Summer fashion from 1900-1970

From 1900 to 1970 - Summer looks through the decades

Then it's the Danish summer. It is the time of the bright nights with light dresses and with only a cardigan over in the evening.

This year we have received a lot of beautiful summer outfits, and we span the time from the 1910s to the 1970s, and all the beautiful designs and silhouettes that it may entail.

Today we go up through the time from 1910 based on the latest summer dresses and summer outfits that you will find in the store right now.

Gibson girls and 1900s

From Emmy Design is the Immortal Maxi skirt we stick to. Together with the new Gibson girl blouse, or Edwardian blouse, it is a fantastic set that reminds us of Skagen's painters, and at the same time feels modern.

The silhouette in the 1910s was still marked by corsets that forced the body into an S-shape, but in the artist circle on Skagen, you see the slightly looser romantic summer look. 

There was still focus on a very slim waist, but the shirt and skirt are more airy with greater freedom of movement. And the light bright muslin and linen look we recognize in Emmy's delicate designs.

The Edwardian fashion also became very popular in the 1970s, a revival which means that you can actually also use both a skirt and a blouse for a cool 70s look. 

The Silhouette of the 1930s - Glamor and Beach Pajamas

In the twenties we have the famous garconne silhouette, the dresses have super low waist and go straight up and down. But after the stock market crash of 1929, the dresses must once again be feminine, preferably with a tinge of Hollywood glamor. In the 1930s, the dresses are sleek and draped in style, and now they conform to the female figure preferably without the cross. 

It is also in the 1930s that Palazzo trousers sneak into fashion not just for the elite, but for all women who dare to be part of the still a bit "strange" fashion. And it is also especially in summer fashion that we see the beautiful trousers which are perfect for beach and sun.

Inspired by the 1930s, we also see beautiful things from Emmy Design. The shirt dress Splendid shirt dress, for example, with the draped tulip sleeves. Of the beautiful high-waisted trousers with a lot of width in the legs, we have both Riviera Pants from House of Foxy, and the beautiful new Emmy trousers Playful Palazzo. 

And then Emmy Design stands for the candy-striped Palazzo pants and the jazzed-up skirt. Both stripes and the length of the skirt belong perfectly in the summer fashion of the 1930s.

For a beautiful 1930s look, you can for example wear them with the beautiful peasant tops from The House of Foxy.

1940s: Shoulders and A-line cuts

The summer dresses in 40s are characterized by having a focus on shoulders and being in A-line cuts. The dresses are also versatile; the classic shirt dresses and wrap dresses can be used for many things, which was important during the war years' rationing. 

Our bestselling Ava dress can be worn all year round, but is absolutely wonderful for summer use. Like The Seamstress of Bloomsbury's sloppy dress there is perfect for summer and beach. Or what about the beautiful Kathy in green with dots and the little bow at the neck.
The shirt dresses from Very Cherry are the perfect 1940s summer dresses in bright and light colors and patterns.

The 1940s are also the beautiful House of Foxy shorts, which are perfect with a short-sleeved shirt.

On cool summer evenings, the beautiful 1940s style cardigans from Emmy Design also fit. The slim sleeves and pouf at the shoulders help to highlight the typical 40s silhouette. 

The ultimate summer dress? 1950s swing dresses

Nothing says summer dress like a 1950s inspired swing dress, preferably in a fresh clear color or in a beautiful print.

The swing silhouette and Dior's New Look do not need much introduction to our loyal customers and readers; it's the 1950s focus on the hourglass shape with a large T. This means a narrow waist, preferably underlined by a belt, and a large skirt, often with a petticoat underneath. One had the urge to be extravagant with the fabric after many years of rationing, and the female silhouette should be in focus.

The swing dress is perhaps the ultimate summer dress, as it is super comfortable with a large airy skirt in the summer heat.

For summer parties or receptions, you can also choose a sleeveless pencil dress that also belongs in the 1950s.

This year we have received the beautiful pencil summer dresses from Zoe Vine in beautiful colors.

We have swing summer dresses from many brands, but see for example the beautiful swing dresses from Retrospec'd with their authentic and unique novelty patterns in true 50s style. And of course we also have the bestselling dresses from Eva Rose with beautiful summer patterns.

But summer outfits in the 1950s are not just dresses, there are also capri pants and tie shirts. And therefore we also have it for you. From Heart of Haute there are two beautiful cropped tie shirts and from Smak Parlor we have capri pants on the way to you.

Thigh short 1960s Minis and 1970s Maxis

The start of the 60s is very similar to the 50s with pencil and swing dresses. First from the middle of 60s something really new is happening. The mini skirt or 'the thigh short' becomes synonymous with youth and Swinging London and it is Mary Quant who is behind the mini skirt and the thigh shorts as a design phenomenon.

Of course, we have mini skirts in our range. The mini skirt can be worn all year round, but our summer minis are bright in the fabric with heart details, and a beautiful mini dress with daisies is perfect for your 60s summer look. We have mini skirts from Smak Palour and from Heart of Haute, and there is the fine mini dress -Follow your Heart from Unique Vintage.

Wear them with the 60s inspired Estelle shirt with pussy bow. We also have the Denise top from Heart of Haute with short sleeves and the typical high-necked 60s collar.

There are also the perfect summer rompers, ie trouser suits with short legs, perfect for hot summer days in 60s style. See them under pantsuits.

It is also in the 1960s that hippie culture belongs and culminates in the years 1967 -1969 with first Summer of Love in 67 and then Woodstock in 69. The style is T-shirts and pants with sway. See our Electric West T shirts and pants to emulate the style.

When we reach the 1970s, there are a multitude of styles fighting for attention. Sway pants are still big in the fashion scene, but the mini is completely out. Now it's midi and especially MAXI dresses and skirts. As described in the beginning, one flirts with nostalgia and the Edwardian period, and ruffles and lace are back in vogue. There is also the trouser suit! The trouser suit with a sway in the legs and preferably with a halter neck.

Then it is fortunate that we have all that for you!

The most beautiful maxi summer dresses from Very Cherry as well as trouser suits in both short and long from Trashy Diva, Smak Parlor and Rebel Love.

Mix the styles for your own unique vintage summer look

You can of course choose to stick to one specific style and wear the beautiful 1940s style summer dresses with a summer cardigan from Emmy in the cropped 40s style. Or wear the beautiful Gibson girl shirt for the Immortal maxi skirt. But there is nothing in the way of blending into your very own personal style. 

All separates can be styled with each other, regardless of whether you choose the candy-striped midi skirt and 60s blouses from Heart of Haute or the trumpet trousers for eg Edwardian blouse. As I said, the Edwardian style came back in the 70s, so mix the two. For example, wear the skirt with one of our Electric West T-shirts, or the shirts with the pants with 70s sway!
Come down and try on the new summer clothes and get inspired to find your very own summer look.

Summer greetings,

Team Mondo Kaos ❤

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