Vintage basics for work attire

Back to everyday life - back to basics

We here in Mondo Kaos have enjoyed the summer, and hope that you all had a wonderful summer holiday with lots of relaxation and experiences. 

It can be hard to start up again, especially now that many of us have worked a lot from home over the last year, and thus must adjust to a more normal everyday life.

Maybe you also need to think again about what you wear of clothes. What does your wardrobe look like after the closure? Did you wear vintage style clothes a lot before, or are you perhaps relatively new to the style?

Here are some tips for a good wardrobe for work.

What are the basics of my vintage style?

It is always good with basics in the wardrobe, the type of clothes you can wear for all occasions, and which can easily be combined with your other clothes.

You can easily style your vintage basics and these are the ones you resort to again and again. Basics are always described as neutral, but your b
asics do not necessarily have to be solid color or neutral. If you e.g. not for navy and beige, it's not your basic colors either. 

Instead, take a look at your wardrobe and see what colors go again, and especially what clothes you wear the most.

Is it one shirt, skirt, dress or pants? And why just them?

You can also think about how you most often put your clothes together. Eg. it can be nice with an everyday outfit which consists of a close-fitting part and a more loose-fitting part. It could e.g. be one some of ours shirts which are without stretch, but which of course are waisted, and a pencil skirt or a pair jeans as Carina wears it in the picture to the right. Or it could be a tight-fitting top like a knit or jersey blouse or Estelle shirt together with one swing skirt or a pair of the nice swing pants.

What are my basic colors?

How do you feel best? 

Do you prefer solid color and slightly neutral sets for work and everyday life, or would you also like to (start) using more bold color combinations?

Here you can of course start with your favorite colors, and then match them with a really good color. Like Nanna who here has taken a classic set consisting of Estelle shirt og pencil skirt, and gave it an extra spice by choosing the two beautiful secondary colors purple and green.

choose your basic vintage style shirts

En shirt is not just a shirt. We have a lot of different vintage style shirts, which are really suitable for a fast everyday vintage outfit, and the cut is of course a little different depending on which model you choose. Therefore, there will also be one that is perfect to become just your vintage basic shirt. All our vintage styles shirts are of course feminine and waisted, but in addition there are some that are better for the big or small bosom, and then the taste is of course also different.

Some of our most beloved shirts are the Judy shirt from Bloomsbury, Poppy from The House of Foxy and the Estelle shirt from Heart of Haute. All are available in many colors and patterns. The Estelle shirt is a slightly different basic in that it has an eye-catching tie loop, and the shirt is available in strong colors and patterns. But the soft cotton and the flattering cut make it easy to reach for, and it quickly gives a sparkle to your solid-colored bottoms.

Below you see a couple of new classic basics, namely the sweetheart shirt and lacey blouse which have already become Mondo Kaos favorites.

Basic vintage style skirts

If you want to put good vintage style sets together for work, you can basically have a more figurative part and a looser part. That way you get a beautiful solid vintage look.

Of basic skirts you can, for example, choose one pencil skirt in a color that matches your favorite shirts and blouses. If you are more into tight-fitting blouses and knitwear, you can also choose one of the beautiful ones swing skirts.

Although it does not sound like everyday clothes, ours has miniskirts a really good length so they are actually extremely comfortable, both on the bike and at work.

Vintage style pants

If you belong to the type that just seems like an everyday with pants  is the easiest, but still wants to cultivate the vintage look, you can easily do it with our selection of vintage style pants. The beautiful sailor and swing pants is both super comfortable and really suitable for work and everyday life.

We also have a good selection of vintage styles jeans. The difference between these and the regular jeans in the shops is that these are made from classic vintage designs, so they are both high-waisted and follow the female body, not the fashionable body.

What is a basic vintage dress?

It could also be that you are looking for a basic dress in vintage style, which is simple in cut, easy to wear and not too different. A dress that you can both style in classic vintage style, but also can tone down as needed.

Then we think you should try e.g. beat the dress from Bloomsbury which has a lot of beautiful vintage details, but is also timeless in its expression, and can easily be worn with more modern shoes or cardigans.

En shirt dress e.g. from The House of Foxy or Very Cherry is also a really good basic. The shirt dress feels just like both a shirt and a dress, which makes it a little more informal, and therefore fine for a work situation and in everyday life.

Mondo Kaos extra tips

Once you have mastered the shirts, pants, skirts and dresses, you can look at the colors again. Are they all for the neutral side, or are there many strong colors? If it is the first, ie many neutral colors, they are easy to combine, but do you think there is a lack of party and colors? Then you can e.g. add one cardigan from Emmy Design In a strong color, you can also choose a turban or a beret in a strong color. Or of course shoes and boots!
Conversely, if you always choose the most variegated and colorful clothing you can find, then a solid color neutral cardigan, jacket, footwear and / or headgear help to gather your look, and give it a more stylish look, which may be better suited to your work.
It can also be a great help to take pictures of the outfits you love and save them in an archive on your mobile, if one day you do not think you have any clothes to wear, you can look at the pictures and quickly find the right one clothes. Or take polaroid pictures and hang them up on the wardrobe for inspiration. 

We are always happy to help you further in the store to find exactly the vintage style look that suits you. We know that there is not only one right way, but as many right ways as there are women, so stop by and see our beautiful selection of vintage style clothing.

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