Summer dresses in Mondo Kaos 2022

Summer time is dress time

Then it's summer and our summer dresses are in store! There are plenty of gorgeous vintage styles and retro summer dresses to choose from, and there is something for everyone; ranging from the pure 1950s swing look over to the more timeless A-line dresses.

What type of summer dress are you?

Are you going to have new summer dresses this year and are you a little in doubt about what you should choose? Then it might be worth taking a look at the things you have. Ask yourself a few questions such as; Which dresses do you just want to go in every single day when the temperatures say SUMMER? Which are more taken up for special occasions? Do you need something special this year that requires a special type of dress? It can be a party or a specific type of holiday.

Maybe you know that there should only be small sleeves on, also of course you should look for a summer dress with short sleeves, rather than with straps.

It could also be that you are only into swing dresses in the summer, or that you love summer dresses in A-cut or maybe shirt dresses?

You can also look at whether you have a particular color that you always return to? Or whether it should be a patterned / multicolored summer dress.
These questions will help ensure that you will be extra happy and satisfied with your choice of new summer dress.

Swing dresses in many different summer looks

I Mondo Kaos we love the swing dress, and it is always particularly well-suited for summer, where it provides plenty of air under the skirts on a hot day. But there are many ways to go with a swing dress. If you want a more subdued swing dress outfit. You can choose one of our plain or dotted 1950s swing dresses which have the nice V-neckline. The dress is made of cotton with a little bit of stretch, and is one of our most popular summer dresses. Wear a plain cardigan on evenings or cooler days.

Summer dresses with dots

Dotted summer dresses are a permanent fixture at Mondo Kaos in the summer months. Nothing says vintage style summer dress like our polka dot dresses. We have polka dot dresses in red, blue, black and green and in many different cuts, from the beautiful dresses from The Seamstress of Bloomsbury to the new shirt dress Evita in a fine A-shape, and then of course there are also swing dresses with dots.

Both dots and checkered summer dresses are an easy boat to wear patterns on. It's more vivid than plain, but not too variegated, where one might be the type who feels that the pattern carries one, rather than the other way around. We also have many beautiful vintage style summer dresses in gingham checkered on the way. You can keep an eye on them in the newsletter and on our facebook and Instagram.

Colors and novelty print for summer

Summer is also the time when we wear strong colors and fine patterns. It is especially easy to wear variegated dresses and strong patterns when one does not have to match it to a lot of autumn and vintage layers. A pair of matching sandals and possibly a neutral cardigan and you have your summer look ready! A true 1950s style favorite is the novelty print, which we have written more about in this blog post. This year, of course, we also have wonderful novelty prints. What about the fine Capri edge print in shades of blue? There are also small Victorian violet bouquets in watercolor style, or maybe the beautiful orange print? Then there is also the Summer Jamboree on the Lucy dress which is in a beautiful A-line cut, so you can get novelty prints on your summer dress even if you are not into swing dresses.

Summer dresses with floral prints

Summer prints are floral prints, and therefore we also have many beautiful summer dresses with a sea of ​​different floral prints, so there is something for everyone. Of swing dresses with floral prints, you can, for example, see the fine Elizabeth dress with violet bouquets, in beautiful watercolor strokes, which also have the novelty look. There's the super beautiful Lucy with lilies of the valley, or the Hilda dress from Heart of Haute with Marguerite print (the dresses from Heart of Haute are right on the stairs ...). There is also the multicolored 1950s swing dress which is full of summer and high spirits, and of course we always have dress bestsellers with flowers from House of Foxy, Bloomsbury and Very Cherry.

Roses, roses, roses…

No floral print says high summer like roses. If you are into rose print, then look at the two swing dresses from Pretty Dress Company, or the beautiful white 1950s dress with large blue roses. Also there is the dress from Heart of Haute which has the beautiful white roses (coming soon). And from Retrospec'd there is a black A-line dress with pink roses.

So plenty of rose prints for rose lovers. Roses are also a perfect print for garden parties or if you are invited to a wedding.

Cocktail dress summer style?

This year we also got the fantastic bestselling dress Hourglass from The Pretty Dress Company in the pencil edition in a summer version. Like its swing 'sister', this one comes in two beautiful rose versions, in black and white respectively with large beautiful flowers and leaves. This one is perfect for the slightly more formal summer events, maybe a reception or summer wedding?

How do I style my vintage style summer dress?

Are you into pure retro chic, or do you just want ideas to style your dress in different ways?

You can always change the look of your summer dress with accessories. Remember the small scarf, eg around the neck or in the hair, or around the handle of your bag. We also always have summer jackets og cardigans which you can wear over your summer dress in the whimsical Danish summer. You can also look at Sweet Sweater from Heart of Haute, which is a beautiful, light tie blouse. Tie it in front as a light bolero, or buy it 2 sizes larger and use it as a tie blouse. If your dress does not come with a belt, you can also use your favorite belts to give your dress a different look, and give extra focus to the waist.

For the fine floral dresses, hair flowers are a beautiful summer accessory, but a floral headband can be just as fine. Maybe you even have jewelry that either matches in color or theme. Maybe daisy jewelry for your Jenny or Hilda daisy dress?

We look forward to helping you find your new favorite summer dresses, so stop by the store.

Good summer,

Team Mondo Kaos

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