Retro Summer Fashion Show at The Mudhoney

Retro Summer Fashion Show at The Mudhoney

Wednesday 15 May invited Mondo Kaos to the retro fashion show at the Mudhoney, where we presented a selection of our summer collection on five beautiful models, to 30 excited – and very well dressed – guests!

Preparations for the show started in the days leading up to when Stine and Kirstine had the five models inside for fitting the total of 15 outfits that Boss Lady Ditte had selected and put together.

at 18 the models arrived at the store and after a small drink they were ready to get in the first outfit!

The models for our Retro Fashion Show are ready in beautiful summer dresses

All five models looked amazing, fully styled with 50er makeup and hair, and Ditte's friend Trine came in and helped and made sure the five models looked perfect throughout the show. With the first outfit on, a little rehearsal catwalk in the store and check on winged eyeliner, red lipstick and pinup curls, our five models were ready to head over to the Mudhoney and start the show!

At the same time, over The Mudhoney Kirstine began to greet the guests with a small goodie bag, a raffle ticket and a specially created Mondo Ladies drink! All the guests were dressed for the occasion from head to toe, which created an absolutely fantastic atmosphere and setting for the show - we actually had to greet you from the Mudhoney and say that they were blown away by having so many beautiful, well-dressed women in the house simultaneously!

At the Mudhoney, Kirstine greeted the guests with a small goodie bag, a ticket in the raffle and a ticket for a drink.

Nice drinks from The mudhoney

All guests were given a "Mondo Lady" drink - specially created for the occasion by The Mudhoney's bartenders.

1950s style trend coat from Collectif

The models heading over to The Mudhoney dressed in similar trend coats as well as ours Mondo Kaos mule bags.

While the guests settled inside, the models walked from the store to The Mudhoney. They got (of course) spice on the way over there as they came walking there with their beautiful 50s makeup and hair, stockings with nails and matching trench coats in true pinup style!

At 19.30 pm, Stine welcomed and told briefly about the evening's program, after which she started the music and the first model went on stage. The well-placed audience welcomed all the models who went three rounds with different summer outfits, inspired by the summer fashion of the 40s, 50s and 60s. Among other things. we saw elegant retro style summer dresses, light beach dresses and feminine 50s retro swimsuits, styled with big summer hats, cateye sunglasses, colorful sandals and beautiful retro earrings!

The hourglass Dress in leopard from The Pretty Dress Company

Katrine in an Hourglass dress from The Pretty Dress Company and Beatriz shoes from Miss L Fire.

Photos: Ploug Photography

Cute 1950s vintage style summer dress with cactus print

Wanda in summer dress with cactus print, short cardigan and Beatriz shoes from Miss L Fire.

The gorgeous 50s wiggle dress "The Hourglass Dress" from The Pretty Dress Company

Katrine in an Hourglass dress from The Pretty Dress Company.

Sailor pants in 1940s style from The House Of Foxy

Rebecca in shirt from Seamstress of Bloomsbury and sailor pants from House Of Foxy.

Photos: Ploug Photography

Feminine retro trouser suit in red from Very Cherry

Nadia in the elegant 1950s style Jumpsuit in red from Very Cherry.

Photos: Ploug Photography

Beautiful vintage inspired dresses from The Pretty Dress Company

Lisette in the new beautiful wrap dress in Hawaii Print from The Pretty Dress Company.

Photos: Ploug Photography

Behind the "stage", the girls got help from Stine & Trine to keep track of the clothes. There was a good cozy atmosphere, with time for a sip of a drink.

Nice 50s style summer dress with retro cactus print with small cropped cardigan over
Ava 1940s style dress in yellow with summer print frsa House Of Foxy
Retro style checkered summer dress from Emuly and fine
Swimsuits in vintage 1950s style from Esther Williams
Vintage style Grable dress in summer blue from House OF Foxy
1940s dress in yellow with floral print
Beautiful summer dresses in vintage style from The Pretty Dress Company
1950s style tight pencil dress with dots from Stop Staring
Grable 1940s vintage style dress in summer floral print from House Of Foxy

After a fantastic show, Stine drew several winners from i.a. gift cards for the store, delicious sunglasses and socks.

Kl. 21 we opened the shop for an hour for the participating guests, where we offered wine and snacks and discounts on the styles displayed! There was fun, talk about vintage and pinup style and looks - and not least tried on a lot of clothes!

Kl. 22 we said goodbye to the last guest, drank the last glass of white wine and made the store ready for the next day.

We would like to say a thousand thanks for another wonderful evening The Mudhoney and their amazing staff, to our five beautiful models Katrine, Lisette, Nadia, Rebecca and Wanda, to Trine and to all the wonderful, participating guests - you were a formidable audience! ♥

We are already looking forward to the next fashion show!

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