Be our Valentine ❤

Be our Valentine ❤️

How are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day at all, and if you're single, are you a little tired of that day that's only for lovers? We you Mondo Kaos have decided that there are many ways to celebrate love. After all, it can also be pampering yourself. Read along here and hear how the Mondo girls celebrate Valentine's Day.

Red shirt dress with dots

Dress and concert at Carina

Carina is single this year, so this Valentine's day will be in the sign of self - pampering, and what better way to pamper yourself with than a dress you just feel super comfortable in? 

When Carina is not in the shop, she is an opera singer and has just started her own little opera company.

If you do not know how to make your Valentine's day special for each other (or just yourself), then Carina's commandment is here: make yourself beautiful for each other, put on the nice clothes as if you were going to the theater, and then sit down in your sofa and watch Valentine's online streaming concert with Carina's company.
It is 15.30, so you have time to make a wonderful dinner together and eat in the candlelight afterwards. 

Then you can possibly. put music on and dance a quiet waltz on the living room floor to end with manners. Then it can only be a nice day :) 

Tickets for the beautiful Valentine's concert with 'Carina and friends' can be bought here: swipeupera

Valentine's dress inspiration

Beautiful vintage style dress for Valentines
Swing dress in red, perfect for valentines
Hayworth pencil dress in vintage style

Who was Valentin?

The tradition of celebrating love with flowers, gifts and chocolates at Skt. Valentine's Day, started around the mid-1800s in the United States and England. Here you saw for the first time mass-produced cards and heart-shaped chocolate boxes for this special day. 
The custom continued and gained in popularity, and is today a very widespread tradition, especially in the English-speaking countries. Since the 1990s, it has also become a popular Valentine's Day at home. 

There are many opinions about what really underlies this day, but the most widespread theory is that of the priest Valentin who married soldiers around the year 268 even though it was against the orders of Emperor Claudius II. 

He was captured and executed on February 14, 269. It was Pope Gelasius who in 496 consecrated Valentine, thus laying the foundation stone for our 'Valentine's Day'.

Romantic dinner (and cake) at Pernille's 

At Pernille's home, romance is on the menu.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a restaurant visit on Valentine's Day this year, but I am so lucky that my sweet boyfriend is incredibly good at cooking, so we have agreed that we should enjoy baking something delicious together and then go for a beautiful winter walk in Frederiksberg garden on Valentine's Day. 

Of course wearing a nice red dress so it will be a little extra festive! ”

So a real girlfriend Valentine's day for Pernille, who here is wearing the red swing dress from Stop Staring, along with a hair flower and lots of real flowers.

Beautiful shoes for Valentine's

Charlie Stone shoes in red for Valentines
Gold shoes from Nordic ShoePeople
Beautiful red shoes for Valentines

Vacuum cleaner and red wine at Stine

Stine and her boyfriend are also celebrating Valentine's - cleaning up! So they have to clean AND hang up pictures, also you are probably not tested more as a couple than that! (It should just be to collect IKEA furniture) The girlfriend does not look completely happy that the day should be spent like this, but Stine has promised that afterwards she jumps in nice clothes and then they have to come up with something cozy that is not planned, but at least going to involve red wine. 

Free shipping at Mondo Kaos

We in Mondo Kaos also celebrates Valentine's day with free shipping Tuesday 9/2 - Sunday 14/2.

So whether you are alone, together or alone-together as it is called a lot around the world in these pandemic times, you can see if there is something good in the webshop to pamper yourself or be pampered with. 

Use the code 'SELF LOVE' at checkout. 

Happy Valentine's,

Team Mondo Kaos ❤

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