Christmas dresses in vintage style ❤️

Christmas dresses in vintage style ❤️

Christmas dresses and Christmas accessories.

It's the month before the month, and of course that means we're starting to get beautiful dresses in that fit perfectly with Christmas lunch, Christmas Eve and all your other Christmas events and happenings in November and December!
In this blog post we talk about:

  • Christmas dresses with A-line skirt
  • Christmas dresses with pencil skirt
  • Christmas dresses with swing skirt
  • accessories to complete your Christmas dress outfit

The perfect dress for Christmas 2019.

Betty aline dress in red from The House Of Foxy - Mondo Kaos

With the sweet time also comes spruce green colors, red hearts, twinkling stars in the midnight blue sky and glittering decorations, and it all makes us want to do "that something extra", so that we get the best out of the various events, such as the holiday offers. Already in October, our customers started looking for Christmas dresses and sparkling cocktail dresses for the Christmas lunch, so now we have gathered our offer several fantastic dresses that exude Christmas and celebration, in a cut that suits you and your figure!


Our Stine in the new red Betty dress from The house Of Foxy & Hayworth multi colored pumps from Miss L Fire.

Christmas dresses with A-line skirt.

The A-line dress is perfect for you who want to lengthen your upper body and focus on the waist and bust,
and who neither wants a completely snug nor very voluminous skirt! We have several different ones
types of A-line dresses and we are sure you can find one cute christmas dress among our many A-line
dresses, whether you prefer long-sleeved or short-sleeved dresses or with
empire cuts or waist-cut cuts!

House Of Foxy Betty A-line dress in red.

The beautiful Betty dress has an empire cut that cuts just below the bust. It gives a beautiful silhouette where there is special focus on highlighting the bust. An elegant dress that is suitable for both the Christmas party and lunch because it can so easily be 'dressed up and down'!

Red alone dress from The House Of Foxy

Palava Rita A-line dress in red velor.

The ultimate red Christmas dress in 100% organic cotton velor! A fantastic dress that exudes Christmas ball and adventure! The dress highlights the bust and waist in the most beautiful way, and the high V-neck gives the dress a playful, challenging look!

House Of Foxy Ava A-line dress in red.

The Ava dress is one of our absolute bestseller dresses. The simple, feminine design suits almost all body types and the beautiful material makes it great to wear! It is the perfect dress, whether you are going to be in the kitchen with the Christmas goose or you are going to Christmas lunch with your girlfriend.

The Ava dress is available in many colors and prints, among others. in Black og navy blue.

Ava red aline dress from house of foxy

Christmas dresses with pencil skirt.

A pencil dress is the optimal dress for you who prefer a body-hugging look where your entire figure
highlighted - we have several types of pencil dresses, from the 'little black cocktail dress' to the more formal one
pencil dress and with both peplum skirt and sarong effect, so you have many options to find it
perfect cocktail dress for Christmas breakfast here!

The House Of Foxy red dress with pencil skirt and white collar.

Elegant red dress with beautiful lace-collar detail in cream-white. The dress elongates the figure, defines

the waist and highlights your shapes in the most beautiful way! A beautiful dress that fits perfectly with this year
family Christmas photo, where you want to look extra good, in a classic, elegant way!

Seamstress Of Bloomsbury Red dress with waterfall effect and pencil skirt.

The most beautiful cocktail dress in a beautiful Christmas red color that highlights your entire figure. The beautiful waterfall detail in the skirt camouflages any lines and gives a beautiful, undulating effect when you walk! A perfect dress for both the Christmas lunch with the company and the Christmas lunch with the girlfriends!

The House Of Foxy red cocktail dress with pencil skirt.

Sexy cocktail dress with peplum skirt that camouflages the belly and highlights your waist and hips. The dress is tailored and frames the whole body, and the beautiful keyhole neckline gives the dress an elegant, classic look!

The dress is also available in classic black HERE.

