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Women's International Match Day 2020❤️

 Today, Sunday 8 March, we celebrate International Women's Day. We have chosen to focus on this by having the employees in Mondo Kaos describe which women they are inspired by and why.

DEBBIE HARRY - activist in mini skirt.

One of our store manager Stine's role models is singer, songwriter and actress Debbie Harry. Debbie Harry is best known for being the lead singer of the new wave band Blondie but has also had success as a solo artist. As an actress, she has appeared in more than thirty film roles and many TV appearances.

Stine chooses Debbie Harry from Blondie; ”As I think she has an iconic style and is not afraid to mix styles and make them her own. In addition, she is also a huge role model in women in rock and not least the music industry to go her own way and not give a "fuck" what others think. "

Her influence applies not only to music and entertainment, but also art, activism and of course fashion. Although Debbie Harry's style has been self-created, she has been very inspired by vintage glamor. Even she always quotes Marilyn Monroe for her signature-dyed hair. With leather jackets, mini skirts and punk thigh-high boots, Debbie Harris twisted the boundaries of women's fashion in the 70s and 80s. Her ugly hair and smokey-eye make-up-inspired and continues to inspire today. Her look, like Debbie herself, is bold, has edge and is sexy.

Channeling Debbie Harris:

Stine suggests an outfit consisting of: Red Pencil skirt, black ruffle top from Unique Vintage, fishnet stockings, and red scarf and red Amber shoes from Miss L Fire.

We always carry the classic pencil skirt in several colors, and beautiful vintage inspired socks from What Katie Did. We always have retro clothes to create a classic look in the spirit of Debbie. Smokey eyes, and punk you have to stand for yourself.

AMELIA EARHART - aviator super heroine.

Line is inspired by Amelia Earhart, the female pilot who became world famous in 1928 by being the first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic.

Earhart was a member of the National Women's Party and a strong advocate for women's rights. 20s and 30s style and woman icon.

Earhart's achievements in aviation inspired a generation of female pilots, including the more than 1.000 indispensable female pilots of Women Airforce Service Pilots, the so-called WASPs, who served as transport pilots during World War II. In an attempt to fly around the earth as the first female pilot ever, she disappeared with her navigator in 2 across the Pacific Ocean. Before that, she had gained great fame by breaking many records and writing bestsellers about her feats.

Her style was inextricably linked to her image, and she is most often depicted in an aviator costume, but even outside, her sponsorship agreements were also crucial for Earhart to be seen mostly in trousers and aviator jackets, or shirts.

Earhart was actively involved in women's fashion and had his own brand 'active living' which was a series of women's sports and casual wear. Her concept was to create separates, ie individual parts, which made it easier to move and to adapt the clothes to the individual figure. It consisted of simple, natural lines and was made of washable materials.

With Mondo Kaos we always carry a selection of retro jeans and as well as the classic swing and sailor pants.

Freddies of Pinewood makes jeans and trouser suits according to original vintage patterns. And Lady K Loves makes retro jeans with high waists and smsalle legs.

In a tribute to Amelia Earhart, Line has chosen a couple here swing pants in beige from The House of Foxy, and a Americana jacket in aviator style from the same brand.

The style is elegant, feminine and simple!

FRIDA KAHLO- The woman on the canvas.

Ditte is inspired by Frida Kahlo:

“As a stilicon, I love her colorful look! But not least, I admire Frida Kahlo for her strength and courage to go against the beauty ideals of the West. I admire her willpower and courage to get through the great adversity she experienced in her life, such as polio as a child, the bus accident that made her disabled, involuntary abortions. Also, she was famous and infamous for not being afraid to touch on (for that time) difficult topics such as homosexuality, politics, disability, etc. ”

As an 18-year-old, Frida Kahlo was hit by an accident that left her disabled. After which she decided to immerse herself more in the art of painting. Although Kahlo based her paintings on events from her own life, she used them not only to express concrete experiences but to raise questions about the whole of Mexican society, in terms of gender, race and social class.
She put the woman on the canvas and exhibited female experiences and disorders such as abortion, childbirth and breastfeeding, topics often ignored by society and considered taboo.

