Shopping trip with our Giveaway Winners ❤️

Shopping trip with our Giveaway Winners ❤️

At Mondo Kaos, we greatly appreciate our customers. That's why we often make Giveaways, where you can win a lot of different wonderful things and cases from Mondo Kaos. This time we had joined forces with two other local companies namely 'Herbal Salvation' which sells delicious skin care, and 'Heaps Good' Café.

The giveaway took place on Instagram and the prize this time was two gift cards of DKK 1000 each for Mondo Kaos, two gift cards of DKK 500 each for Herbal salvation and coffee & cake at 'Heaps Good' Café. To participate, you had to write who you wanted to share this prize with, and the two lucky winners were the friends Laura & Astrid.

We were so lucky to be allowed to follow them for a whole day where they went out to redeem the various gift cards - and it was super nice.

First stop: Favorite store Mondo Kaos.

Laura and Astrid had started the day with a wonderful breakfast, to stabilize their blood sugar, before a wild shopping day and then it was flux to both their favorite dress shop Mondo Kaos. They were well greeted by Line and Cecilie, who stood ready to help them with whatever they needed. 

And twenty-hello where it went. The rehearsal room was busy and the mood was high, even though Astrid had a little bit of a hangover. But there is nothing that cures hangovers and gets the mood going, like a shopping trip in Mondo Kaos. Countless dresses, shorts and tops were tried on. After a few hours in the store, they were both ready to leave the store with filled bags, which included beautiful shorts and summer dresses from House of foxy and a lot of other beautiful things from the hangers in Mondo Kaos.

With filled bags, the trip then went on to Herbal Salvation.

'Herbal Salvation' - Do We Not Know Each Other?

'Herbal Salvation' produces organic body care and ointments from hand-picked wild Danish herbs. All products are handmade from start to finish and only hand-picked, wild herbs from the Danish nature are used, as well as organic and fair trade ingredients. Ria, who owns the company, is a regular customer of Mondo Kaos and it was therefore with great pleasure that she wanted to be part of our give-away. 

When we arrive at the store, Ria is not at work, but it is in turn her sweet colleague Stephanie, who is a jeweler and co-owner of their store 'Gold and Herb'.

This is the first time Astrid and Laura are in the store and they know nothing about 'Herbal Salvation', but from the moment they enter the store, they are greeted by the most wonderful scent and it does not take very long before they are curious at all the fine products. Stephanie is incredibly good at explaining the workings of the different products, so Both Laura and Astrid are confident with the products they choose from Herbal Salvation. Along the way, Laura and Stephanie find out that they actually went to the same after-school center many years ago and the nostalgia spills over. Laura and Astrid leave Herbal Salvation with a lot of delicious products: including a wonderful face cream, avocado butter and some wonderful oils.

If you are curious about what 'Herbal Salvation' is for, you can see more on their website here:

Heaps Good Cafe - Without food and drink the hero will not do.

After many hours of shopping and good experiences, it was about time to end a perfect day with some delicious food and drink. The trip went to Heaps Good Cafe on Femmarksgade. Heaps Good Cafe is owned by Australian Anika Wilson, who has created a small wonderful oasis with the most wonderful coffee, wonderful meals and fantastic cakes. Everything is made by hand and all dishes have a little twist of Australia, in its very own unique way.

The cafe is adorned with crusades, fun vintage objects and a lot of other personal items. Even though the cafe is small, it never gets boring to visit, because you always find something new to look at. Laura and Astrid first got the most delicious summer lemonade, as well as a lunch that was big enough to get full of, and which Astrid described as the perfect weapon against hangovers. Finally a cup of coffee and delicious cake. Both Astrid and Laura, both agreed that this is definitely not the last time they visit 'Heaps Good Cafe' to have a delicious lunch, like nowhere else in Copenhagen.

If you are curious about what Heaps has on the menu, take a look here:

After a long and lovely day, the two girlfriends turned their noses home. Now it had to be on coziness and movies, as well as not least all the fine new clothes and delicious creams that had to be tried again.

Many thanks to Laura and Astrid for letting us follow them on their trip through Nørrebro and the lovely little shops and cafes.

What a wonderful day ❤️.

Loving greetings,
Stine, Mondo Kaos ♥

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