The Pretty Dress Comapny Hourglass red dress with pencil skirt.

We also have a classic red christmas dress in the perfect hourglass cut. The dress highlights the entire figure, while the fine tie detail helps to further define and highlight the waist. It is fully lined so you will not freeze in the winter night!

The dress is also available in navy blue here .

Christmas dresses with Swing skirt.

A swing dress is for you who especially want to define and highlight the waist - and who want one
voluminous skirt to create the iconic hourglass silhouette! A cocktail dress with a swing skirt is
very suitable for those Christmas events where you know there is dancing and you can create a great
50s-inspired look by wearing the dress with a swing skirt underneath - classic Dior 'New Look' style!

Heart Of Haute red dress with swing skirt.

A stunning red dress in woven polyester that feels soft and light against the skin. The beautiful neckline and pleats over the bust are very flattering and help to create the beautiful hourglass silhouette. The skirt is very lively and great to dance around the Christmas tree in!

The red is perfect as Christmas dress. The dress is also available in classic black here .

Stop Staring! Mad Men red dress with swing skirt.

Mad Men The dress has been one of our bestsellers for years, and there are several reasons for that.

It has the finest sweetheart neckline with draping which is incredibly flattering for the chest. The wide waist piece together with the swing skirt marks the waist so it looks smaller, and materials with lots of stretch are super comfortable to wear.

Food But the dress is also available in green, Black and navy blue.

Pretty Dress Company green dress with swing skirt and 3/4 long sleeves.

The Hepburn dress is one of our most popular dresses, due to the very feminine, classic design. It has an elegant boat-shaped neckline, v-neckline at the back and a nice wide waist piece that defines the waist in the most beautiful way! The dress is available in several colors, including this beautiful dark green as well as in a lighter green, red, navy blue, black, and a pair with beautiful floral print. And there is, of course, a reason why we always have a great selection of this amazing dress.

Pretty Dress Company Hepburn swing dress dark green

Pretty Dress Company Hourglass red dress with swing skirt.

The 'Hourglass' dress is also one of our very popular dresses that create the iconic hourglass silhouette with its beautiful V-shaped neckline, the slanted sleeves, the waist-cut cut and full-bodied swing skirts - an absolute favorite in the store! The dress is also fully lined, making it further suitable as Christmas dress for the sweet Christmas time!

The dress is also available in navy blue, turquoise, black and diced.

When it comes to being extra nice and festive, a petticoat is perfect under the swing dress.

Accessories to complete your Christmas outfit 2019.

Once you have found your perfect Christmas dress, you can sweeten your Christmas look in several different ways,
for example with a pair of sexy stockings with nails, beautiful shoes, a cardigan, jewelry or one
winter coat!

Vintage style Shoes to match your Christmas dress.

We have got some absolutely amazingly beautiful shoes in the most delicious colors for this winter season. Classic black heels, three different shades of gold, shiny multicolor à la Harlequin and Columbine, elegant burgundy, white and black lacquer in classic retro style and the absolutely most beautiful ruby ​​red high heels made in the softest suede!

Whether you are going to the Christmas Ball in Nisseland or Glögg fun with the family, we have the perfect Christmas shoes for you!

Vintage style nylon stockings with seams.

Wear your Christmas dress with a pair of sexy, tights or stockings with seams for the bra
(stockings)! Socks and tights with seams really add something extra to your look and we have
them in several colors and sizes - also for our plus-size customers! If you are missing classic
hip holder or a girdle for your stockings, then we can handle it too - look in our Lingerie section at
the shop for more inspiration or look into the store and be guided by our staff!

Vintage style Jackets & Coats.

Finally, you can complete your Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve look with a beautiful waist-cut swing coat in
100% wool. The coat is very comfortable to wear, and gives you the ultimate feminine and elegant
touch that both keeps you warm and makes you look like a million and light up in the cold, dark
Danish winter. We have two models, one of which is available in several colors:

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