Palava - Retro dresses in organic cotton

Palava - Retro dresses in organic cotton

Palava - Retro clothes in beautiful prints 馃尭

Palava is a British, family-run company that creates feminine and sustainable quality clothing in the most beautiful retro-inspired designs and patterns.

The brand has a long and convoluted history behind it, which in a way starts way back in 1854, in the small town of Yarm on the river Tees in the northeastern Endland. 

Here was the family-owned store Strickland & Holt, which sold pharmacy goods in the left part of the store and wine and spirits in the right.

The company changed hands from generation to generation, and existed as a family-run pharmacy and store until the 1970s, when the pharmacy chain Boots bought the pharmacy on the left. The shop on the right was also taken over by one of Strickland & Holt's grandchildren, Stephanie Holt, and here she created her husband the brand Poppy. Poppy actually started by making bedding for children, but developed to also create fashion clothing for children and adults, and the brand was active in the fashion industry until 2000, when the owners unfortunately saw themselves forced to close the company. The fashion scene changed, and moreover, it had become difficult to produce the clothes in England. However, the store remained in the family, and still is to this day.

In 2010, Poppy was brought back to life by Stephanie's youngest daughter Bryony. She started out designing designs for children's clothes, and then went on to design clothes for women.

Bryony draws all the brand's designs by hand, and she is particularly inspired by old fairy tales and nature, which is clearly seen in the beautiful prints with bla. flowers, birds and the sea as a theme.

Unfortunately, the brand had to change its name in 2015, and the choice now fell on Palava. Palava means a slow conversation (palaver in Danish), and after two rounds of name changes, Bryony thought it was the right name for the brand.

Today is Palava a strong brand, where the combination of Bryony's hand-drawn retro designs and beautiful retro prints, as well as the specially selected materials of organic cotton satin and organic linen both emphasize and reflect the brand's high quality and focus on sustainability and environmental friendliness.

We want to highlight some of the favorites here:

Rita Dress - wearable a-line dress in beautiful prints

Rita is in a beautiful classic vintage inspired cut with a marked waist, short sleeves that just cover the top of the arm / shoulders and a feminine a-line cut. A beautiful dress for spring, summer, autumn and winter, which can be dressed up or down, and can thus be used both for everyday and more festive occasions.

Beatrice Dress - simple dress in a classic cut

The Beatrice dress is in a beautiful simple retro cut that suits most body types. .

The dress has a matching tie belt that you can tie at the front, side or back as you wish. The dress ends just below the knee and has pockets. All dresses in organic cotton.

Retro tie shirts & high waisted pants

Peggy untie the shirt Palava is a beautiful retro-inspired top in fine prints. This season we have it in a fine leopard print and an off-white with flamingos. These tops are also both made from organic cotton.

The high-waisted trousers with wide legs are in a delicious organic cotton linen, and together with the tie shirt are super nice for a feminine retro summer look.

Palavea - Skirts with a high waist and pockets in fine prints

Palava is probably best known for its beautiful prints, and this season there are the finest prints on both dresses, tops and skirts.

Here are some of the beautiful skirts with a high waist - both models are super nice, as they both fit nicely to the hips, despite the width.

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  • Annie Marxen

    Oh I got it sent too early was not done, but it's about the cardigans with foxes, and have it in M. ?? I would like to buy it. Maybe I can get my son to pick up the one he lives in N酶rrebro. Vh Annie Marxen, Randers.

  • Annie Marxen

    Oh I got it sent too early was not done, but it's about the cardigans with foxes, and have it in M. ?? I would like to buy it. Maybe I can get my son to pick up the one he lives in N酶rrebro. Vh Annie Marxen, Randers.

  • Annie Marxen

    I bought a great cardigan with reindeer last year, have been so happy. I can see you now have a carry yellow cardigan with maybe