The story of the trench coats

The trench coat - from men's coat to fashion classic

If you had to choose one coat, which would it be? With Mondo Kaos there is no doubt, we would choose the trench coat!

A classic vintage style trench coat is one of the most popular coats, and with good reason. The coat is both water-repellent and windproof, something that is an advantage in Denmark, especially during the transition seasons.

We have just received the classic trench coats home in beautiful colours, and think it was time to write a little about how a coat from the 1850s came into the First World War, and is still a fashion statement today. And how a classic men's garment can belong Mondo Kaos' feminine universe.

What characterizes a classic vintage trench coat?

We all know pretty much what is meant by a trench coat, but what are the characteristics really? 

A trench coat is, as already mentioned, a wind and waterproof Coat, also it is relatively long and ends somewhere from just above the knees to the middle of the tibia. In most cases it is double-row, ie two rows of buttons, it provides extra wind protection at the front where we feel more cold. We also recognize the trench coat by its lapel collar, which can either be left open for a V, or closed and then of course the belt. 

Just the belt provides trench coat the coat its classic shape while making it ideal as well women's outerwear, as the original men's coat can be transformed to fit the female forms in an extremely elegant way.

The classic vintage trench coat

The trench coat actually started as a rain jacket. In the early 1800s, Mackintosh invented clothes in a rubber material, and created the raincoat, which, however, had the disadvantage of getting extremely wet from the inside, as the skin could not breathe. So these jackets came to smell very bad quite quickly. The water-repellent coats were used in the military from their infancy.
The idea was further developed and in 1853 the London master tailor John Emary made it waterproof wool coat under the name Aquascutum. 

In 1879, Thomas Burberry invented the gabardine drug. It was weatherproof and breathable wool twill made from lanolin coating of the individual threads and fibers rather than the whole fabric. Burberry's gabardine outerwear, like the Aquascutums, became especially popular with upper-class sports types and explorers: When Sir Ernest Shackleton went to Antarctica in 1907, he and his crew wore Burberry's gabardine coats.

The trench coat got its name in 1916. By then it had been involved in many years of military service, and it had joined the First World War (1-1914). However, the name trench coat is misleading in that the trench coat was not used in the trenches but by the senior officers. In sympathy with the soldiers, civilians began to carry the coats during the war as a sign of patriotism.

From here, the coat became more and more popular, and when Hollywood started using it, it even got a romantic tinge. Thanks to the shape, which could be easily adjusted to fit the female figure, it did not take long before women also adopted the trench coat.

Hollywood and the trench coat

The trench coat also found its way to the movie and hit big in Hollywood. It gained star status when it was worn by the greatest actors, both men and women, in the big and famous Hollywood movies of the period. Greta Garbo already in 1928 (in A Woman of Affairs), Marlene Dietrich in A Foreign Affair (1948), Katherine Hepburn in Keeper of the Flame (from 1943) and of course the most famous trench coat scene of them all: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Hollywood not only gave the trench coat 'glamor' - it also became a symbol of strong, dangerous women. The fact that it was originally a masculine garment gave the movie stars more than a tinge of seduction and mystery.
 Audrey Hepburn reused the trench coat in Charade, which was also a romantic thriller. 

From there it was not far to trench coats became popular everywhere, from everyday to catwalk.

Beautiful vintage style trench coats in Mondo Kaos

The fine classic trench coat in red, Bordeaux, navy blue og black.

We have just got the beautiful trench coats home in beautiful classic colors. The beautiful trench coats are in the classic style double-breasted, and can be buttoned up completely, for the cooler days, or left open with a beautiful v-cut and lapel collar.

The traditionally masculine details such as the lapel collar, and the double-breasted buttons, here become beautiful contrasts to a feminine hourglass figure.

There are fine seams at the chest and waist which give the coat its feminine character, and with the belt you can adjust and highlight the waist, so you get a beautiful hourglass figure.

Unlike a classic trench coat, this version has hidden pockets on the sides which only makes it even more practical.

In addition, this trench coat is made with extra width, so there is plenty of room to have your favorites swing dresses Under it. Thus, it is also perfect for the bike ride.

As I said, your beautiful swing dresses also fit under our trench coats, and nothing says vintage style like having a glorious, full-bodied petticoat under the beautiful trench coat.

How do I style my vintage style trench coat?

If you want to style your trench coat even more in the vintage style, you can color coordinate e.g. sko, carried,turban or hair flower with the fine trench coat. You can also style your trench coat with e.g. A Beautiful broche which instantly gives it a beautiful vintage look.

Or use the good combination of red and black / red and navy. With e.g. red shoes and lipstick for your dark coat, it brings together the look. 

Come by and try our beautiful trench coats in the store, then we can help you style it just the way it suits you.

Spring greetings,

Team Mondo Kaos

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