Mondo Kaos' Guide to skirts

Mondo Kaos' Guide to skirts

Skirts in Mondo Kaos 

I Mondo Kaos we have a wealth of different skirts. We care a lot that there are skirts for everyone's needs or style.  

Our skirts has a retro look but can easily be styled timeless and super feminine so that they can be used for any occasion. 

Whether you are going on a date, to a party, to a job interview, or just want to look great for everyday at work, we have just the skirt that suits you. 

We have therefore made a small skirts guide for you, so you can find the perfect skirt with us in Mondo Kaos.


Pencil skirt in black

Pencil skirts or the tighter tailored skirt is good for you who want a slightly more body-hugging and super classic silhouette. 

The classic pencil skirt is a must-have, and you really get a beautiful and versatile skirt, which due to its simple look can be styled with patterns and strong colors as well as simple neutral shades for an elegant everyday look.

We have in Mondo Kaos currently three different editions of pencil skirts.

The House of Foxy: The Perfect Pencil 

Available in sizes xs- 2xl and in several different colors 

 Daily skirt from The House of Foxy is beautiful and high waist, and the waist is defined by a waistband. 

It closes with a beautiful mother-of-pearl button and zipper at the back.  

There are discreet seams at the top which are designed just so that the skirt can slip around your shapes, and then the skirt has a slight stretch, so it both sits up to the body, and at the same time it is super comfortable to move in. 

Skirts is also lined and has a fold at the back instead of a slit, in true vintage style, for greater freedom of movement. 

As you can see, the skirt is a little longer in style, about 78,5 cm, so depending on the desired look, this pencil skirt is better for those with longer legs. 

As this skirt is super simple, you can advantageously wear it with a pattern shirt or blouse eg the long-sleeved one 'Midnight Garden' from House of Foxy or with a tie-tied shirt. For a simple look, you can of course also go for the body-hugging, and choose one sweatshirt or roll collar.

classic vintage style skirt

House Of Foxy: Waterfall skirt 

Available in several different colors from xs-3xl 

sarong skirt in red

This skirt from The House Of Foxy is a good alternative for plussize women or if you want to hide the belly and highlight the waist and buttocks.  

The skirt is a 1940s inspired sarong skirt with "waterfall" draping - and is a nice and festive alternative to the simple pencil skirt. 

Skirts is made of a viscose / rayon material which gives a super drop and feels so vintage :-) 

The model has a natural draping over the belly which flatters and makes you not feel that the belly is too much in focus. 

As the skirt is eye-catching, the top can advantageously be without too many fabric details such as ruffles or bows. A beautiful shirt or strict top will be a good choice. 
The skirt measures 73,5 cm, and with this length fits well with most people.

This skirt from The House Of Foxy is great for dancing and we think it is ideal for ladies who usually avoid tight pencil skirts but still want a slim look.

Daisy Dapper: Foxie Pencil Skirt  

Available from xs-2xl 

This classic pencil skirt from Daisy Dapper is a shorter alternative to Perfect Pencil - and that means that it is also super good for people who are not so tall. 

That's a real treat pencil skirt. An inner waistband makes this skirt fit perfectly at the waist, and at the same time gives it a clean and simple look. 

It is of course sewn with incisions so that it shapes itself to the feminine figure, and can be styled to create a real hourglass shape. 

This skirt also has a slit at the back and the material has stretch, so you can move comfortably in it.

As with the House of Foxy skirt, this type of skirt can be beautiful with one shirt where something happens; a tie loop or pattern. And of course one sees turtleneck blouse also looks good here.

A-line skirts

aline skirt in teal from The House Of Foxy

En A-line skirt is a style that sits at the waist, sneaks up and has a slight fall down over the hips. 

An A-line is a good alternative to both pencil and swing skirts. It is a good basic for everyday life as it is easy to move in and at the same time is simple.

It is timeless and can be styled with most tops. It works well as it hides the belly, highlights the waist and does not give a big "strut" like a swing skirt. 

 I Mondo Kaos we have a few different A-line skirts.

House Of Foxy: Whirlaway Skirt

Available in several colors and from size xs- 4xl

This skirt fits all body types! 

