Customer portrait no. 1 Rebecca ❤️

Customer portrait no. 1 Rebecca ❤️

This customer portrait is part of a series of mini-blogs, where we have interviewed some of our beautiful #mondoladies, based on their use of just #mondolady and #mondokaos on Instagram ❤️ This first portrait is of the beautiful Rebecca who studies for nutrition assistant at Hotel and Restaurant School in Valby and loves retro and vintage fashion!

Rebecca is one of our younger clients with her beautiful, 20 years! She lives in Virum and on a daily basis she studies to be a nutrition assistant at the Hotel and Restaurant School, from where she will soon graduate. When Rebecca finishes her education, she would like to move to her grandmother in England to try something new - perhaps working in a retro or vintage shop, because she is also very interested in retro and vintage clothing. and fashion history!

Rebecca's interest in the retro and vintage universe began when she was a young teenager and discovered the rockabilly style. She immediately fell in love with the colorful universe of ostrich skirts and petticoats that looked like nothing she had seen anywhere before. Although Rebecca thinks the style was exciting and would like to go with the strutting dresses herself, she did not dare to start wearing the clothes because she was subjected to bullying in primary school, and the only thing she wanted at the time was to fit in and be like the others, so she kept her interest to herself, and instead admired the style of the computer at home. Only when Rebecca came to after-school a few years later did she have the courage to start dressing the way she really wanted to, instead of trying to fit in. Rebecca said that she clearly remembered what set it in motion: after much deliberation, she had finally bought a feminine set of clothes, which consisted of a pair of high-waisted trousers and a blouse with a tie, and showed it to her after-school- girlfriend. He got very excited about her new look, and encouraged her to start wearing the kind of clothes that were something completely different from what he had otherwise seen her wear, so she started doing that. The friends at after school also think her new style was great and they quickly noticed that Rebecca got happier and shone more! The confirmation from friends and the then girlfriend meant that Rebecca's interest in fashion and fashion history became even stronger, and today she basically only goes with repro or genuine vintage, both for everyday and party!

House Of Foxy swing vintage coat

Rebecca in our beautiful swing coat from The House Of Foxy.

Rebecca thinks that all the different historical fashion periods are exciting - also the 1800th century's big ball gowns with crinolines and corsets! In particular, however, she is inspired by 1940s fashion, which counts both the minimalist, practical uniform wartime look and the voluminous, ultra-feminine New Look, started by Dior in 1947. What she particularly likes about the clothes from this period is the way to create the classic hourglass silhouette, especially the plump shoulders and the very defined waist - she told us that she is currently completely crazy about shoulder pads and that she would sew shoulder pads in everything if she could!

When we asked Rebecca which of our new fall styles she liked and would have taken pictures in, she immediately chose several 1940s-inspired styles and a single 1960s dress! Rebecca created a classic 1940s look with our dotted, dark red wrap dress from Bloomsbury, the cool Americana jacket from House of Foxy and the beautiful retro lace-up boots from Miss L Fire in burnt orange! We love the look and think the dress's dark red color is great for Rebecca's light skin tone!

House Of Foxy aviator jacket

Afterwards, Rebecca jumped into the beautiful Raileen dress from Stop Staringwho sat perfectly on her figure! Rebecca's look is classic American wartime pinup with the elegant Amber shoes from MissL Fire! Rebecca loves the waist-cut cut that highlights her entire figure and the beautiful fishtail skirt that lengthens her legs! We could not agree more!

Stop Staring Rayleen dress

Rebecca was also absolutely crazy about our dark green princess swing coat from House of Foxy, and she could not help but try it on, even though we knew that even the smallest size (S) was too big - Rebecca is a petite, young woman ( size XS), but she simply had to test how much swing there was actually in the skirt! The excitement was great when she found out that the beautiful coat actually has a real, full swing skirt, and then pirouettes were made in Elmegade!

House Of Foxy vintage wool jacket

The last dress Rebecca tried on was one of our new ones 1960s dresses from Marmalade. A classic uniform dress with an A-line skirt, the iconic white collar and a cool, detachable tie. Rebecca looks very chic in the dress, and her white alpine hat fits perfectly!

The shoes are the delicious ones Amber shoes from Miss L Fire.

Marmalade shop mini 60s mod suit

Rebecca's first visit in Mondo Kaos was in the summer of 2016, when she had just returned home from Roskilde Festival with a plus on her account (most of us probably remember how difficult it can be at a festival, 17 years old!). Before Rebecca went to Festival, she had promised herself that if she didn't spend all her savings on the festival, she would invest in her first ostrich skirt and swing skirt! She had already studied closely Mondo Kaos' website for some time, but had not yet visited the store, so she invited her mother and then boyfriend along on a trip to Nørrebro. Rebecca clearly remembers how excited she was when she finally stood in the store for the first time, and she also remembers that it was Stine who was at work and sold her her first retro outfit, which was a petticoat, a swing skirt and a striped top . Rebecca told us that she felt very welcome and safe in the store and that this meant a lot to her. She had wanted to visit the store several times, but was afraid of whether she would now also 'fit in' here, a fear that fortunately she no longer has, to this day, when she is an active part of Copenhagen's retro and vintage scene -environment!

Since Rebecca started getting interested in the rockabilly style and the retro universe, she has learned a lot about fashion history and also about herself and what suits her. She is very conscious of her style and her expression and what she likes and dislikes. When Rebecca is shopping, it is important for her that the clothes are comfortable to wear and that it fits well on her figure. Rebecca is a very slim, young woman (size XS and 20 years old), so not all cuts suit her, and she is very aware of that - hence the shoulder pillow love! In addition, it is important for her that the clothes have an authentic look from the period it was designed after, and therefore Rebecca is particularly fond of Seamstress of Bloomsbury, who just design their clothes according to original designs from the 1930s and especially the 1940s .

Thank you so much for letting us interview you, Rebecca! We look forward to seeing you again! ❤️

If you want to get to know Rebecca and her universe and style better, then you can follow her on Instagram HERE!

Read on in the next few weeks, where you can meet more of our Mondo Ladies - and if you use #mondokaos and #mondolady yourself, then we may also write to you one day, to ask if we can write one portrait of you!

Kind regards, Team Mondo Kaos

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