She was also influenced by the indigenous Mexican culture, something that is repeated in her attire.

I Mondo Kaos we have a lot of colorful hair flowers, bracelet og earrings you can use to style yourself Frida-like:

MICHELLE OBAMA - first African-American first lady.

One of Cecilie's role models is Michelle Obama. The choice falls on Obama due to her campaign focusing on education and employment opportunities for young people as well as veterans.

In 2009, Michelle Obama became America's first African-American first lady. Educated as a lawyer by Prince and Harward law shools, Michelle Obama was a role model for women around the world, and she was and still is especially an advocate for poverty awareness, education and nutrition.

She supported American designers and was considered a fashion icon, in fact so much so that many felt that the press forgot to focus on her important work as an ambassador for the causes she fought for.
She published her memoirs in 2018, and still works for a healthier America. Many had hoped to see her as a candidate by 2020, but reportedly politics is not for her.

Michelle Obama has become a fashion icon and a trendsetter. She has been featured several times in Vogue and has been mentioned in several 'Best Dressed' lists.

Her signature color is purple, which is why Cecilie has chosen a purple pencil dress from Zoe Vine as an expression of Michelle Obama's style. The dress is tailored and a matching wide belt is included to mark the waist. Cecilie has styled the dress with white shoes from Lola Ramona as well as a scarf around his neck.

Nice and feminine!

MARLENE DIETRICH- suit and femme fatale.

One of Kirstine's role models is Marlene Dietrich, whom she admires for pushing boundaries between the sexes by dressing in jackets and trousers at a time when women were not allowed to do so.

Marlene Dietrich got her big break with the movie 'Der Blaue Engel' in 1930, with the role of the prostitute Lola. Although she enjoyed great success in Germany, she distanced herself from Hitler and the Nazi regime and moved in 1930 to the United States where she became a citizen a few years later.

In Hollywood, Marlene Dietrich had great success as Femme Fatale, despite, otherwise perhaps precisely because she openly broke with the then sexual norms. She was known and infamous for her androgynous roles and standing by her bisexuality, and perhaps more than any other Hollywood actress, she made pants and suits her image.

In addition, Marlene Dietrich became known for her humanitarian efforts during the war, and she also financially supported those who fled the Nazis. She appeared several times for the Allied forces, and did what she could to improve morale on the front lines during the war.

In addition, Marlene Dietrich became known for her humanitarian efforts during the war, and she also financially supported those who fled the Nazis. She appeared several times for the Allied forces, and did what she could to improve morale on the front lines during the war.

Kirstine suggests dressing in classic black pants with wide legs from The House of Foxy and cream poppy shirt from The Seamstress Of Bloomsbury, when it comes to finding your inner Marlene.


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  • Michelle

    It is in!!! You beautiful women at Mondo Kaos. And if I have to point one out a little more - it's ❤️ Stine ❤️
    I always come in with an idea, but go from there with someone who is 100 times better - thanks to her !!

    So thank you for you - thank you for delicious service and thank you for the coolest style!
    #troedeshapewearvarvejenfrem #menstinegavmigselvtillidistedet!

  • Janni

    WONDER WOMAN - and she is perfectly tattooed on my upper arm 😍💪🏼

  • Eefje de Laat

    I do not really have a role model. I live my life the way I want to. I raise my kids the way I want to. I do not look at others to be who I am and to act as they do. I am my own person. I love every one around me and admire them as they are. I can get ideas from looking at someone I see or meet and from my friends and translate that into my own thing. But if I had to choose a rolemodel than there are a few. My mom, my grandmothers and my aunts ❤️

  • Anna Holm

    Bettie page is my female role model. Both her style and her personality speak straight to me. She was a pioneer in burlesque and fetish fashion. It's been quite easy 100 years ago!

  • Elizabeth

    I love some of the strong women I see in movies and series, but from the real world it is one like Elisabeth the first 🤩