The wonderful classic 'Whirlaway' skirts from The House Of Foxy is a really best seller, with good reason. The model is directly inspired by the fashion of the 40s. 

It sits at the waist with a fixed waistband, and falls nicely down over the hips with lots of fullness in the right and flattering way.   

Skirts closes with 4 beautiful buttons on the side, which gives it an extra eye-catching look, and the skirt has a sewn-on pocket on the front, another cute vintage detail. 

The fabric is soft and comfortable and with a bit of spandex for an even better fit, and it measures about 66cm.

Whirlaway skirts is really nice with one shirt blouse or a card cardigan

Turquoise aline skirt with buttons in retro style

Green fashion: A-line 60s mini skirt  

Available in several colors and from xs- 2xl

mini 60s skirt for Grünten Mode

This model from Green fashion is really good for people who are not that tall or if you have a longer upper body than legs. 

Skirts is a lot shorter than the other models, but you can go one size up in this if you want it a little longer - then it just sits a little lower in the waist, and thus goes further down the thigh. 

The skirt is simple and easily constructed, which gives it a super fit for all body types, and its length of 50 cm. is perfect for showing legs in a few delicious sko or winter boots!  

You can add a more classic look to this mini skirt by styling it with a classic vintage style shirt like the ones from House of Foxy or Bloomsbury, or you can go for the slightly 60s-like cool look with a turtleneck or Estelle pussy bow shirt.

And do not forget that when you now show legs, you can choose between the beautiful socks from Swedish Stockings, such as fishnet stockings or faux over-knee.

We have this skirt from Green fashion in a smooth gabardine in 100% cotton and in a stronger velor - both in several different colors.

Daisy Dapper: Flora Skirt

Available in two colors and from s-2xl 

An incredibly beautiful and flattering skirt from Daisy Dapper which has the most beautiful details.

At the front and at the back, the waistband consists of large zigzags, which create two triangles down. This is very flattering around the belly while giving a nice cut.  

Flora is really nice with a shirt blouse or a short knit. 

The skirt is cut in strips which gives the beautiful A-shape, and makes the skirt fall beautifully over the hips and thighs. 

flora retro aline skirt from Daisy Dapper

Swing skirts

Swing skirt is a MUST HAVE Mondo Kaos. 

With such a skirt, you can get the perfect retro / vintage look. 

The waist is marked and the skirt struts at the hips. 

An absolutely fantastic look, especially when dancing or spinning around. And then you can always choose to take a petticoat underneath if you can not get enough vintage style.    

 I Mondo Kaos we have a few different beautiful swing skirts in different colors.

Steady Swing skirt 

 Available in several different colors and from size s- 4xl (Note this is small in size)  

swing skirts from Steady Clothing

En swing skirt is a basic and a must have in any vintage lover's wardrobe. 

The skirt from Steady Clothing is high-waisted, with a waistband that beautifully frames the classic hourglass figure, and focuses on the female silhouette. 

The cut highlights the waist and the material is heavy and falls nicely down the hips and thighs.   

We have this skirt from Steady Clothing in different colors from classic black to red, green and other colors.

The swing skirt can be styled with almost anything, and if you want a slightly more everyday or rockabilly look, you can style with one of our beautiful retro style t-shirts. Do you carry T-shirt for your swing skirt, it's also nice with low ballerinas to.

You can of course also style it up, with nice heels from Miss L Fire and a festive top.

Daisy Dapper: Havana Skirt   

Available in two colors and from s-2xl  

Havana skirt from Daisy Dapper is a flattering skirt that wraps around your waist thanks to the wide pleats that are sewn together under the belly. Then they unfold and give a nice fall and lots of width.   

It is an elegant skirt that sits beautifully and falls charmingly around the hips and thighs.  

The skirt is beautiful with classic heels like those from Miss L Fire, and the beautiful Elsie bolero is made for this skirt.

A-line skirt from Daisy Dapper will be a perfect basic for your vintage fall and winter wardrobe.  

skirt in wine red from Daisy Dapper

We hope you can use our little skirts guide to find the perfect skirt. 

 Remember that you are of course always welcome to send us an email with questions, so you can find the perfect skirt.  

 Kind regards, Stine and the rest of the Team Mondo Kaos  

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