Vintage style wedding dresses in Mondo Kaos

Vintage style wedding dresses in Mondo Kaos

In this blog post we talk about:

♥ our selection of vintage wedding dresses inspired by the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s

♥ vintage bridal styling

♥ how the bride-to-be gets the best wedding dress fitting experience in Mondo Kaos

Our selection of vintage-inspired wedding dresses from five different brands:

Daisy Dapper - Romantic vintage style wedding dress with lace in a classic 1950s look

The beautiful wedding dress from Daisy Dapper is a fantastic, hand-sewn dress with a full overlay in romantic floral lace. The dress is a classic, waist-cut swing dress with a strapless sweetheart neckline, which is instead held up by the beautiful lace that covers your décolleté, but still puts a discreet focus on it. The waist is really in focus in this beautiful dress, and if you want extra focus on the waist, you can wear the dress with a petticoat underneath, which gives extra fullness to the skirt!

House of Foxy - Romantic 1940s bride or Late 1950s look a la Brigitte Bardot

We have a total of three vintage wedding dresses from House of Foxy - an adorable 1940s dress with a-line skirt and an elegant late 1950s dress with lace top, available in both pencil and swing skirt model!

House of Foxy has created the adorable 1940s tea dress in a pure white exclusively for Mondo Kaos, and we think it's perfect for the romantic vintage bride! The dress is cut below the bust for a beautiful fall in the period a-line skirt, has fine, classic puff sleeves with edging, and the most beautiful draping over the shoulders and bosom, giving an authentic 1940s wedding look. The second model from House of Foxy is designed with inspiration from the wedding dress worn by Brigitte Bardot in the film 'Come Dance with me' in 1959, which is clearly seen in the bodice's adorable lace overlay that covers the décolleté and shoulders with a very high neckline , and continues into an elegant, full-length sleeve. The dress has a wide waist piece that really puts the shapes in focus, regardless of whether you are into the classic 1950s swing skirt, which you can advantageously wear with a petticoat underneath, for extra volume, or whether you are into simple, body-hugging pencil skirts that was the starting point for the simpler wedding look of the 1960s.

40s vintage style tight pencil dress from House Of Foxy

Vintage style ivory colored pencil dress with lace from House Of Foxy

White 40s vintage inspired bridal gown from House Of Foxy

Vintage 40s inspired dress in a simple cut from House Of Foxy

50s vintage style wedding dress with lace and long sleeves from House Of Foxy

Vintage 50s inspired dress with swing skirt and lace

Pretty Dress Company - 1950s bridal silhouette with modern, 'clean' finish

From Pretty Dress Company, we have selected three different models of ours vintage wedding dresses; a swing dress with "turn-around" effect at the top and swing skirt, Same model but in a tailored pencil cut, and a swing dress with 3/4 sleeves. All three models are very simple and clean in their designs, giving an elegant 1950s look that really attracts attention.

The beautiful swing dress has a classic waist-cut cut and a beautiful "wrap-around" neckline, as well as small sleeves that just cover the top of the arms4 and shoulders.

The pencil dress has the same beautiful upper that focuses on the waist and creates a beautiful hourglass silhouette. The first two dresses are also available in white with either yellow or pink roses that break the classic white look. 

The swing dress with 3/4 sleeves is waist-cut and with an elegant, slightly pleated swing skirt that highlights the waist, while the décolleté and neck are beautifully framed by the pointed sweetheart neckline that helps to put the waist in focus.

We recommend that you wear the swing models with a petticoat underneath, which gives extra volume and thus emphasizes the hourglass figure further.

Vintage 50s style bridal gown with large skirt from Pretty Dress Company

Simple and dressy vintage style swing dress from Pretty Dress Company

White 50s vintage inspired tailored bridal gown from Pretty Dress Company

Shaped pencil dress in a simple vintage inspired cut from Pretty Dress Company

50s vintage style wedding dress with long sleeves from Pretty Dress Company

Swing dress with half long sleeves and pleated skirt from Pretty Dress Company

Stop Staring - classic swing wedding dress or sexy wiggle?

Two of Mondo Kaos' absolute bestseller dresses we naturally also have in a beautiful white colour, both of which suit the vintage bride perfectly!

