Tips for packing your vacation suitcase

Pack vintage for the holidays

It's holiday time, and in this blog post we will therefore share some ideas for what and how to best pack your suitcase, depending on where the holiday is going. We try to get around both the camping holiday and the Riviera, and then there are a few extra tips for the suitcase.

It can be a problem to limit yourself, and still get the right thing, so of course it's really good clothing which can easily be used in several ways, as well as can be used again.

Are you the over-pack type?

If you usually over-pack, that is, push everything you can into the suitcase, and come home, and have only used half, it could be because things do not really fit together. 

Consider packing clothing og sko in the same color scheme so that everything can be replaced and always fit together.

Think about the color you prefer to use, and then choose the things that match. Avoid the one delicious top which does not match anything else in the suitcase. If you just WANT to bring that top with you, consider whether you should pack for it?

Swimsuit or bikini?

If you have one of our delicious Esther Williams swimsuits, then we suggest you take it with you. And if it's about packing light and you're not going on a 3 week beach holiday, then you might just have to settle for one. 

We suggest the swimsuit because it can also be used as a top to and from the beach, or at the beach bar or by the pool, or where you are currently on holiday.

Can I bring vintage clothes with me on the camping holiday?

Of course you can. Our vintage style shorts are absolutely perfect for everyday style, but because they also look like a short dress, they are super versatile and can also be styled with beautiful heels for the city break.

We also suggest our T-shirts in retro style, or patches with stretches for the more informal holiday. We also have flat sandals for everyday use, although we may not exactly recommend them if you are going on a hiking holiday.

Vintage shorts and skirts

No matter where you go, it is good to think in single parts, then you have several options to change the look. As I said, we have the beautiful vintages shorts from The House of Foxy, a bestseller and perfect for the basic wardrobe, but this year we also got shorts home in thin denim from Unique Vintage.

Af skirts we suggest them from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, as they are light and thus neither fill nor weigh much in the luggage. If you are going somewhere with fluctuating temperatures, it is also easy to have a pair tights in the bag for if it gets a little cooler.

What about vintage style dresses?

There you can again think about which ones take up the least space. The Seamstress of Bloomsbury make their clothes in a light and delicious crepe de chine. It also means that if it curls a bit on the trip, you can moisten it and hang it up so it straightens out quickly again.

The very obvious one here is ours beat dress. It is stylish and light, and can also be taken over the swimsuit in a snap. It also covers the shoulders, so if you walk around in the sun in the middle of the day, you avoid burnt shoulders.


Of beautiful vintage styles patches it is obvious to mention the t-shirt, but the cute striped tops from Unique Vintage are also a good choice.

If you are going to a warm place, you may not need a jacket, but you can consider the light merino wool cardigan from Emmy Design, Delightful Daytime, for the journey and for perhaps a cool room with air conditioning. Summer cold on vacation, no thanks!

How do I pack best?

Have you also heard of Marie Kondo? We do not have to clean out our home right now, but she is pretty good at packing, she rolls her clothes! It is super smart when packing, as it gives less curl, takes up less space and is much easier to see. The one thing you need is just-suddenly NOT in the bottom of the suitcase anymore.

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What more do I need to pack?

Packing means packing easily. We can all pack 3 heavy suitcases, but it is not so appropriate for a week's holiday. We have all experienced being away and finding out that there is a favorite item of clothing that is just the only thing you want to go in.

The indispensable - Byoms deodorant

If it's just a matter of a little smell, we suggest Byoms deodorant which we also sell in the store, it extends the life of your clothes considerably - without washing.

Bring a little bit of detergent so you can easily rinse some clothes up by hand as well.

Shoes and sandals

All ours sko and sandals are made with super comfortable soles so they are also good for holidays as you can walk in them all day. Read more under each one sko, and then 2 pairs is probably a good idea. No matter how happy you are with your shoes, your feet need a little variety. And even though you have worn your shoes a long time ago, there is something about the heat that makes shoes hurt again. So here we recommend Stine's deodorant type from the blog post 'Stine's summer tips', also for the feet. So remember the deodorant pen! 

We also think that the pair of Compeed in the bag is very good, they certainly do not weigh anything, and blisters, like summer colds, are not a souvenir we want to take home from our holiday.

Do you have good holiday tips? So do not hesitate to mention them in the comments below for the benefit of us all.

Holiday greetings,

Mondo Kaos

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