts and pants. If you want tips to highlight the rockabilly look, read our blog post here

6. Mondo Kaos' 2 extra tracks!

Now we're cheating a little bit and have added a little Mondo Kaos specific vintage hits for the list.

1. The wrap dress!

Just buy it! For beach, cottage, party, everyday. You could say it is actually for the whole year, and that is true, but it is absolutely perfect in the summer where you have to quickly change clothes or have a swimsuit inside.

2. Emmys summer cardigans.

We could just mention that a summer cardigan from Emmy would also be a good choice for the cooler summer evenings, and that you can either choose Delightful Daytime, which is a real summer cardigan in light and soft merino wool, Peggy sue for the slightly colder evenings, or the cotton cardigan Susie Q.

Model: miss confetti Photo: plow photo.

If you do not already have our 'Vintage Essentials', you can be inspired by our top 5, and you are always welcome in the store to see more. If you already have your tropical dress and straw hat, it's just about getting out in the summer and showing off your chic outfit.

Best wishes,

Team Mondo Kaos

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