Feminine Retro outerwear for fall and winter

Feminine Retro outerwear for fall and winter

Autumn has come upon us and its golden colors draw our eyes to the tops of the trees. Soon we have to get ready for the cold to come, and therefore it is absolutely perfect that feminine jackets and winter coats in classic retro style from House of Foxy and Love Ur Look have just landed!

We have also received beautiful autumn shoes and boots from Miss L'Fire and Nordic ShoePeople, so you can complete your feminine retro look and enter autumn with style!

In this blog post we talk about:

♥ our selection of retro outerwear for autumn and winter

♥ our selection of retro shoes and boots

♥ and finally we give a little inspiration for three different autumn looks in 1940s, 1950s & 1960s style!

Retro Jackets and Coats for Fall and Winter.

The House Of Foxy 1940s inspired Americana Jacket and Coat.

From House of Foxy we have the coolest americana / aviator jacket in the most beautiful brown color! Classic 1940s style! The jacket is a waist card with a fixed waistband, it has a large, pointed collar, pointed shoulders, long sleeves with cuffs and seams in a nice light brown contrasting color. It is made of a delicious wool blend and is lined with beautiful satin lining. Match the stunning jacket with a pussybow blouse, a tight-fitting pencil skirt and a pair of gorgeous lace-up boots for a classic wartime pinup look that is perfect for fall!

Americana jacket from the House of foxy

Vintage style swing coat from The House Of Foxy

We've also had an absolute dream of a New Look-inspired swing coat! It is made in the most delicious dark green wool blend with small black sparkles that give a fantastic depth and a nice play of colors. The coat is tailored, has a fantastic V-shaped neckline and beautiful batwing sleeves. The cut frames the figure perfectly and creates the most beautiful hourglass silhouette à la Dior's New Look from 1947! We love its elegant design!

Love Ur Look Vintage style coats in 100% wool.

Author Leonora Christina Skov in our vintage inspired winter coat

Love Ur Look has made coats for us before, and for this season we have got the popular swing coat in five fantastic colors!

The other day we were so lucky that our own Kirstine / Ploug Fotografi was allowed to shoot a few pictures of author Leonora Christina Skov in a couple of them!

In addition to being a fantastic writer, Leonora is also a real Mondo Lady. Leonora has been one of our loyal customers for the past 10 years and we love her colorful, feminine style! 

Leonora loves the green version, which compliments her red dress, lipstick and nails absolutely amazing!

Visit Leonora's Instagram profile here: 

Visit Ploug Fotografi's Instagram profile here:

The coats are made of 100% wool and have fantastic lining in 100% satin. They are made in a classic, elegant 1950s design that creates the perfect hourglass silhouette with full shoulders, centered waist and a panel-tailored swing skirt with room for your swing dresses!

Whether you have a specific retro look or are just looking for a feminine coat that is soft and breathable, and can keep you warm both autumn and winter, the beautiful wool coat is absolutely perfect!

Retro Shoes and Boots for Fall and Winter.

Nordic Shoepeople & Miss L Fire.

To complete your autumn look, you can put your feet in a pair of classic lace-up shoes or ankle boots from Nordic Shoepeople, and when winter comes, we have the absolute most beautiful retro lace-up boots from Miss L Fire!

The timeless shoes and boots can be used for many different retro looks, whether you are inspired by the 1940s wartime pinup's and working class women, the 1950s divas and swing skirts or the 1960s mod girls and minimalism!

We have got the boots from Miss L Fire in two colors this season: the classic in black, matt leather, and the more modern in a beautiful burnt orange suede - one of autumn 2019's great in-colors! The black boots fit your classic looks especially well, and the burnt orange boots compliment the season's modern, deep colors such as midnight blue, dark green and mustard (mustard yellow) perfectly!

Inspiration for your retro outfits in autumn 2019!

Inspiration for a 1940s look

1940s inspired clothes from The House Of Foxy as well as shoes from Nordic Shoepeople

We have put together a set of 1940s style trousers with a high waist and wide legs, a simple top and the cool Americana jacket from The House Of Foxy. Together with the classic, black suede lace-up shoes from Nordic ShoePeople, you can create a simple, cool retro look à la 1940s England!

See the whole outfit here:

Pants / blouse / jacket / sko

Inspiration for a 1950s "New Look"

With a waist-cut, black swing dress from The Pretty Dress Company, the elegant swing coat in red and a pair of fine pumps in black suede from Miss L Fire, you create the perfect 1950s New Look!

See the whole outfit here:

Coat / dress / sko

Inspiration for a 1960s look

Mini dress in uniform style from Marmalade, black swing coat and a pair of T-Bar shoes in dark red lacquer from Nordic Shoepeople give you an early Mod girl look that exudes London in the 1960s!

See the whole outfit here:

Coat / dress / sko

Enter the store or click on 'news' here on the webshop, to see all our beautiful and feminine, new autumn items!

Kind regards, Team Mondo Kaos

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