The body-hugging, sexy "Billion Dollar" wiggle dress is for the bombshell bride who really wants to highlight her shapes! The dress has a wrap twist at the bust that is flattering on all bust sizes, light draping at the waist that hides any lines and a nice little puff sleeve with elastic that suits all arms.

The "Mad Men" swing dress is a very elegant waist-cut dress, where a single swing skirt is fitted with a fitted bodice with beautiful cross-pleats over the bust. The dress has a small, oblique sleeve, which together with the cross-pleats helps to highlight the waist and create the classic hourglass silhouette. To further highlight the waist, wear the dress with a petticoat underneath!

Tight tailored bridal gown in white from Stop Staring

Shaped white bridal gown with drapes from Stop Staring

Feminine white wedding dress with large skirt in 50s style from Stop Staring

White bridal gown with swing bottom from Stop Staring

Unique Vintage - simple 1950s wedding dress with 3/4 sleeves

From Unique Vintage, we have a simple, time-typical swing dress with a deep, draped v-neckline, 3/4 sleeves with an authentic look and a classic, wide waist piece. The dress's cut and draped v-neckline put the bust and waist in focus, creating the classic 1950s hourglass silhouette. The simple cut suits all types of figures and the deep ivory color suits all skin tones!

Vintage inspired bridal styling

Vintage style wedding shoes - classic white or trendy gold?

From Miss L Fire we have a beautiful white peep toe sandal that is the perfect wedding shoe, as it is both beautiful and comfortable and will fit perfectly with your Vintage wedding dress! If you are not into the classic white wedding shoes, we also have a lot of other colored shoes and sandals from Miss L Fire, among others. two beautiful in one of the great colors of the wedding season: gold!

The gold shoes are available as high-heeled sandals or flat sandals! If you are looking for something blue, we also have the peep toe model in a clear blue color that is perfect for breaking the pure, white look! - You can match the blue heels with the blue bolero from Heart of Haute, for a beautiful, daring contrast look!

Vintage 50s style gold bridal shoes from Miss L Fire

Vintage style gold sandal from Miss L Fire

Blue 50s vintage inspired shoes for the bride from Miss L Fire

Vintage style blue suede sandals from Miss L Fire

50s vintage style bridal shoes in white phrase Miss L Fire

Vintage style white sandals from Miss L Fire

Vintage hair and makeup for the bride?

There are many different options when it comes to styling the vintage bride's hair and makeup - in the 1940s 'Hollywood waves' and "victory rolls" were popular, in the 1950s it was the sexy Marilyn Monroe curls that were in, and in the 1960s, the beautiful, tall "beehive" made its entrance and lifted hair fashion to new heights!

The makeup of the three decades first focused on a matte skin, dark lips and eyes with liner and mascara on only the top lash line and lashes in the 1940s. Then the fashion changed to 'the winged eyeliner' (though still without liner and mascara on the lower part!) And mathende red lips and nails, and then to go all in on the eyes in the 1960s, with liner and mascara on both the top and lower lash line - all while the lips were understated and neutral.

You can get a lot more inspiration for your vintage-inspired wedding look in our book on vintage wedding hairstyles!

Trying on vintage wedding dresses in Mondo Kaos - Monday to Thursday

Have you become interested in getting to vintage wedding dress testing i Mondo Kaos, we recommend that you visit us from Monday to Thursday, to get the best experience and service! - We are a small shop with limited space, and on our busiest days – Friday and Saturday – we simply have neither space nor time to give the bride-to-be the attention and service she deserves. To make sure you get the perfect wedding dress fitting day in Mondo Kaos, you can send us an email so we can arrange a specific date for you!

Three quick preparation tips for Vintage wedding dress testing i Mondo Kaos:

♥ Wear lingerie for the occasion: a bra you know fits you and possibly a pair of panties with a high waist that helps to 'smooth' your silhouette

♥ If you already have control of the shoes, take them to the test

♥ Bring your closest friends or one from your family (we lovingly remind you that we are a very small shop with limited space so it can be a lot if you take the whole family with you :-))


We look forward to seeing you, Team Mondo Kaos ❤️

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